Running With The Wolves

-Inspired By TEEN WOLF-
Lydia Martin knew there was something different about her family she just didn't know what it was, that was until she moved too Beacon Hills and met Scott and his lovable sidekick Stiles. Her life was about to change.


33. Chapter 33; A Unknown Move


I'm surprised I didn't suspect it before... of course it's his voice. 


I see him now as I pear off of the balcony, he's standing in the corner of the library staring up at me, he knows I see him but all I do is raise my eyebrows and flash a sarcastic smile. I never noticed how close he was too me, he was following my every step. I graze my fingers over my jean pocket and feel the outline of the dagger I put in there this morning. I slowly make my way down the steps and through the maze of bookshelves before I meet him, face to face. 

"Will you ever give up... you know we'll beat you." I say folding my arms sternly, I turn too make sure I am in clear vision of other people still just in case he tries something funny. 

"Are you any good at riddles sweetheart..." He said slowly taking a piece of my hair and curling it round his finger, "I like playing games." I slap his hand away full of frustration.

"I'm not going too play one of your petty little games if that's what your asking." I let out a small laugh and continue too stare at him, his eyes glance down at my lips for a small moment before meeting my eyes once again. 

"Oh princess... your already playing one of my games and currently I'm winning." He grabs my face with both hands and crashes his cold lips too mine, his hands then moves too my arms pushing me harshly against the wall behind, Completely startled by the move I pathetically reach down for the blade for my wrist too be caught by him and slammed above my head. I suddenly felt a loss of power, my knee's became weak and I was slowly becoming putty in his hands. Knowing that he had caught me he moved from my lips, to my jaw then too my neck. I was almost paralyzed I couldn't move. The only thing I could do was- he clamped a hand over my mouth. God it was like he read my mind, though I felt he was already in it. He then moved back too my lips, brushing his cruel tongue along the bottom lip then forcing it roughly into my mouth, that's when it hit me. I bit down on his tongue hard making him pull away and hiss in pain. I feel my strength build back up and shove him hard but all he does is laugh too himself and stare at me, with those cold eyes. "Little dove." He said holding out his hand obviously for me too take, "Join me, think of all the chaos we could cause together, I could protect you more than Scott could.. come with me." Before I could answer, I felt someone tap me on the shoulder and turn too see Sarah, 

"Get away from him.." She said slowly pulling me away from Void, I get a sick feeling in my stomach like I'm about too be vomit, a million voices in my head and a scream produced in my throat.

"Sarah." I said swallowing, "Your not safe here.. I can feel it.. he might-" 

"Kill her." Stiles finished off my sentence whilst rolling is tongue, "Maybe not yet, we're not just tricksters you see, us foxes were sly, and smart so why would I kill somebody in front of a very powerful were-banshee.."

"Then your not going too kill her but your going too-" Before I could finish my sentence, he had pulled the blade from my pocket and grabbed Sarah by her throat, I turn too see everyone in the library still busying in their books. Can they even see us? I turn round angrily too Void and growl, "You've just upset me and you've also upset a true alpha. Yeah remember Scott... that's his girlfriend you've got there and he will be here just a number of seconds after I scream." 

"Scream." He pushes the blade tighter too Sarah throat, "See what happens princess." I looked into Sarah's eyes, she was almost as helpless as I was, so I couldn't do anything. 

"Let her go." I said slowly taking steps forward, "Please." 

"Lydia just run!" Sarah said before void pushed the blade tighter too her throat, she winced. 

"Little dove there's no use begging.. I'll let her go.. if you come with me."

"Wasn't it you who said never trust a fox, so if I agree to go with you... you could slit her throat and then take me, so if I'm going with you, I want too make sure she gets back too Scott safely." He turns his head and loosens his grip lightly on Sarah like he was considering my request. 

"That's a deal I'll be willing too make but only if you take her memory, so she won't tell her little alpha your with me." 

"Don't you think that's the first conclusion they'll come too." I say folding my arms, "If I'm missing they'll just think you've kidnapped me again, it won't make any sense at all." 

"I didn't mean just this memory, I meant all of them, every single one of Stiles." That hit me. "I want them not too know of his existence." I swallowed a lump in my throat and shook my head. 

"I can't do that." I whimper slightly as he tightened on Sarah's throat again, "Please anything... anything else!" He redirects the blade so it's pointing too me, 

"Take the necklace off dove." He said finally pushing Sarah towards me, I catch her. "Take the necklace off and give it too me." 

"Lydia this is insane! You'll loose your mind if you go with him!" Sarah said trying too pull me away but I stood my ground. "And why does he want the necklace anyway." She whispered, I knew exactly why. He knew it surfaced good Stiles, it somehow gave him strength.

"Go back too Scott ok Sarah.. tell him I'm sorry." 


"Just go Sarah please.." She leaned closer too my ear and whispered;

"I hope you have a move planned..." 

"Sarah... I have a divine one." I gave her one last hug before turning too void, "Before I go with you, I want you too promise me something." 

"What is baby?" I cringed but kept my composure, 

"I want no harm too come to myself, or my pack... and I want too see Stiles, good Stiles at least once a week just too make sure he's ok." 

"No harm too you or your pack and Stiles comes out too play once a week, I'll consider it."


And that was it, I was hand in hand with void walking down a desolate street. I was admiring each house as we passed it, one had pretty fairy lights on the porch with flower pots filled with the most colorful of flowers. I groaned as I felt a slight prick in my neck and turn too see Void injecting a needle into me. 

"What the hell..." I started too get weary. "This wasn't part of the deal." 

"Calm down you'll wake up soon enough." My eyes became heavy, I felt my whole body weaken, Then I collapsed but didn't hit the ground. He must have caught me... 


I expected too be in some sort of tunnel, dungeon? But no. I was lying in a bed, a perfectly made bed with lace curtains and the most comfortable mattress. I saw him sat on a chair rubbing his hands frantically, but I could smell his nerves which meant he had made a mistake. I smirked and sat up, 

"You messed up didn't you.." I then realized I wasn't in the clothes I came in, did he? What a creep...

"Shut up." He said in his usual stern voice, I couldn't help but take advantage of the situation. 

"Don't tell me the oh so famous trickster made a mistake, I mean you told me you were smart."

"I said shut up." He rose angrily from the chair, so I quickly jumped up from the bed. 

"Or what? You'll kill me...considering I'm a banshee, I can say you won't." He moved closer, collecting a knife from the side and wrapping an arm around my waist tightly, pushing the knife too my neck. I raise an eyebrow at him, "Go on then... kill me." He didn't move he just stared at me, I managed too kick his shins so I could release myself. He didn't do anything but step back, his eyes scanning every inch of my body. "Where's the bathroom?" He pointed too a small door, I walk over too it and opened it. "Oh and by the way... if I'm wearing a dead girls clothes, I'll kill you myself." With that I slammed the door making sure too lock it behind me. 


(A/N: I wonder why Void is giving her the silent treatment....)


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