Running With The Wolves

-Inspired By TEEN WOLF-
Lydia Martin knew there was something different about her family she just didn't know what it was, that was until she moved too Beacon Hills and met Scott and his lovable sidekick Stiles. Her life was about to change.


37. Chapter 37; De-Void


Finally, after what felt like weeks of planning we had something. 

We were going too bring void from Stiles. 

It was going too be tricky. 

But I felt confident.


"Are you sure your ready for this?" Sarah said sticking about a hundred blades in my belt, "Being the bait isn't easy." I sigh and give Sarah a reassuring look with a smile and a nod she patted my back. 

"Good luck Lydia... if you die just know...erm.." Isaac scratched his head but I just laughed and gave him a hug. 

"I'll miss you too Isaac and besides if I die I want you too come too my grave every so often and update me on you and that girl.. I believe her name is Chelsea?" He blushed but I poked his nose playfully, I then moved too Scott. 

"I can't believe I'm letting you do this." He said pulling me into a big hug, "I'm an idiot."

"What's our pack without a little trust huh." I pull away and smile, "And besides I have too do this if we want Stiles back." 

"I just feel like we're sacrificing you." He frowned, but I punched his chest playfully, 

"I'm doing this off of my own accord Scott." We walk over too Sarah so he can put his arm around her, "And besides if I was going too be sacrifice.. I'd be a pretty darn good one." I flick my hair and look outside too see it was almost night. "Well I'd better be off.. see you whenever Void shows."

"Wait, I want you too take this." She hands me a bow and a bag of arrows. "It's wood from the nemeton.. Dr Deaton made it for me." 

"I have no idea what that is.. but it's beautiful." 

"I thought you deserved a little gift." 

"Wait are you serious." 

"You deserve it." I run up and throw my arms around her neck,

"Thank you, thank you so much! Your going too have too teach me how too use it though." 

"If you make it back alive.. I promise I will now Lydia.. go get that son of a bitch." 


The woods seemed pretty much deserted, apart from the odd dog walker it was completely silent. I had the bag of arrows on my back and the nicely crafted bow tightly in my grasp. Yes, I was a little frightened... oh god I hated being frightened, I want to feel strong, I want too feel like I don't need anyone too save my life. I don't need a hero. I don't want a hero, yet I want too be somebodies. 

The only sound was the crunching of the autumn leaves under my boots, I knew he was out here somewhere I could sense it, I knew I was close. I jump at the sound of a twig snapping from behind one of the tall tree's, I grab an arrow from my back and load the bow, aiming. I slowly creep forward, taking shaky breaths. For Stiles. I thought. "I know your there... come out." 

"Lydia?" From behind the tree came a large build, Derek. I lowered the bow. "What are you doing out here all alone?" As he got closer, his scent became stronger, and he did not smell like the usual Derek Hale, So I raised the bow again. "Lydia, what are you doing?"

"Your not Derek." Too have taken the form of Derek, he must of seen him, maybe harmed him. "Your a shape shifter."

"Lydia this is crazy, do you even know how too use that thing?" 

"I've read some books, seen some movies. It's pretty simple, you aim... and you fire." So I did just that. I let go of the string, it snapped harshly against my forearm making me wince but it hit the shape shifter right in the chest letting out a radiant orange light. He fell too the ground and turned too dust. I jumped at the sound of a laugh, his laugh. I raise the bow again, loading it with a new arrow. "Where the hell are you.." I whisper too myself. 

"Right here." I turn around and in a panic let go of the string, again it snapped back onto my forearm, but it didn't hit void. He caught if before it made contact with his body and snapped it in half like it was pencil. I didn't hesitate too grab another one I knew it would be useless so I used it as a threat.

"Nice too see you again." I said steadying the bow, "Can't say I missed you.." 

"Don't talk like that princess." He said with his signature laugh, "I mean you must have wanted something for you too come out here all alone looking for me." I lowered my bow and laughed. 

"What made you think I was alone." Void's face dropped as Sarah came from the bushes grabbing his arms and holding them tightly so Isaac could use some sort of poisonous spell causing Void too splutter and choke before falling to the ground, "What did it do?" 

"It poisoned the fox but not for long, we should probably move him whilst we can..." I nod my head and help them both lift his unusually heavy body from the ground throwing one of his arms around my shoulder too support him, Isaac had the other. 

"So what happens when this poison wears off?" I say taking slow steps, I had became stronger so holding Void seemed fairly easy. 

"Deaton has Kanima poison, it paralyses the body. We'll use it on him and go from there I guess." 

"Kanima?" I say with a raised eyebrow, Sarah soon joined beside us as she collected the broken arrow Void snapped. 

"A kanima, is a person that was bitten by a werewolf yet their body seems too reject the bite therefore they take on the shape of the person they reflect." She said with a smile, "Oh and I guess I'm going too have to teach you how too make and fix arrows." I nod and continue walking. 


"Set him on the couch over there." Scott said rushing us into the house and closing the door behind him. I throw him on the couch and that's when he begins opening his eyes, 

"How's it going with the kanima poison.. I think my spell is wearing of-" Isaac started coughing as Void clutched his throat with one hand, "Get him off me." I leap forward tugging at Void's arm tightly trying too pull him from Isaac, I look back at Scott pleading for help with my eyes. He grabbed a bottle from Deaton and tips it down Void's throat forcing him too swallow it, His hand drifts from Isaac's neck as it becomes paralyzed.

"Nice touch." He began laughing, "Can't say I expected this from you." 

"What you didn't expect us too outsmart you, You may be a thousand years old... doesn't mean you spent your years in school." I mock earning a few chuckles from Sarah. I stand up and move away, turning too Scott. "So, Am I going into his mind alone?" 

"No it's far too dangerous." He said sighing, "Sarah will go in with you." 

"Thanks for the heads up and besides I've never been into somebody's mind before." Sarah protested. 

"Sarah, This is Stiles' mind were talking about here... it'll be empty if anything." 

"I guess so.. let's just get it over with. I don't like seeing Stiles like this anymore.." She sighed and took my hand so we could sit beside Void. He was staring at me like he usually does but this was awfully disturbing. I ignored him and let Sarah take the seat right beside him, I couldn't be close too him not after previous events. Scott moved behind us, time for the claws.            


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