Running With The Wolves

-Inspired By TEEN WOLF-
Lydia Martin knew there was something different about her family she just didn't know what it was, that was until she moved too Beacon Hills and met Scott and his lovable sidekick Stiles. Her life was about to change.


15. Chapter Fifteen; Mission In Action


"So.. where do we begin?" Stiles turned too Lydia, her eyes were glazed over as she stared at the place her grandmother used too call home. He could tell a thousand memories were probably rushing through her mind. 

"I'm not sure." She finally said after a deep breath, "It's my first time investigating a family crisis." Lydia pushed open the door that creaked open easily, too her surprise it wasn't locked like she thought it would be. They both stepped inside examining the smashed picture frames scattered across the floor, the sofa had been upturned and the tables slit in two. 

"I'm guessing it wasn't like this when you were here." Stiles said picking up a photograph of a small girl with bright strawberry blonde locks, she was wearing a mermaid costume and was about too jump into the lake beside the house. Lydia smiled as she remembered that day clearly, Her grandmother had said she could only swim in the lake if she kept too the docks and was always in a distance she could reach. Lydia took the picture from Stiles and slipped it into her bag. 

"So, you go left and I'll go right?" They both glanced at the closed doors beside them, they were slightly timid as neither of them knew what lay on the other side.   

"Are you sure you wanna split up, I mean, Do you watch horror movies?" 

"What are you scared?" Lydia teased Stiles started too laugh almost sarcastically. 

"Me? Scared? No..." He quickly defended himself, "Just be careful." 

"Oh please Stiles." Lydia crossed her arms over he chest, "There's nothing fun about careful." With that she slowly pushed open the door too her right, leaving Stiles alone. 



Maybe leaving him wasn't such a good idea, I've been searching for what feels like hours. I can't find anything that provides a location, not one hint. Just a few photographs of my grandmother in her younger years, I quite liked the women's fashion back then. It was modest and classy, not like what we have these days. I heard the sound of glass under my shoes as I walk into a new room, the main room. I search it thoroughly, every drawer, every cupboard, every inch of it... yet still I find nothing. Nothing apart from a flight of stairs, leading down towards a creepy old basement. I can't remember ever going down here when  I was a child, Never once have I noticed these stairs before.



"Lydia?" I shout quickly glancing into every room, "I found something interesting." I clung onto an old yearbook I had found in the attic. 

"I'm down here." I heard a quiet voice coming from somewhere in the main room, I open a small door that was placed beside a oak bookshelf and slowly make my way down the stairs, into a dark pit. "What did you find?" I jump out of my skin as Lydia suddenly appears behind me. She quickly takes the yearbook from my hands and flicks through the pages, she places her index finger on a page, "My grandmother." I move behind her so I can read it over her shoulder. 

"Why was this left here? Why didn't they empty the house of all your grandmothers belongings?" 

"I don't know.. my mother was meant too do it. She did leave us this house." 

"Your grandmother left you this house!" I widen my eyes, this house could be amazing, it could be beautiful, how can they let it go too waste? Lydia chooses too ignore me and still continues too search,

"Rosemarie." She finally says pointing too another picture, we couldn't out much detail as obviously the pictures were in black and white and extremely bad quality but the name underneath confirmed what we needed. "My grandmother and Rosemarie were friends for longer than I imagined." 

"You keep looking through that yearbook, I'll take a look around this creepy old basement." She nods her head and I nod back too confirm our plan. I hold my arms out in front of me too locate a light switch, I managed too grasp onto a thin piece of thread and pull it. A single light turned on, It looked like the only light for the whole room. 

"Lado oscuro." Lydia whispered, I raise an eyebrow at her. "Oh, it means 'dark side' in Spanish." I remain confused until she turned the yearbook around. "Look at the club my grandmother was in, She was in some kind of dark magics thing." 

"Look at the leader." I walk back closer too her, "Seems like Rosemarie and your grandmother weren't just friends." 

"What if Rosemarie made my grandmother a banshee." Lydia squeezed her lips together tightly as she thought, "Maybe she cursed my family with it. I know I shouldn't be throwing around accusations but maybe she's more involved than I thought she was and that's why she can communicate too me." She taps two fingers on the side of her temples. "I can hear her whispering and hear her constant whimpers when I tap into my powers.. I feel like me and her are connected in some ways."     


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