Running With The Wolves

-Inspired By TEEN WOLF-
Lydia Martin knew there was something different about her family she just didn't know what it was, that was until she moved too Beacon Hills and met Scott and his lovable sidekick Stiles. Her life was about to change.


28. Chapter 28; Aberidus Mark


"Don't worry Isaac." Scott said giving me a comforting pat on the back, "You'll fit in just fine."

"It's just..." I bite my lip, "I'm a warlock. I'm different." 

"Isaac, everyone is different." He opens the door of Beacon Hills high school, "Just look around you, every human is different from one another.. I guess we are just.. special." 

"Special? You couldn't think of a better word." I sigh and shake my head but decide too change the subject. "So what went down with Lydia the other day, when she came back with Malia and Sarah.. she seemed a little different and her aura was defiantly darker." Scott came too a sudden halt in the corridor. "Did I say something?" 

"What do you mean by darker?" 

"Well she just seemed a little more agitated.. like she had some bad spiri-" 

"Like the nogitsune?" It took a while too click but then I remembered one thing my mother told me... if the nogitsune makes his mark he only leaves darkness. 

"We need to find!" 


Me and Scott stood silently outside of Lydia's first class, skipping our own. I twirled my thumbs around each other impatiently, me and Deaton had failed too find a solution too help Stiles but it didn't stop us from looking, My thoughts were disturbed by the sound of the bell and the shuffling of chairs as the students began fleeing from their classrooms. As soon as Lydia took one step out of her classroom, I grabbed her left arm and Scott grabbed her right. 

"Hey!" She shouted tugging her arm, "Enough of the physicality." 

"Sorry.. but we need to check something." I say pulling her into the now empty classroom,

"What is your problem!" Lydia said moving a good distance away from me and Scott, 

"Ok Lydia just calm down we only want too check something." Scott said slowly shuffling closer too her, she folded her arms across her chest and began tugging at her loose clothing like she was uncomfortable. "When you were fighting the nogitsune yesterday.. did he do anything?"


"Anything weird, bizarre.." Scott continued but I interrupted,

"Anything evil!"

"Well he did nothing unusual for an evil fox spirit." She unfolds her arms resting them by her side, but as soon as her forearm made contact with her hip, she winced.

"Lydia." Scott said moving his hand closer too her hip, his fingers grazed it and immediately his veins turned black, "Lydia your in pain." 

"I'm fine Scott.." 

"If you were fine you would have healed!"

"It wont heal, I don't even know what is it?" 

"What, what is?" I say moving closer too her, 

"This." She lifted her shirt and pulled the top of her leggings below her hip revealing an usual mark but I knew what it was, 

"Scott this is bad..." I whisper too him. "It's called the Aberidus Mark.." 

"What the hell is the Aberidus Mark!" Lydia shouted, I wasn't aware she heard me. 

"It's what the nogitsune and oni use too kind of mark their territory...if your marked with it, they can find you wherever you go, they know when your in pain or scared an-" 

"Ok.. I've heard enough." Lydia said securing her bag on her shoulder, "How do I get it off me?"

"There's one way but it's incredibly painful and I'm not exactly sure it's safe" 

"I'll do anything!" 

"Were going too need the kitsune, I believe her name is Sarah." 



It was finally lunch but I couldn't find the other's anywhere, I knew that Liam and Hayden weren't at school today and that Malia was in study hall the majority of the day but I still couldn't locate Scott, Isaac or Lydia.

"Sarah." I hear a shout from behind me, I turn too see Isaac. He gestured for me too follow him, 

"Is there something wrong? Where were you guys?" He chose too ignore me so I knew something bad had happened, "Oh god.." I mumble too myself. I followed him into a classroom where Lydia was frantically pacing the room and Scott was trying too calm her down. 

"I'm totally freaking out! How the hell did he do it!" 

"Lydia please.. just take a deep breath." Scott said, Isaac cleared his throat too notify Scott we were here, He sighed with relief. "I think we should go to the animal clinic for this." 

"Can we all just take a second too breathe... and can somebody explain too me what is happening." It took a short moment before Lydia started too rant, 

"The stupid bloody nogitsune somehow thinks I belong too him and so when I denied it..just look." She pulled up her short and lowered her leggings revealing a mark. My eyes widen as it looks like it's been burned into her skin like a tattoo. "The nogitsune knows where I am, he'll know if I'm alone.."

"How do we get this off of her!" I say turning too Isaac,

"Your a kitsune I believe, so that also means your mother is." I nod my head and let him continue, "If your power is strong enough than the electric you withhold could possibly draw the darkness from the mark, so the nogitsune can't find her but there is one problem.. it will remain there for the rest of your life Lydia, it's kind of like a tattoo." I turn too Lydia who seems too have taken the bad news well. 

"As long as it doesn't effect me.. then I'll be fine with it." She sits on the desk at the front of the classroom, "But when are we going too do it?" 

"It can't be today." I said throwing an arm around Lydia's shoulder, "I kinda used up most of my power for the shapeshifter yesterday they are incredibly strong." 

"Well then I guess I should go into hiding for tonight, I mean what about if the nogitsune tries too find me." 

"He won't just try Lydia, that mark practically pin points your location in his mind." Isaac says leaning on one of the tables. 

"Then what do I need to do to protect myself." Lydia jumped up from the desk and walked towards Isaac, "Is there some sort of spell you can do?" 

"Possibly." He said bluntly, "But it comes with a cost." 

"Ok you can not be serious, you do realize that if you never brought the nogitsune too me then Stiles would be ok!" 

"It was a mistake." 

"You owe me something!" 

"Lydia, I never got what I asked for, You kept the memory too yourself! So until you give me it, I'm not helping you!"

"I can't just tap into your mind Isaac it's a little more complicated.."

"No it's really not Lydia, Your power is not limited.." He stood up too intimidate Lydia as he towered over her, "You can do things that are even unknown too the supernatural world." She crossed her arms but didn't budge. "How about we make another deal than Lydia, You give me that one memory and I give you all the memories your grandmother took from you.." That's when Lydia did move, she took a slight step back in shock. 

"How do you know about my grandmother."

"Who do you think she came too when she wanted too remove images from your mind, dissolve your memories so your left with nothing but a blur of your childhood." 

"You took them..." Lydia took another step back, "How old are you exactly." 

"A little bit older than the nogitsune, I guess you can say I'm  more experienced." 

"You scum! I'm not making any more deals with you, your not having your stupid memory." Lydia smacked Isaac across the face, causing Scott too pull her backwards. "Your mistakes tend too come back to smack you in the face Isaac."


I walk into Lydia's bedroom with a tray of biscuits, sweets and hot chocolate so we could watch a movie. Lydia was curled up in her covers, messaging someone on her phone. "So Miss Martin." I say closing the door with my foot behind me. "How about we watch something not scary for once, how about a comedy?" 

"Erg." Is all that she murmured, "I don't feel like laughing."

"Why? Fox got your tongue." I joked nudging her slightly, she let a small smile play on her lips. "So.. wanna talk about anything?" 

"There is something I think you should know even though I feel like.. I'm unsure about it myself."

"Was is it." I ponder for a moment, "I know you usually talk to Stiles about your problems but.. you can tell me anything." She licks her dry lips and turns too her phone. 

"Before I went too Mexico, I got really close too a certain person... we kissed... we went on a date.. well I think it was a date... I told him I would miss him and he told me he would miss me too when I was in Mexico.. I just.. I don't know what our relationship or friendship is!" 

"Lydia honey. If you told me who it was I could help you more, especially if it's someone who I know."

"You know him." She said nodding, "I don't really know if your close or not but you know him."

"Who is it." I say poking her cheek, "Please.. I'm really interested in your love life." She laughs. 

"Ok.. it's Derek."

"Derek!" I shout almost spitting out my hot chocolate, "If Derek kissed you and took you on a date, you mean something too him! He is the most stubborn and unhappy person in the whole wide world who shuts himself off from people and if he locked lips with you, He likes you!" She turned back too her phone, She was on kik. "Your talking too him right now aren't you." Lydia nodded her head innocently. I grab her phone and hold it a good height above me as she struggled too grab it back, 

sourwolf: Can't wait too meet back up with you, tomorrow? :)

strawberry_blonde_banshee: Very busy tomorrow but how about the day after?

sourwolf: Sounds good, How was Mexico? 

strawberry_blonde_banshee: It was fun, I found out I have a half sister, so that was unexpected.

"You have a half sister!" I say as she snatches her phone back, She covers her eyes with her hand. 

"Her name is Lilly-Anne." She said with a smile, "She's six." 

"Do you have a picture?" I say with a slight squeak, "I love kids!" She clicks onto photos and gets a picture up of a girl with her hair in a braid hugging Lydia, "Oh girl she is the sweetest little thing."

"Maybe one day you can meet the gerbil... but be aware.. she's feisty when she wants too be." 

"Am I interrupting..." We were mistaken when we thought it was Scott, As void walked through Lydia's bedroom door we were totally unaware. Lydia jumped up first and grabbed a blade, I jumped up grabbing my crossbow. "Ladies... please. I just want too talk..." Distracted by his words, I barley noticed Lydia kneel over in pain clutching her hip as black dust like aura came from it. 

"What's happening too her!" I say confidently walking over too Void, "Stop it!" He always seemed too laugh,

"Chaos has come again." Were the last words I heard before I entered darkness.



Lydia's body was been dragged elegantly along the cold concrete floor, leaving scratch marks on her back as her shirt rode up. She was totally unaware at what was going on as her vision was blurry, all she could see was a single light hanging from the ceiling. She couldn't help but think of Sarah, how the last time she saw her was when she was lying on the floor unconscious, Lydia of course tried too help her but that didn't make Void too happy. Lydia let out a slight cry trying too grab anything that would stop her getting pulled along the ground like a rag doll, but nothing came within her grasp. 

"They'll find me." She groaned, "They always do...."

"Are you sure about that." She looked down too see Void had tight hold of her ankles and he stopped pulling her and instead picked her up onto her feet, "I don't think so.." He smirked before setting her lightly on a chair, she tried freeing herself but he was too strong. "You know there probably worrying about Sarah right now.." 

"What did you do too her.." Lydia said swallowing a lump in her throat, "Because I swear too god if you hurt her-"

"Me? I didn't lay a hand on Sarah.. you did all the work for me little dove." 

"Stop calling me that!" Lydia growled jerking forwards on the chair too kick him, She missed completely causing him too laugh once again. "What happened too Sarah." Void placed one hand on Lydia's neck and the other on her cheek.

"Nothing she can't recover from.." He then slowly ran his thumb over her bottom lip, his eyes then caught a glance at her necklace. "Don't touch it..." Lydia noticed his glaring at it... but when he looked back up, his eyes were no longer dark, he didn't have a smirk on his face, nor did he let out one of his evil laughs instead he fell backwards stumbling. His face started too distort and his mouth became all twisted and taut.. something was changing but it was a good change. Once he finally settled into a curled position onto the floor, he started too mumble. "Lydia.." He said, his voice soft. 

"As if I'm falling for it!" She snapped standing up, "This is just another one of your tricks." 

"What? No, no.." He stood up and lightly took Lydia's arms, not only was his voice soft but his touch was also. "It's me a swear." Lydia bit her bottom lip, she didn't know whether too believe it or not. 

"I'll believe you if you answer a question void wouldn't know." She said looking deeply into Stile's eyes. 

"Ask me anything!"

"What did my grandmother always call me when  I was little?" 


"And what do you call me now?"


Yes... this really was good Stiles but it didn't last long before he clutched his stomach in pain, he was slowly letting Void take control again, Lydia fell onto her knee's too try and bring him back to sanity. "Listen Stiles... you have too fight it! You can't let him win!" 

"It's not working Lydia, I can feel him coming back... you should run go!" Lydia paused for a moment not wanting too leave Stiles but knew she had too, she leaned forward giving him a quick peck on the cheek. She then smiled and began running down the corridor she came from.




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