Running With The Wolves

-Inspired By TEEN WOLF-
Lydia Martin knew there was something different about her family she just didn't know what it was, that was until she moved too Beacon Hills and met Scott and his lovable sidekick Stiles. Her life was about to change.


9. Chapter Nine; A Small Gift


"So where is he taking you?" I say whilst braiding Lydia's hair, "Anywhere fancy?" 

"No.. Just for coffee." She said whilst smiling at me through her mirror, "Besides I'm not saying it's a date, Just two people hanging out." 

"So your just going too make friends with the lacrosse captain." I finish the braid and add a few pins to secure it. 

"Just because he is the lacrosse captain doesn't mean he can't be friends with a girl, just because he is the most popular guy in school doesn't mean he can't live his life without friendship." Her phone starts ringing but she rolls her eyes and declines it. 

"Who was that?" I ask, sitting on the end of her bed. 

"Just Stiles." She half smiled and picked up her phone again, 

"Are you ignoring him?" 

"No, I'm not ignoring him. I'm just avoiding som-" 

"If you think Malia is gonna jump down your throat just because of one phone call your wrong, Besides if she does.. You can take her!" I say too Lydia as she walks into her wardrobe too pull out some outfits. 

"Sarah, she's a were coyote and what am I.. I'm just a banshee." 

"Lydia.. Your not just a banshee. You have claws, fangs and super senses you just haven't tapped in on them yet, Listen if you want I'll call Scott one day and he can come over and teach you the basics of being a werewolf.. well in your case part werewolf with a little dash of banshee." 

"And whose going too teach me how to be a banshee..." I think for a moment before saying;

"Your grandmother." Lydia looks at me and rolls her eyes, 

"She's dead remember." She walks back into her wardrobe and pulls out some black shorts. 

"Not in your mind she's not.. I'm no Batman but maybe you need to use your senses and tap back into more memories of her. Just like the other day, Maybe your grandmother left you with more than you think." 

"After I come back from being with Max. I think I should go visit my grandmothers old house, before she was moved into Eichen House she had this small lake house. I spent most of my time there as a child.. You want to come?" 

"I think you'd be better off going with somebody else." I say as Lydia admires her outfit in her mirror. "Call Stiles."



"How long have you played Lacrosse for?" I said after having a sip of my coffee. 

"Since I was seven, my father always used too train me. He was in the championships." Max leaned back in his chair. 

"So, it's in your blood." I lean back too, "Does your did still train you?" 

"No, I have my own coach." He pauses for a moment, "I don't remember seeing you around school, I'm pretty sure I would remember a pretty face." 

"I moved into Beacon Hills just a few days ago." I hope he doesn't discuss further into this topic. 

"How are you enjoying it so far?" He picks up his black coffee taking sips but he never moved his eyes from me.

"It's eventful." I say, trying to choose my words carefully. 

"And what do you mean by that?" 

"People here seem so different here then from where I used to live in Mexico. Everyone here tends too keep to themselves, hide behind their brick houses and shattered windows. I'm starting to think the houses resemble the people on the inside." I don't move my gaze from him either. 

"Smart thinking." He has sharp blue eyes, that held you still once you met them. "You say you lived in Mexico."

"For five years of my life, I enjoyed it there much better though." I smile at him and finally look down at the oak table that lie between us. I should leave soon, I had too. 



"Why isn't she answering any of my texts or calls?" I say impatiently pacing Sarah's room. 

"She's busy." Sarah says whilst laying on her bed tucked into Scott's arms. 

"Busy doing what?" I say tapping my phone on my chin still pacing. 

"She's hanging out with someone." Scott said, leaning his head on Sarah's. 

"Lydia only just got into Beacon Hills, Who is she hanging with?" 

"She'll be back soon anyway, she just went for coffee with-" Sarah started but I cut her off. 

"She went for coffee with someone.. like a date?" 

"She claims it's not a date but it totally is..." 

"Who is she with?" A wave of anger clouded me but I was totally unaware of my jealousy. 

"She went with Max besides Stiles your with Malia." Sarah's words hit me like a slap across the face, 

"I never said I wasn't." I defended myself, as I fell into the armchair in the corner of the room. 

"But dude, you reek of jealousy and anxiety." Scott said holding his nose in a mocking way. I roll my eyes and look at my phone as it started ringing, It was Lydia. 

"Hey Stiles, Sarah isn't answering her phone, Could you possibly ask her to pick me up... my car tires got slashed."

"What seriously! How badly? Can't Max bring you home?" 

"No, He had too run home for Lacrosse practice.. but my tires they had multiple slashes in each."

"Like claws?" 

"Exactly like claws." 

"Where are you, I'll come and get you."

"Oh, are you sure? I mean I don't think Sarah's doing anything." 

"Yes I know she's lying with Scott in front of me but I'll come and get you." 

"Ok.. I'm at Beacon Lights Cafe." 

"Ok, I'll be there in 10." I end the call and slip my phone back into my pocket, grabbing my car keys. I leave without another word spoken too Sarah or Scott, They can have some alone time. Sometimes I feel like I need some alone time away from Malia, she's confident which isn't really a bad thing but I'm not ready for that sort of commitment yet. As soon as I got in the car, I remembered the little present I had got for Lydia. 

The drive felt long but really wasn't, I finally reached Beacon Lights cafe and immediately saw Lydia stood on the corner of the street wearing black shorts and a cream jumper, her hair was in a neat side braid, I knew it was bad but I couldn't look away. She ran towards my car with a bright smile on her face, "Thanks for coming to pick me up." She said as she put her bag in the foot well. 

"No problem." I said with a grin on my face, I handed her a little box. "I got you something!" She took the box hesitantly and stared at it for a while before opening it. Her eyes lit up. 

"Oh my gosh, This is adorable." She said pulling out a small necklace with two charms on. One was a tiny little gold mermaid whilst the other was a small red circle with a yellow 'R' on it, to resemble Robin. I held up my car keys to show her my Batman key chain. She lets out a small giggle followed by a massive grin which she tries too hide.  

"Do you want me too put it on you?" I say to her, she nods her head and hands me the necklace. She turns away and I slip the necklace round, my hand slightly grazing the back of her neck and I fastened it. When I am finished she continues too look out of the window. "Lydia?" I say resting my hand on her shoulder. 

"Does he look familiar too you?" She points to a boy staring right at us.

"Donovan." I say as she turns around with no smile on her face anymore.    


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