Running With The Wolves

-Inspired By TEEN WOLF-
Lydia Martin knew there was something different about her family she just didn't know what it was, that was until she moved too Beacon Hills and met Scott and his lovable sidekick Stiles. Her life was about to change.


6. Chapter Six; The Little Mermaid


"Where have you been honey, You missed dinner?" My mum said whilst putting away clean plates, 

"I told you I was going out with Scott, Stiles and Malia." I hang by bag on the back of one of the chairs in the dining room as my dad looks up from his newspaper, "But it's fine we had a picnic." That was interrupted by some werewolves that tried too kill Lydia but I think I'll keep that too myself.

"Erg, Malia that girl drives me insane." He says whilst shaking his head,

"Well it was originally going to be me, Scott, Stiles and the new girl who moved in next door but I think Malia see's her as a threat." 

"What kind of threat?"

"I think she's just a little timid that the new girl will replace her with Stiles, but we all know that will never happen because if there's one thing I know about that boy is that he's loyal and would never hurt a person intentionally." I picked up an apple from the fruit bowl and tossed it up in the air too catch it again, "Anyway I have some studying too do so.." I disappeared up into my bedroom and opened my laptop. I pursed my lips before typing in the word 'banshee', I was defiantly intrigued. Different words came up such as;

'the wailing women'

'harbinger of death'


'piercing scream' 

'the calling of death'

I place my head in my hands and continue searching on useless information, I needed the Beastiary, All of these were just old tales and so called myths. I picked up my phone and dialed Stiles' number. 

"Hello" A female voice had answered the phone, of course it was Malia. 

"Is Stiles there?" I ask politely,  I didn't want to talk to Malia but I had no reason too piss her off.

"Sarah?" Finally I had reached Stiles. 

"Hey, do you still have the Beastiary." I trace my lips with my finger impatiently, "I kind of need it for some research." 

"I know what your doing Sarah, You want too look up a banshee. I'm already one step ahead of you, like always, I have the page open right in front of me now." 

"Wow... I didn't know you were that interested in the supernatural... or maybe your just interested in  Lydia perhaps." I loved teasing Stiles it was one of my favorite things to do. 

"Whatever. Do you want me to read it too you or not." 

"I'm all ears... and tail.. because you know I'm a fox." I always loved that joke because it was true.  

"Banshee's are the spirits of elven women tormented by grief and betrayal, In folklore, a banshee's keening is sometimes even said to foretell death, given the deadliness of her wail...." Stiles pauses for a second. 

"Stiles? Stiles what is it.. carry on." 

"Given the deadliness of her wail..." he repeats, "She can also be the cause of death too..." 


"Are you sure nobody in your family has ever mentioned the word banshee too you?" Stiles takes a seat beside Lydia who sighs, 

"I have never heard that wor-" She thinks for a moment before licking her dry lips. "I recall some memory but not all of it. I remember something about my grandmother reading too me every night before bed."  

"So, what did you read?" I ask leaning over the desk Lydia and Stiles were sat behind. 

"The Little Mermaid." She says with a blunt tone. 

"You read that movie?" Stiles said, I slapped my palm to my face. 

"It was a book first genius." Lydia said looking at him, they exchanged a glance between one another before Lydia tore her eyes away from his and back down too her notebook, there were hundreds of doodles of the same thing over and over, a small mermaid with red hair and green tail.

"Ariel." I whispered, With those words Lydia's face drained of color as she collapsed onto the floor. "Lydia!" I shout bending down beside her, She was out cold. 

"Move, I'll carry her too the medical office." Someone pushed Stiles out the way, I looked up to see Max Lewis. The captain of the lacrosse team, 

"It's fine, I can carry her." Stiles said trying too get Lydia from Max's arms. 

"No no, I insist." Max kicked Stiles with Lydia's leg as he walked passed him, I roll my eyes. 

"I think maybe.. I should.. you know.. go... just to make sure she's alright ... ya know" Stiles said shrugging. 

"No,  I'll go. Your failing this class. You better stay, I'll make sure your little shortcake is ok." I winked at Stiles before nudging him with my arm playfully. He tried holding back a smile.

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