Running With The Wolves

-Inspired By TEEN WOLF-
Lydia Martin knew there was something different about her family she just didn't know what it was, that was until she moved too Beacon Hills and met Scott and his lovable sidekick Stiles. Her life was about to change.


38. Chapter 38; Into His Mind {Riddles} Part One


"What the-" I look beside me too Lydia who was lying on a bed opposite me, I was on a bed too. Though we were held down by restraints. "This isn't what it was like in your mind." 

"My mind?" I question, she turns too me with a nod. 

"Don't you remember when I was in your mind, it's how we brought you back too sanity... there was people dancing and we were in long dresses in this amazing ballroom and you were with Scott holding him close it was like a-" 

"Alternate Dimension." 

"Yes but it wasn't like you at all, it was incredibly girly and posh..." 

"Are you saying I'm not posh." I knew she was joking but I was intrigued too see her answer. 

"Well erm.. I'm just saying your a little rough... so I was thinking if that was nothing like you, this could be nothing like Stiles therefore, we may face evil." She shrugged and began tugging at the restraints, "So.. how do we like get out of these?" 

"Do I need too remind you your a were-banshee." 

"But we're in Stiles mind." 

"And your a supernatural creature with supernatural strength... break free." She thought for a moment before her eyes glowed red, She pulled at them harshly, releasing one hand before the other. She did a celebration howl that made me laugh a little, "Now help me?" She smiled and snapped the restraints. "Thank you.." I rub my wrists and began investigating the room, 

"This is a room in Eichen house.. my grandmothers was just like it... Why are we in here? Stiles has never been in here has he?" I sigh and rest my hand on Lydia's shoulder. 

"His mum was." I bit my lip. "She was-" 

"He told me already... sad story." 

"She was such a lovely women as well, her and my mum were friends that how I met Stiles... he was bubbly and playful so nothing has really changed. I really miss him." I swallow a lump in my throat and feel myself hugging Lydia tighter. 

"Please Sarah, stop talking about him like he's dead... he's not. We're going too help him your going too get that bubbly, playful boy back." She takes my hand and leads me towards the only door in the room. "I guess we have to go this way." We walk cautiously up too it, Lydia grabs the handle and slowly pulls it open. From a bedroom, we were now on the roof. "I don't understand, what has this got anything too do with Stiles." I close my eyes and let them glow their flame orange. I scan the roof  thoroughly before meeting two other bodies. 

"Over here." I pull her too the other side of a wall, there stood Sheriff Stilinski and... "Claudia?" I gasp. 

"Stiles's mother and father." Another person stepped from a doorway, he was small and held a toy train.

"And Stiles." I feel the tears in my eyes, I remember when he was that small. 

"WHY IS HE LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!" Claudia suddenly shouts causing both Lydia and I too jump slightly.

"Claudia honey, listen.. He's your son." That's when I noticed where Claudia was, she was stood on the edge of the building.. ready to jump. 

"GET HIM AWAY FROM ME!" She suddenly moved from the edge and ran over too Stiles, her arms flying all over the place as she hit him. 

"Mum.. mum! Please stop!" Little Stiles cried, I was speechless and so was Lydia. Who could obviously smell their emotions which made it ten times worst. 

"CLAUDIA!" Stiles was now on the floor crying for help from his dad who was shouting his wife's name. I felt my heart shatter into a million pieces. Stiles' own mother forgot who he was, why didn't he tell me this. I guess we were young. 

"I don't think I can watch anymore.." Lydia croaked, she closed her eyes and a tear ran down her cheek. I was on edge too, the tears I kept in my eyes were eager too escape.

"Should we help him?" I say gulping, Lydia opened her eyes again. 

"I don't think we can, we don't want too disrupt a memory... it can change things, Trust me Deaton gave me the 101."

"I don't know where to go from here? Do you?" I grab Lydia's hand again and begin looking around, Lydia eyes glowed red as she investigated the whole rooftop. 

"There's a door from where Stiles came from, We'll have too walk past them." 

"Isn't that what you said we shouldn't do, disrupt a memory." She shrugged and without any other objection she dragged me straight towards the whole scenario. I felt my stomach turn like this was a bad idea, maybe being in his mind was a bad idea. What about if we can't leave. What about if we can't get out... what about if we remain in Stiles mind forever, like old memories. When we got closer, Nobody seemed too notice us. I raised an eyebrow too Lydia who looked back at me with confusion, "Don't look at me like that Martin, You've had more experience with the whole being in another persons mind." 

"I have only ever been in your mind Sarah! This is strange, maybe we just need too keep pushing further... get past all his horrible memories, delete them, making his mind clear and fresh with a new found happiness... maybe we have too delete the darkness from his mind, so this demon fox has nothing too feed from." 

"And how are we suppose to do that?"

"I'm teary-eyed but never cry, Silver-tongued but never lie, Double-winged but never fly, Air-cooled but never dry, What am I?" We jumped at a new voice, it was loud like it was being projected from somewhere. I raise my eyebrow once again and this time I give the confused look, the voice repeated it's weird riddle. 

"Of course!" Lydia exclaimed grabbing my arm, "Void once asked me if I liked riddles..." 

"Oh come on! I suck at riddles and I don't feel like playing any of his stupid little mind games."

"Sarah, I think it's our only way out." She was pushing and pulling at the door that seemed too be sealed tight, "We have too answer riddle too move on.. it's just like a game.. and we have too beat him!" I cross my arms and lean against the nearest wall, 

"Well if you know the answer, by all means spill it because I sure don't." 

"Let's see... something that is teary-eyed but never cries... might mean something that looks shiny? Silver tongued could mean it's simply silver.. the other part of it being irrelevant just too throw us off, The next part I just don't understand... double-winged but never flies, does it mean it has wings but doesn't use them? And the next part air-cooled but never dry.. meaning it's wet." She stops too take a deep breath, I stare at her wide eyed at how fast she collected all the information together. God this girl was smart, she just didn't know it. 

"Well that is an unbelievably good start.. now where do we go from there?" She starts pacing, hitting her curled up fist into the palm of her hand. I slide down the wall too sit on the ground, putting my head in my hands too think. A few minutes pass and we're still clueless. "That's it no more nice guy!" I feel my blood boil and throw my arms into the air. "Listen dude! I don't really know if you can hear me, or if your going too kill me for saying this but even though your a guy... your still a bitch!"

"Sarah stop-" 

"But I swear too god if you hurt one of my pack, including Stiles I will not hesitate too track you down and tear you limb by limb myself!"

"Sarah that's enough-"

"Who do you think you are anyways! You really picked the wrong pack too steal from, we may seem kind but if you take a single step out of line, your dead my friend! Seriously dead!" 

"Sarah I can't concentrate whilst your shouting-"

"And if you don't let us move on from this hella cold roof top, I will also kill you... so open the door and just forget about your silly little riddles, like seriously are you five?"

"OK THAT'S ENOUGH!" I cover my ears as Lydia starts shouting, "Not very good too start a shouting competition with a banshee Sarah!"

"Ok just.. I'm sorry.. Now let's just think for a little while longer and if we don't get anything, then I'll go loco." I rub my face with my hands and focus for a moment, my mind was blank and I was just hoping Lydia would figure it out and after a few more minutes... she did. 

"It's Mercury."


"The answer... it's Mercury... the metal! It's shiny,silver and wet and the God Mercury had winged sandles.." She licks her lips and brushes her chin lightly with her fingers and though she is still concentrating. "So what now?" There was a loud click and the sound of bolts unlocking. We exchange a look before moving too the door and as easy as that it opened. I grab Lydia and pull her into a tight hug.

"You my friend are a complete genius do you know that!" I lead through the door, this time we were in the middle of the road, police sirens surrounded an upturned car, there was fire and smoke from it.

"There." Lydia pointed too a certain car, the Sheriffs car. Inside sat young Stiles a little bit older than before though. "We should probably go check what happened." We started too walk towards the upturned car, listening into the conversations of the police officers. 

"The women who was driving, She had just escaped Eichen house.. so we've come too the conclusion she purposely drove off the road." A women said too another as she wrote notes. 

"Will she survive?"

"Yes.. but once she has recovered, she will return too Eichen."

"Oh my god.." I whisper too Lydia, "What if it's Stiles' mom." Her jaw drops and we sprint towards the car, We spot the Sheriff first, holding a young women. "Oh my god.. oh my god.." We get closer until we are stood directly behind him, looking over his shoulder at a women's face, but it wasn't his mom. No, This women was much older, Stiles' dad had hold of her hand. 

"Listen too me.. if you want too see your wife again.. leave now before it's too late." The old women said quietly. 

"An ambulance is on it's way mam, Now please I need you too keep talking, Are you friends with my wife?" 

"Yes.. that's why I need you too leave me and see her.. she's on her dying breath... If you go now, you'll make it just in time."

"I just saw my wife this morning, My priority is too make sure your taken too a hospital!"

"Please Sheriff, your wife is going too die." The words hit me like a pile of bricks, I turn too Lydia who's eyes were glowing red staring deeply at the pale old women lying in the Sheriffs arms. 

"Mom!" A car door swung open and the sound of high heels sprinting on cold pavement rang in our ears, "Is my mom ok?" 

"Your name is Jasmine right?" A male police officer took her arms leading her back too her car, "Your mother is going to be just fine." 

"Oh my god.." Lydia finally spoke taking a short breath, tears in the corner of her eyes. "The women the Sheriff is holding, my grandmother knew her..." 

"What? Lydia what the hell are you talking about?" 

"Her name is Rosemarie... and she's a banshee.. If she was friends with Claudia-" 

"She could predict her death."

"This is the night Stiles lost him mom."

"I don't wanna hear anymore of this, where's the next door and what's the stupid riddle!"              

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