Running With The Wolves

-Inspired By TEEN WOLF-
Lydia Martin knew there was something different about her family she just didn't know what it was, that was until she moved too Beacon Hills and met Scott and his lovable sidekick Stiles. Her life was about to change.


36. Chapter 36; Hospital Massacre


It was easy entering the hospital, especially posed as Stiles. Nobody battered an eyelid, he approached the desk at a slow pace and was greeted by a receptionist who was digging through folder after folder, he didn't notice Void's presence. 

"Hi there..." Void said finally grabbing his attention, "Could you please tell me what room I can find Lydia Martin."

"Are you family?" The receptionist asked raising an eyebrow at the boy's features, pale face, dark circles under his eye, cracked lips. He looked almost ill. 

"You could say that.." Black smoke appeared behind him and out of the darkness came two Oni, The receptionist stepped back. He had the protection of the desk that met him at his torso, he would be fine... "Well are you just going too stand there or are you going too tell me what room she's in." The receptionist shook his head making Void sigh, "Well then I guess I'll have too find her myself." With those words he gave a simple gesture too one of the Oni, it wielded it's sword and plunged it straight through the desk, straight into the receptionist gut. There was no chance of him surviving. There was a scream, the scream of a banshee. Lydia had given away her location yet she didn't know Void was close she just thought someone like Sarah, Scott or Isaac may have died.. she didn't know Void was here.. she didn't know he was heading straight for her. The Oni slaughtering doctor after doctor, nurse after nurse just so they could hear Lydia's muffled screams it was like leaving a trail of bread crumbs so he could always find his way back, well.. back too her. 

After recovering from Lydia's piercing, ear bleeding scream Melissa jumped up too see Lydia had healed. "I'm ok." She whispered after cleaning the blood from her ears. There was another scream and another and another but they didn't belong too Lydia, they belonged too the people who roamed in the corridors as they were trying too escape void and his inhuman manors of slaughtering the innocent. Melissa knew she could only do one thing and it wouldn't be of much help, she ran too the door, slamming it shut and then locking it tight. 

"That won't keep the supernatural out Melissa and besides, I need too help them." Lydia said boldly standing up and walking over too her bag... She knew her previous clothes would be somewhere, she threw off the hospital dress, put the white nightgown in the bin and stepped into her leggings, threw on her baggy jumper some white socks and some black sneakers. She didn't have a weapon, so this was the time too prove she was good enough without one. "I want you too stay here and keep the door locked, I'll be right outside... oh and call Scott." 

"Lydia, you can't go out there by yourself." Melissa objected pushing her body against the door too block Lydia's exit. 

"Yes I can." 

"Are you insane someone is out there killing people, my co-workers." 

"I have a pretty good idea who it is and believe me I'll be fine." Lydia sighed and shrugged her shoulders, "Now please move away from the door..." Melissa didn't budge instead she burnt holes into Lydia head, "I said please.." Lydia mumbled before grabbing Melissa's shoulders tightly, easily lifting her into the air and throwing her back on the hospital bed. "You can't stop me from saving people Melissa." She unlocked the door and opened it too see people running up and down, Lydia still remained confused, She though Scott was dealing with Void. "Can somebody tell me what's going on!" She shouted, nobody listened it was every man for himself. Lydia reached on and grabbed the arm of a fleeing girl pulling her back, "Please tell me what's going on." 

"There's a boy!" She squealed still trying too run but Lydia held her back, "He's killing people, he's killing everyone." 

"Does he have brown hair? Brown eyes?" 

"Yes, yes.. you seem like you know hi-" The fleeing girl was suddenly spitting blood that covered Lydia's face and went into her eyes. She let go of the girl as she fell too the floor... dead. Lydia gasped and stumbled back into the wall, trying too wipe blood from her face, she only smudged it. As she slid down the wall she looked up, there he was, she was face to face with him. Her reactions suddenly kicked it as she swept under Void's legs sending him straight onto the floor. Now it was her time too flee, but then again, she couldn't leave Melissa. Think about how much Scott would hate her. So she had too turn back, she had too save somebody. Lydia turned too see the Oni had disappeared and there she stood against Void alone, surrounded by bodies that smelled like they had already decayed. She prayed too god Melissa had Scott on the phone and he was coming too help but Lydia hated being in this position, she hated feeling the need for a hero. 

"Little dove..." He said taking a step forward. 

"Please, you promised you wouldn't hurt anyone." 

"That was if you stayed with me, you left little dove."

"What the hell are you talking about! You left me in the middle of nowhere because you wanted too hurt Scott and my pack, so quit with the lies.." 

"I didn't hurt any of them fatally.. just gave them a warning." He stepped closer and held out his hand, "Consider this yours, that if you leave me again. I'll rip every single one of their heads off." 

"Then you'll have too start with mine." Lydia threw herself forward at him with a flying kick, sending him back into some hospital chairs. She then took the opportunity too jump over the bodies, finding her way back too the room Melissa was in. If only she could of moved quick enough, as Void had somehow appeared in front of her and with one arm movement he had her on the floor. He grabbed the collar of her jumper, tugging her up from the ground and throwing her freely against the opposite wall hard enough too leave cracks. She lied there, her previous injuries screaming in pain. 

"Your scent is irresistible you know that.." He said slowly walking over too her, "It's the perfect mixture of pain, despair.." She pushed herself back and used the support of the wall too pull herself up. 

"Fear?" Lydia croaked, the words almost got caught in her thought as void rested both his hands either side of her head trapping her. He caressed her cheek with the back of his hand flashing a dark smile but she wouldn't let him get under her skin. So she let out a laugh and slapped his hand away, She felt her whole body back too it's strength and pushed him away giving her space too run free. She started running until she collided with another body; Scott.

"Lydia!" He shouted bringing her into a hug, "Are you ok?" Overwhelmed with relief Lydia gave a small nod and a quick smile before turning back too see Void shaking with anger.

"Go awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!" Lydia screamed pushing her hands forward with some force, though her scream didn't affect Scott, for the first time in her life. Lydia had learned too control it, through sound waves... she only had too give it a sense of direction. She gasped as she saw Void flying in the air for about ten seconds. She caught her breath and turned too Scott who stood astonished, "Let's get your mum and get the hell out of here." He only agreed. Scott followed Lydia too the room she previously rested in, she pushed on the door remembering she reminded Melissa too lock it.

"Mum, mum it's us." Scott said banging on the door, she had too hurry, Void was coming and he was angry. Lydia pushed her ear too the door, hearing Melissa's heartbeat fast almost too fast for safety. She gave Scott a worried look who didn't delay too kick the door down. There Melissa lay, shaking and terrified. They could both smell it but as soon as she saw her son, she calmed and jumped up. 

"I thought you were both dead.. I thought I was next." Scott took his mums hand tightly and they began too flee. Lydia peered out the door, the coast seemed too be clear so they raced out. They were all on high alert never turning there backs they were on edge. Finally they escaped too the sound of a thousand sirens, the police. They took a breath of fresh air and rushed too Scott's car unwanted too be questioned. 


"Your ok!" Isaac was the first too hug Lydia, she didn't expect it but enjoying the warmth she hugged back. "I thought for sure the nogitsune was going too kill you." She was torn from Isaac and pulled into the arms of her best friend, Sarah. 

"Your insane you know that, I'm gonna kick the living shit out of you, the living shit my friend.. for doing something so stupid, What do I always say Lydia! Don't do anything I wouldn't!" 

"What you wouldn't sacrifice yourself for your best friend!" Lydia argued back jokingly, It was a good two minutes before they let go of each other.

"Come on, We can let Melissa, Scott and Isaac breathe for a while. Let's go watch a movie up in my room." Sarah took Lydia's hand and dragged her into the kitchen too make popcorn.


Sitting in a chair, Lydia tapped her legs with her hands and her feet too the same rhythm she was nervous still, no doubt was she still a little shaken from the events she had been through. "You wanna talk about it?" Sarah said rubbing Lydia's back comfortingly. 

"No, no I think it's best too forget and move on you know.." Lydia pursed her lips and with some sort of new found joy she jumped up with a smile, "How about we talk about you instead?" 

"Me?" Sarah said furrowing her eyebrows, Lydia nodded. 

"Yes, remember you promised me a while ago, we'd have a chat about you and your kitsune powers." 

"I mean if you really want too." Sarah sighed but pondered for a moment, "Actually can I talk about something else that's been bothering me." 


"It's about me and Scott." This got Lydia's attention, she fell back into the chair. 

"Go on..." 

"Everything's perfect and all it's just, I'm a kitsune... you probably don't know this but we live for centuries... my mother she's about nine hundred years old..." Lydia choked on her drink at Sarah's unexpected words. "So, that means that one day when I may still look young, Scott he'll be older... and one day he'll pass and I'll be all alone... for centuries." Sarah sniffed and wiped a fallen tear from her cheek, "And I just don't understand why it has too be this way, I didn't ask for it! It's a life destroyer and I can't live a life without Scott in it, he's my anchor, my rock." 

"I can't believe it, how come you never told me this before!" 

"Please be quiet Lydia, Scott doesn't even know this.. nobody does."

"This is insane.." Lydia rest both of her hands on her head and took a deep breath, "Wait how old are you now?" 

"I'm a teenager, I can tell you that. I was born in the same year you were... it's just I'll be around a lot longer than you." Sarah than began too cry, "Oh god how am I suppose too live in a world without you! Scott or Stiles! Or the whole pack, Liam and Hayden!" 

"Please don't cry about this, think of the positives, No.. Malia!" That made Sarah laugh a little. It fell silent for a moment, 

"I just can't live without Scott..." Sarah wiped another tear, "I am madly, truly and deeply in love with that boy... he's just perfect." 

Scott of course decided it was best if Sarah didn't know he heard all of this conversation from the other side of her bedroom door... 




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