Running With The Wolves

-Inspired By TEEN WOLF-
Lydia Martin knew there was something different about her family she just didn't know what it was, that was until she moved too Beacon Hills and met Scott and his lovable sidekick Stiles. Her life was about to change.


27. Chapter 27; Shapeshifter


"So, I say we use Isaac to the best of our ability... I mean, I have never heard of such a thing as a warlock before." Sarah said turning the pages of the Bestiary, "Well. I have heard of them in things like myths and old stories." 

"I guess we can say the same for werewolves." I said as she slid the book down the table too me, "This is all so fascinating though, I mean I thought the supernatural life had rules but I guess there changing."

"The only thing that troubles me is that-" Sarah jumped on the table so she was sat on it, "Is that warlocks are described and associated with the word evil."

"I guess but again so are werewolves."

"I guess your right." Me and Sarah exchange a look, 

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything." Scott said bringing in a tray of coffee. "Hey babe." He said as Sarah jumped up too kiss him.  

"I'll take them into the kitchen." She said taking the coffee's, "Anyone up for snacks?" 

"Yes please." I say leaning back in the chair, "This is tiring and I feel like all I'm doing is researching." Scott said beside me. 

"Well research gets you places." He said looking in the bestiary and then at my laptop screen, "Maybe I should take this, It's best too focus on one thing." He took the bestiary. 

"Ok.. yeah just make sure too take in every single detail you can, everything is important if we are going too save Stiles!" I say with full determination, I don't take my eyes from my laptop screen but know Scott is looking at me with raised eyebrows, his eyes remain on me until I sigh and turn too him. "Scott, Whatever is running through your teenage mind... i'ts not true." 

"Are you sure because-" I cut Scott off before he continues a sentence that could lead too further embarrassment. 

"Can't I be worried about a friend!" I snap, closing my laptop. "Seriously, you and Sarah need too stop jumping too conclusions." 

"Lydia, I'm sorry.." Scott said biting his lip, "But you smell of lies." 


"No Malia.. we haven't been successful yet.." I say too Malia over the phone, "Why can't you just come round and help."

"Because Lydia, I may have located the nogitsune." She begins too whisper, 

"What, are you serious!" 

"He.. he's going into the school."

"Hmm, he obviously values high education."

"Lydia stop making your jokes and get here as soon as you can!" 

"Don't fret Malia, I'm already in the car." I start the engine, "Where are you exactly?" 

"I'm in the parking lot.. but I'll have too go inside just too be sure on where Stiles is going." 


" boyfriend is still in his own body... he's just lost his mi-" The line cuts off, I growl and dial her number back.


"Sorry about that.." A cold male voice spoke. "Little dove." 

"Where's Malia!" I shout getting out of the car, I needed some weapons and knew where too find them. 

"Oh don't worry about her, she'll be ok for now." 

"What do you mean for now?" 

"There's just a lot of people in this library, I can't let one get away." I jump over my garden fence so I am in  Sarah's and locate a route up too her bedroom window. Come on wolf powers... I take a few steps backwards and begin running a quick sprint, securing my foot on the wall and holding tightly onto a pipe, my other hand holding the phone. 

"If you hurt anyone.. I'll kill you myself." I slide open Sarah's window as she always leaves it unlocked just in case of emergency's. Her parents were downstairs so I had too step lightly on the floorboards. I slowly tiptoed over too her wardrobe where her weapon stash was hidden, I didn't know how too use anything but I guess I could try. I pick up her small crossbow and throw it over my back, I collect her katana and some blades and clipped them too the belt on my black ripped jeans. 

"Oh Lydia.. sweet, sweet Lydia.. don't talk like that." I quickly escape from her bedroom window and run towards my car hopping in the drivers seat and setting off at a quick speed. 

"Listen asshole." I said whilst flying down the street, "When I get there and if I see anyone hurt.. or dead.. I will kill you" 

"No you won't." 

"Are you trying too test me." 

"No, you won't kill me because if you do... Stiles will die to..." He started too chuckle, "Nobodies going too die.. not yet anyways, I like too have my fun. We're all asking each other riddles everyone has the right answer so far.. but if one makes a slip up-" I stop focusing on his voice as I hear police sirens, no no not now. I look through my side mirror too see the Sheriff's car. Stile's dad. I pull over not wanting too waste any time and he recognizes me as soon as he reaches the window.

"Lydia?" The sheriff knocks on the car window until I open it, "What are you doing with all those weapons?"

"Get rid of him Lydia or I'll rip somebodies throat out." Void snarled. 

"Listen Sheriff just give me a ticket and.. just I need to be somewhere urgently.. like you need to go just hurry please! These are Sarah's" 

"Lydia, I'm going too need you to calm down. I know.. about all the crazy supernatural stuff going down.. I'm the sheriff of Beacon Hills!"  

"Mr Stilinski please." I say finally catching my breath, "Just give me a ticket, I need to go." He sighs and shakes his head. 

"I'm not going too give you a ticket." He says standing up straight, "But don't do it again." I smile at him and start the car again. 

"He's gone." I say too void who starts too laugh once again, 

"He didn't leave quick enough." He said through his laughter, I hear a chain of screams and slam my foot down on the acceleration. 

"What the hell did you do!" 

"You'll have too wait and see." 


I park the car uneven and dash out quickly, I pull out my library card too get through the door, quickly scanning it. 

But nobody is here. 

Not a single person.

I ponder for a moment... Foxes are tricksters.. I'm guessing I just fell for one of his tricks. I feel a light tap on my shoulder and turn around too be greeted by a familiar smirk, I try and scream put he clasps his fist in front of my mouth as if he was taking my voice... I couldn't breathe. 

"Oh Lydia.." He cups my face, "You should learn not too trust a fox.. or a coyote for that matter... I told you their tricksters." He then starts leaning in towards my lips, "They fool everyone." A take a moment before I click back into reality. I jerk my face away, 

"Not everyone." I swiftly swing the small crossbow from my back and press the nib of the arrow against his head. "Too trick a trickster.. how ironic." I feel the edge of claws on my back and don't bother too turn around knowing who it is already. "Malia, nice of you too join us." 

"You fell for it Lydia.. though I do find it flattering how you came because you thought I was in trouble." She laughed and then moved in front of me beside void. "Now put the crossbow down and we discuss a deal." 

"A deal?"

"Yes dumb ass, I thought you were good at hearing." She pulled a gun from her pocket and loaded it, "Now.. don't make me ask again." She put her finger on the trigger and pressed the barrel too my head. I sighed and lowered the crossbow, she smiled evilly and lowered the gun. I rest my hand on one of the blades around my waist.

"I never liked you Malia and I guess I should of gone with my gut and killed you when I had the chance." Malia put a hand on her chest to mimic she was offended, she laughed slightly her face resting on a frown. 

"Oh sweetheart.. you couldn't have killed me, I'm too strong." She turns around and struts towards the library door, "Nobody can open it from the outside, when it's locked from the inside." She pulled out a small key and locked the door. 

"Your right Malia.. nobody can open it.. but someone like Scott or Sarah, Liam or Hayden could easily break it down." I turn too void who was making himself comfortable on a chair. He catches me looking at him and pulls a seat out beside him, gesturing me too sit down.. instead I walk over and pull my own chair out sitting opposite him. "So what's this deal, are you going too give me back my friend?" Void leaned forward and licked his bottom lip. 

"Not exactly Lydia." He finally said, as Malia took the seat beside him. "We want you too join us." 

"Join you? What are you, some sort of community club."

"Enough of the sarcasm sweetheart." Malia said, admiring the blades on my belt, "Hand them over."

"No." She pulls the gun out of her pocket again but I voluntarily put my head against it, "Pull the trigger Malia... because if I die I want it too be for my friends, so they know your a traitor and they can kill you in vengeance, Sarah would happily rip your throat out." A sting infected my cheek as Malia struck me.. I smiled and then laughed it off. I could taste the blood on my lips. 

"Don't touch her face Malia.. I like them pretty." Void said staring deeply at me, though I averted my eyes from him to the door as it came crashing down. 

"Surprise mother-" Sarah didn't finish her sentence as Malia instantly dived on her tackling her too the ground, I whistled too get Sarah's attention and then threw her a blade. She caught it in one hand and sliced at Malia's stomach, she missed several times until someone grabbed Malia's arms from behind, when they moved in a circle I could see the person who grabbed Malia's arms was... Malia? Wait.. two Malia's.. wasn't one enough? I run over in attempt too help them but am held back by two hands grabbing my waist,from their tight grasp I could tell it was going too bruise. I feel my feet lift from the floor and my whole body is thrown against the bookshelves that began falling down one after another like domino's. I couldn't move my back, It felt like it was broken. Void's face appeared above mine with that famous smirk and that evil laugh. I feel my back slowly healing just as Void is grabbing my arms and pulling me up, Unable too defend myself I suddenly became terrified, he pushed his face into the crook of my neck, inhaling my sent. Once I knew my back had fully healed, I pulled a blade out of my belt and held it too void's throat pushing him against the wall.

"I want my friend back!" I growl, releasing my fangs. "Or I'll kill you." 

"I'm a thousand years old." He growled back, "You can't kill me!" He grabbed my wrist and turned the blade around so the tip was digging into my throat, "Imagine if I did it." He said biting his tongue between his teeth, "Imagine if I push this through your fragile skin.. oh how much pain I could feed off." 

"Then do it.. kill me." I said in a brittle voice, he moves a piece of hair behind my ear and tuts. 

"Why would I kill my little dove!"

"I'm not yours!" 

"Not yet but you will be, you belong too me Lydia, we are cut from the same supernatural cord." 

"If you are saying me and you are alike.. your far from right!"

"Oh but's that where your wrong, Why do you think your so drawn too shady characters like Jackson, Evil places like Beacon Hills. Your just like me Lydia." I knee him in the gut but he barley flinches,

"We are nothing alike!" I growl before throwing him by the collar onto the wooden table, I grab his arm and don't stop twisting it until I hear a snap.

"Thank you." He said almost laughing through his pain, "For just proving my point..."



"Are you guys ok..." I say helping Malia off of the ground. 

"I'm good, Lydia?" Malia said whilst rubbing her shoulder that was obviously hurting, Lydia didn't answer she just stood their with a blank face. 

"How come there was two of you?" She finally said, 

"Shapeshifter." I reply whilst looking down at my shirt that had a rip across the front, "It's a demon that can take the form of any person, object or animal." 

"Wow, Beacon Hills really is colorful.. what else is here, pixies, elves?" Lydia finally let out a smile as she ran over too hug me, "How did you know I was here anyway?" 

"Electrical currents." I say hugging her back tightly, "Please don't ask we too explain it, it's very confusing." 

"I wasn't going too." Lydia turned too Malia, "Was it you on the phone call.. or was it the demon?" 

"No it was me on the phone call, I just got attacked by the demon that obviously took my form and ran off with void too lure you into a trap I guess." 

"Well, it's nice too know you weren't part of it." She sighed and turned back too an empty table, "Hmm..."

"What?" I ask intrigued. 

"I'm just wondering how Void does it, I mean one second he's here... but when you blink he's gone." 

"Oni's." I say pursing my lips, "But we like too call them demonic ninja's... we've had too deal with them before but that was mostly part of me being a kitsune." 

"You know Sarah, Considering we always talk about my powers, we never seem to talk about yours." 

"It's really best not too but one day.. We will." I take Lydia's hand and turn back too look out of the library doors, "We should probably go before somebody comes." Malia nods in agreement, 

"Yeah, anyone up for pizza?" She says with a slight grin. It was of course her favorite food.


(A/N; So. I'm thinking of making Isaac a bigger character and maybe have a little love interest for him.. a new person perhaps? But maybe a human just too make things more simple. What is going on with Void and Lydia though, Kinda wanted too add some tension between them two as in the show.. they kind of had a bit of a moment. Also Lydia's banshee powers may just be the solution too reach good Stiles.. through his own mind and memories.) 








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