Running With The Wolves

-Inspired By TEEN WOLF-
Lydia Martin knew there was something different about her family she just didn't know what it was, that was until she moved too Beacon Hills and met Scott and his lovable sidekick Stiles. Her life was about to change.


31. Chapter 31; Into Her Mind {Saving Her} Part Two


As mine and Stiles' lips were now milometers apart, I pulled away too the sound of a windows smashing. 

"What's going on!" Sarah objected running into Scott's arms, I jumped on the near by table too get a look at what people were screaming about. "Lydia, If that is your name. That table is very expensive!" 

"Sarah just shut up for a moment." I say staring over the crowds, my eyes suddenly met another staring right at me. A man wrapped in bandages from head too toe with multiple Oni next to him.. he must be the nogitsune. "EVERYONE GO NOW!" I shout pointing at the nearest exit. Everyone began fleeing until the Oni pulled out their swords, cutting, slicing whatever they could. I felt Stiles grab my waist pulling me from the table. 

"What do we do Lydia?" Scott said arms still remaining around Sarah. "What do we do?" 

"I'm not sure but we have too get her out of here..." I push through people, Scott and Sarah following whilst Stiles was beside me squeezing my hand. I was leading them too the nearest door, always turning too check for Oni. "Hurry!" I say as Sarah began slowing down. 

"No." She came too a sudden stop, the stubborn shit. "Not until someone explains what's going on!" 

"We'll explain once your somewhere safe." I try reaching for her arm but she jerks away, "Now come on!" Sarah crosses her arms and stomps her foot like a child. 

"Lydia." Stiles says, I turn around too see two Oni standing before us. I growl slightly before kicking one back with power as it flies too straight through the wall behind it, the other pulls out it's sword but Scott deals with it. 

"We need to go." I say grabbing Sarah's arm angrily, "NOW!" I scream.. literally like a banshee.

But as soon as we pushed through those doors, everything changed, our clothes, our surroundings, our whole setting. 

We were now in a school, all dressed in posh schools uniforms, hair tied back with smart black flat shoes.

"Erg.. guys what are we doing in school so late.. it's boring." Sarah groaned striking a match too light her cigarette. Woah, everything really did change. "Let's go.. I wanna go to a drive in movie or have a bonfire on the beach or something fun.." 

"Do you know who  I am now?" I say stepping towards her, 

"Yeah.. your the girl who gate crashed my party." She blew smoke in my face before throwing her arm around Scott, "Babe why are we with these people." 

"Becaus-" Before Scott could answer the Oni were back.

"Get her out of here." I order Stiles who obeys immediately, Me and Scott wolfed up and begun attacking them. They were awfully strong and we had already determined we couldn't kill them, not yet anyways. Just like the nogitsune we were unaware of how too kill these demonic ninja's but knew their must be someway that's hidden behind simple words in a book or buried behind memories in somebodies mind.

"There's too many Lydia.." Scott said as we met back to back, we found our selves surrounded. 

"What should we do now?" I say, Scott grips my arm and starts counting down. "Scott what are you doing?" When he got too number one, he took a few steps back dragging me with him. 

"Jump." He said finally setting off into a quick sprint forward, He still had tight grip of my forearm as we leaped over the Oni's. "Which way did Stiles take Sarah?" Scott said as we started running through clear corridors too get a good distance away from the Oni. 

"Oh yes I totally saw whilst fighting off some weird demons that were totally not trying too kill us."

"Ok enough of the sarcasm."

"It's part of the deal. Now wolf boy, alpha up and use your senses." Scott sighs at my remark and glares into every single wall as he can see straight through them. 

"This way." He said running left, I take my hair down from the ponytail before following him. 


"So.. since we are in what I consider a safe place, Somebody wanna fill me in on what those psycho's were doing out there, wielding their fancy swords and wearing those messed up masks like seriously is this some sort of twisted joke." Sarah snapped whilst pulling out a small mirror and apply dark purple lipstick. 

"Listen Sarah." I say stepping forward, but she held out a stern finger which brought me too a sudden halt. 

"That's close enough sweetheart." She closed her mirror slipping it back into her pocket, "Now.. talk." 

"It's going too be hard too explain considering half of your memory is gone and your not going too believe a word I say." 

"True, but I'll believe him." Sarah says directing her eyes too Scott, "He is of course my boyfriend." 

"Well, she remembers something." Stiles whispers too me, I fold my arms over my chest as we move too the back of the classroom leaving Scott and Sarah too their own private conversation. "So em.. back in the dance." My stomach filled with butterflies as he was going too bring up our almost kiss. "When we were kind of were about too kis-" 

"Maybe we should just forget it happened." I say tucking my bottom lip behind my top teeth. "It was a mistake." He seemed almost shocked by my words and I saw some hurt in his eyes, but I knew kissing Stiles would have been a bad thing too do. He does have a girlfriend and I was infatuated with Derek I guess.

"Yeah-" Stiles clears his throat and brushes the back of his neck, "A.. mistake." 

"And besides you have Malia and I have Derek." I say pretty confidently, sometimes my mouth speaks before my brain does. 

"What do you mean you have Derek?" The question rolled off his tongue almost immediately after I said it. "Are you in a relationship with him." 


"It was a simple question Lydia." Stiles snapped, I couldn't help but feel this jealous was not new and was brought back to the time I told him about Max. 

"I'm sorry but why do you sound so angry." 

"Do you like him?" 

"So what if I do.. Why does it concern you." 

"It doesn't." 

"Then why ask." 

"Just an observation." 

"An irrelevant one."

"Guys!" Scott interrupted, "Can you two please stop bickering." I turn away from Stiles and walk towards Scott, 

"Asshole.." I mutter to myself so nobody would hear. I un tuck the white blouse from the skirt I was wearing and loosened the tie around my neck. "Well I think I'm going to look around..." 

"Not by yourself your not." Stiles said grabbing the door from slamming shut behind me, "I'll come with you."

"Please Stiles, I just want too have a breather..Sarah's mind is stuffy.. I almost feel like I'm loosing-" 

"Oxygen." Stiles finishes off my sentence whilst undoing his top button, "Come too mention it, I'm feeling a little.." Those were his final words before he dropped down too the floor. I couldn't do anything, I was feeling a little dizzy too and it didn't take too long for me to collapse beside him. 


"Keep counting Lydia..." A cruel cut voice came whispered in my right ear, I pulled at my wrists as my weary eyes open too see I was sat on a chair, held down my restraints. I start too panic pulling as hard as I could too break them, it was impossible. "I said keep counting." I turn my head too see... Sarah? 

"What-what..Sarah. Sarah what are you doing?" I say as she walks over too the chair opposite me pulling it out of the darkness, I see Stiles with some sort of cotton rag in his mouth restricting his speech. "Sarah stop!" She began wiping a needle with the bottom of her shirt, 

"Why? Aren't you having fun Lydia... I sure am." She begins too laugh just like the nogitsune, "You should know foxes are tricksters, kitsunes are just like nogitsunes.. we're just a little more sneaky." She pulls the rag out of Stiles mouth, threatening too put it back in if he screams. 

"Sarah.. why are you doing this?" I cry, my heart race increasing. 

"Oh darling.. we all go a little mad sometimes." She walks behind me, clasping my hair and pulling my head back violently too make me look up at her. "I'm just making sure Stiles here, remains the host." 

"Your making sure your best friend stays evil." I snap whilst pulling on the restraints once again.

"Lydia." Sarah said holding the needle too my neck but not pushing it in, "I just gotta make sure he stays void that's all, so watching a person he loves getting tortured might just be the answer too it." She withdrawals the needle away from me and smiles, "I'm not going too kill you..yet." And with one swift movement she picks up a blade and slyly cuts across my cheek, I wince but don't cry as I feel blood trickling down towards my neck. 

"Let her go please!" Stiles shouts maybe a little to loud as Sarah angrily walks over pushing the rag back into his mouth. 

"What did I say!" She snapped, tracing his jaw with the blade. "Don't scream."

"Stiles." I say softly, "You just need to remain calm, don't show her any sign of madness it's exactly what she wants." He looks at me and from this distance I could even see the tears in his eyes. Sarah moves back over too me, slowly but intimidating. 

"Lydia sweetheart. I'm just following orders." 

"Sarah this isn't you! Since when did you take orders, your independent, you can kick ass by yourself... why follow someone when you can be your own leader." 

"Shut up." I hear her say quietly, I knew I was getting too her so I continued. 

"Who was the one who taught me how too except this supernatural crazy, kinda messed up life. You were my confidence Sarah, you were going too teach me how too fight with a Shanghai warrior were going too teach me how too survive." 

"I said shut up!" She shouted a little louder. I took a deep breath and continued, 

"Stop fighting yourself Sarah, whatever void did... it changed you and it wasn't a good change, just look at yourself.. your about too torture two of your best friends! Your ally's, do you realize what your doing is so messed up that even Scott, your own boyfriend, wouldn't forgive you."

"SHUT UP!" She shouting cutting my other cheek the same way as before. I wince once again but continue, 

"Stop it Sarah!" I say sitting up straighter, She turned back to me with a unenlightened look on her face, 

"They healed." She growled, as expected the cuts on both my cheeks had healed. "That wasn't suppose too happen!" 

"Maybe because the person who did them didn't really mean it, they found it deep inside of them too break free of evil."

"Lydia.." Stiles groaned managing too spit the rag from his mouth, "Try screaming..a little loud.." 

"I might hurt you." I say looking over too him with a worried expression. 

"You probably will, you'll hurt him even more though." Sarah said pointing too the corner of the room. Scott laid unconscious. "Don't scream."

"Don't you see Lydia, she doesn't want you too.. because it could save her.. do it Lydia!" I ponder for a moment, In thought of hurting Scott.. but maybe non of this is real.. what if I just close my eyes. What if I do scream. 

"SAAAARRRAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" I scream at the top of my lungs, the light above explode, Stiles groans and throws his head back unable too cover his ears... but it was working.. It did work.



I gasp and so does the person beside me as we fall to the ground together, 

"You did it!" I looked up too see Malia pulling me off of the floor, whilst looking back too see Scott looking deeply into Sarah's eyes before smashing his lips against her's... I'd never seen them kiss with such passion.

"You saved her life Lydia." Scott said finally breaking from Sarah's lips and pulling me into a hug. "Thank you."

"My pleasure.. but do you remember anything from what happened in there." 

"What do you mean?"

"Like, do you remember.. the dance, the Oni, the school?" He pulled away with furrowed brows, 

"I was there?" I nod my head with a smile, "Well you just might have too tell me the full story.. including all the details."

"Maybe I'll leave out just a few." I say in almost a whisper as I am brought back too the time me and Stiles were about too kiss... but my stomach turned at the thought.. it wasn't real, it was just in Sarah's mind. 



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