Running With The Wolves

-Inspired By TEEN WOLF-
Lydia Martin knew there was something different about her family she just didn't know what it was, that was until she moved too Beacon Hills and met Scott and his lovable sidekick Stiles. Her life was about to change.


4. Chapter Four; Somebody's Home


"So how about we meet up after school, I could show you around Beacon Hills?" I hear Stiles say to Lydia as they lean opposite each other against their lockers. 

"I'm not sure Malia would like that..." Lydia looks down and plays with the top of her knee high socks. "But thanks for the offer." She looks back up at him and they stare at each other for a while, I couldn't let an opportunity like this pass by. I grab my gym kit quickly and walk over to them, 

"How about we all meet up after school." I smile at them both, "Then Malia can't say anything." 

"Sounds like a plan." Scott says joining us, Obviously he had overheard with his supernatural hearing. "We could stay out for a while, have a picnic and stargaze." 

"That sounds awesome." Stiles says, "Lydia, You in?" She bites her lip and pauses for a moment to think. 

"Sure." She finally says shrugging, "Why not."

"Great, Me and Scott will pick you both up at 7!" He begins to drag Scott away and I turned to see Lydia's face was pale and her eyes seemed dim.  

"You ok hun, You look a little sick." 

"I'm fine, I just.. didn't expect this all so soon." She unlocks her locker and grabs her gym kit. "Let's go too gym I guess." I smile at her and link my arm through hers. 

"Don't worry, It's dodge ball today and I have a feeling... you have really fast reflexes." We begin too walk down the corridor until we bump into Malia.

"I heard we're all going out tonight. Count me in." With that she blew us a kiss and walked away, For god sake's obviously Stiles invited her. "I will see you guys in gym" She shouted to us whilst she was half the corridor away. Why was Stiles still with her, she was a controlling lunatic. 

"Tell Scott and Stiles, I cancel. My mum probably wants to spend some time with me anyway." Lydia purses her lips and sighs.

"Oh come on Lydia, You can't leave me with Malia." I moan whilst crossing my arms, I stuck out my bottom lip and acted like a kid during a tantrum. "Don't make me stomp my foot." Lydia lets out a small laugh.

"I'm sorry, I just don't think it's right for me too be there with two couples. I'm new, I can't get involved so quickly, I'm not like you guys. It's difficult for me to talk to anyone, especially guys. So I'm sorry Sarah." She gives me half a smile as I pinch her cheeks to try and cheer her up. 

"It's ok." I sigh, "But what's your phone number I want to be able too text or call you whenever Malia gets on my nerves and also I want you too be able too contact me whenever your feeling sad."

"I'll give you it after school, I am your ride home remember." We enter the girls changing rooms and find a spot too get into our kits, Every girls kit was different, some wore tiny tops and short shorts whilst others wore baggy jumpers and joggers. I wore a plain black tank top with some white cotton shorts, I didn't care for my clothes when it came to working out because your just going to get sweaty anyway. I look over too see Lydia working a crop top with small aliens on it with some black shorts, 

"Gurrrllll.... You did not tell me you were that toned." I say with a sassy accent making Lydia laugh. 

"Please..please never do that again." She says trying hard to contain her laughter, I wink at her as Malia enters, She looks Lydia up and down and scoffs. I roll my eyes, I really can't see this girls problem. She obviously saw Lydia as a threat.   



The ride home was relaxing as there was no traffic and mine and Sarah's conversation was highly entertaining. I walked into my house and straight into the kitchen too see a piece of paper on the side,

'Work is keeping me behind again, There's some money on the side for food. I won't be back until nine, If you leave the house there is a spare key under the doormat.' 

I wasn't going too go out, I didn't want to instead I kicked off my shoes and threw my jacket off. I started making popcorn so I could watch a movie, a scary one. I liked the old original movies best, things like Halloween or Friday the 13th. Once the popcorn was ready I poured it into a bowl and made my way upstairs too my room too watch the movie on Netflix. My phone vibrated on my bedside and I picked it up too see a text from Sarah. 

'Hey, Just making sure I got your number correct.' 

'Yes, It's me.' I texted back, I placed my phone beside me and got relaxed in the comfort of my duvet. It didn't take long for Sarah to reply; 

'You should come, Scott and Stiles were disappointed you canceled. We were looking forward too hanging out with you, it's not so often we get a new face here in Beacon Hills.' 

Instead of texting her back I called her, 

"Heyyyy....." She says in her usual happy voice, "Any reason you called?" 

"No, Just felt I needed too. Are you ok?"  

"Yes, We are all having a picnic by this cute little pond we came across. It would be so much better if you were here though. Like seriously I wish you came, What are you currently doing." 

"Just made popcorn and now I'm watching a movie." 

"With your mum or?" 

"No my mums at work, They are holding her back." 

"Then come and join us!" 

"I'm sorry I ca-" I'm cut off by a noise coming from downstairs. I stand up from my bed,  I know your not meant too investigate noises as most of the time there's a serial killer but a part of me felt risky. 

"Lydia?" I ignore Sarah and continue too tip toe silently down the stairs. "Hello?" I ignore Sarah once again as I reach the bottom the stairs, My whole front door had been torn off it's hinges... what the hell. I slowly kept walking in the direction of my living room, Tracing the claw marks that had been left in the wallpaper.

"Sarah." I whisper, "I may have too call you back." 

"Why? Is your mum home." 

"Somebody is." 


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