Running With The Wolves

-Inspired By TEEN WOLF-
Lydia Martin knew there was something different about her family she just didn't know what it was, that was until she moved too Beacon Hills and met Scott and his lovable sidekick Stiles. Her life was about to change.


24. Chapter 24; The Last Day In Mexico


"Lilly! What did I say about eating all them sweets at once." I say throwing the empty sweet packet into the bin next too the bench we were sat on.

"I promise I won't get sick!" She stood up from the bench, "Thank you for bringing me too the park Lydia, I'm really going too miss you, Can't you stay for longer." I shake my head which rewards me with a disappointed look from Lilly.

"But I do promise, I'll write too you and of course some back and visit one day." 

"As much as possible!"

"As much as possible" I agreed. "Though things are a little hectic at the moment so...I'll have too give it some time." 

"Ok!" She said eagerly standing up and running to the swings, "Can you push me please?" I sigh and follow her. Once we arrive at the swings she hopped on one and weakly attempted too push herself off of the ground. I laugh slightly and move behind, pulling her up by the chains of the swing. 

"Just tell me if I push you too high." 

"Ok!" I start pushing her gently, "Higher!" She orders, It's insane how this girls stubbornness makes me love her the most and I'm pretty sure that's because she reminds me of myself when I was younger. She continues chanting "Higher!Higher!Higher!" She sound of her continuous whining begins too get on my nerves. 

"Is this high enough for!" I shout, pushing the swing with some power, I realize I pushed her a bit too hard when she began falling off mid air. "Lilly!" I run around and catch her just in time. "Oh my gosh.. I'm so sorry." 

"That was.." She catches her breath, "Totally awesome!" I throw her over one of my shoulders, "To the slide peasant." I jab her in the side playfully until she begins too squirm,  I put her down and let her run ahead.

"Well, Look's like you've got quite the handful." I turn too a voice I had heard long ago, I really never wanted too see this persons face, ever again. 

"Jackson.." I say awkwardly moving my bag further onto my forearm. "What are you doing here?" He turns and I follow too where he is looking. "Their my cousins." Two small boys about Lilly's age were running around, clutching lacrosse sticks and throwing a ball between them. 

"Alright.. well, bye then." I begin walking off but he spins me around by my shoulder, "I have too take care of my sister thank you very much." 

"Sister? I didn't know you had a sister." 

"Me either up until a few days ago, now excuse me." 

"Lydia wait-" 

"Come on Lydia, I want you too watch me on the slide." Lilly said running back over, 

"Hey boys!" Jackson shouted too his cousins, "Get over here." As soon as Lilly saw the two boys run over, She reeked of anger. 

"Look Noah!" One of the boys shouted, "It's little Lilly-Anne." 

"I'm not little!" Lilly snapped back at the boy whilst stamping her foot, 

"Lilly, how about you go back over too the slide. I'll handle these." I say bending down too her level and straightening her top. 

"I don't want too leave you.. in their presence." Well.. we were defiantly related.

"She's well spoken for a six year old." Jackson said picking up Noah. "Come on Oliver, Let's get practicing again!" 

"Maybe you can talk too her." Oliver said pointing a finger at me, "And we can practice will Lilly-Anne." 

"I don't think so." I say taking Lilly's hand, "We were just about too leave." 

"Oh come on Lydia." Jackson said pursing his lips, "You can't deny these kids a little fun." I look down too Lilly-Anne who shakes her head. 

"Look Jackson.. Lilly doesn't want-" 

"Ahh!" Lilly screams as Oliver throws a mud ball in her face, "Ahh hell no!" Lilly said wiping the dirt from her eyes before attacking Oliver.

"Lilly!" I shout trying too pull her body from his, she was clawing him with her tiny nails and he couldn't even get her off himself. 

"Help me! She's gonna kill me!" Oliver cried. "Jackson! Noah! I love you, tell mum and dad that too!" 

"Get up!" Jackson said finally freeing them both from each other. "What the hell Lydia, Control that little psycho." 

"She's my sister.. A martin.. she was born into a family of psycho's... Now, are you going too leave us alone or does Lilly here need too teach you a lesson." With a quick smile the boys departed from us. I bend down too Lilly who was expecting a telling off. "Lilly." I said sternly, "That was..." I pause, "Totally awesome." She looks up with a cheeky grin on her face before throwing her arms round my neck, I pick her up and throw her on my shoulders. 


"Bye dad, It's been.. fun." I say finally pulling apart our hug too put my suitcase in the taxi. "Maybe next time you give me a heads up before you introduce another family member." He laughs, 

"Of course." He kissed my cheek and picked up Lilly who's bottom lip was stuck out. I stick out mine too mimic her,

"Please don't go Lydia." She finally said in between quiet sobs. 

"I have too Lil, But remember if a guy approaches you..." 

"Lead them into a false sense of hope and then punch them in the gut literally and metaphorically." She smiled at me and I pinched her cheeks,

"I've taught you well." I kiss her forehead before getting into the taxi, I opened the widow. "I love you guys." 

"We love you too." My dad shouted, they both began waving as the taxi set off. I waved out of the window until they were small dots in the distance... I guess I'm heading back too Beacon Hills. 




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