Running With The Wolves

-Inspired By TEEN WOLF-
Lydia Martin knew there was something different about her family she just didn't know what it was, that was until she moved too Beacon Hills and met Scott and his lovable sidekick Stiles. Her life was about to change.


22. Chapter 22; Mexico


"What's this?" I say sitting crossed legged on my old bed as my father handed me a small box, 

"Just a gift." He said without a smile, He rarely smiled anymore.

"You really didn't have too get me anything dad, it's just nice too see you again." I say politely though I felt I was lying,

"I just wanted too give you something so you know I really do appreciate you coming." He made his way back over too the door and left me without another word. I slowly untie the ribbon that was neatly around the box and open it too see a small tatty doll I used too have when I was a little girl, I felt myself tear up and I knew this would trigger a memory as soon as I touched it and I was right. 

"Merry Christmas sweetheart!" My father shouted as he kissed my forehead before wrapping my mother in his arms, this was when we were a happy family, I was five years old. As eager as I was I teared the box open revealing this beautiful doll, with curly brown hair and rosy cheeks.

"I LOVE IT!" I say hugging the doll tightly, "Her name is ARIEL!"

"Now Lydia,  She was very expensive so take care of her..." 

"I will do dad!" I jump up and throw my arms around him, he picks me up and began spinning me around. 

"Smile!" My mum said pulling out her camera and snapping a quick picture.

I laid the old doll beside me and found the picture at the bottom of the box with a small bracelet, inscribed on the bracelet was my name,

'Lydia Martin'

'#1 Daughter' 

I smiled too myself and put the bracelet around my wrist, I threw away the box and put the doll and the picture in my suitcase just to make sure I didn't leave them behind. I put on my slippers and headed downstairs too see my dad making two hot chocolates, one with cream and mini marshmallows. 

"Thank you." I say quietly, 

"I was hoping you'd remember it." He picks up the hot chocolates, "I thought we could watch a movie together?" 

"Of course." I say taking my hot chocolate, "Which one?" 

"You can decide, there's a collection over there." He pointed too a small shelf stacked with movies, I smile before walking over flicking through them, "You have some classics." I say holding up 'Wuthering Heights'.

"Me and your mother used too watch that all the time."

"I haven't seen it, but we did study the book in English Literature one time."

"It's a good movie, Shall we watch it?" 

"Sure." I stand up and walk into the front room, putting it in the DVD player. "Dad you need Netflix your in the 21st century." He laughs...I haven't heard him laugh in a long time, I sit beside him. "No snacks?" 

"There is popcorn in the microwave, I'll get it out once it's done." He puts his hot chocolate on the table next too him and starts tapping his legs. "Soo.... I think we need to have the proper father and daughter chat..."

"Oh please dad I have been well educated by mum." I say rolling my eyes, 

"Yes, but I mean the boy talk." 


"Your mum tells me you have been spending a lot of time with a boy named Stiles-"

"He has a girlfriend and besides we are just good friends." 

"Fine, Is there any other guys I need to be aware of." I thought for a small moment and Derek came too mind but luckily I was saved by the microwave telling us the popcorn was ready. "Don't think this conversation is over." 


scotty_wolf: No progress has been made on finding Sarah and Stiles but Derek seems to think he has a lead, I'll keep you updated x 

strawberry_blonde_shortcake: Thanks Scott, Don't give up hope. We'll find them soon x

scotty_wolf: I won't, How's Mexico? x

strawberry_blonde_shortcake: Unusually quiet but I think that is because my banshee senses have somehow turned themselves on and my mind had set itself to think all about Beacon Hills x

scotty_wolf: Please if you sense anything, Don't delay too tell me x

strawberry_blonde_shortcake: I won't Scott, believe me you will be the first person I tell, Your the alpha. 

scotty_wolf: ahh I love it when people call me that, It makes me seem powerful x

strawberry_blonde_shortcake: -image inserted-

scotty_wolf: Dat double chin though x

scotty_wolf: -image inserted-

strawberry_blonde_shortcake: Seriously... how the hell do you have that many chins it's almost inhuman.. oh wait... you are inhuman your a freaking werewolf! x

scotty_wolf: and you Lydia are a 50% wolf, 40% banshee, and 10% super slut x

strawberry_blonde_banshee: Oh Scott McCall you man whore x 

scotty_wolf: Miss you bestie get home soon, goodnight x

strawberry_blonde_shortcake: Very soon Scotty.. very soon.. goodnight x


The next morning I woke up bright an early too the smell of pancakes, I always remember my father being the master chef of the house. I laid in bed for a while gazing around the room, admiring the blank walls that were once covered in my posters. This room itself brought back memories, but the normal kind. 

I remember my friend Daisy coming round for a sleepover once, we had a secret stash of chocolate and sweets hidden under my bed and once my parents were asleep we would tuck in and eat as much as we could until we felt like throwing up, then we would jump on my bed until we felt the springs were going too break. That's when life was simple, there were no werewolves, banshee's or anything. I stood up and walked over too my door too collect my dressing gown, pulling it over my tired body. Once I finally had the energy too walk down the stairs, I saw my father in the kitchen drinking his morning coffee and talking on the phone too somebody. 

"I told you Amelia, I would pay you when I get paid myself." He seemed angry, Almost furious. I sat on the stairs for a moment too listen too his conversation. "No no no, this isn't a serious matter. You don't need too call any lawyer!" That's when it clicked, Amelia was the women my father had left us for, She was obviously trying to scam him of the little money he had. I decided too listen too the full phone call and came familiar with the voice on the other side of the phone, 

"Listen, I am sick of you making excuse after excuse! I told you straight away and you had a long time too prepare yourself, now give me the money you owe me!" It was the voice of my babysitter, The one I had befriended as a child. 

"Amelia for goodness sake, I don't have the money." 

"Then you are going too have too find it someway, you have a week!"

"I'm going too need a little more time than that..." 

"A week! That is final, You have had your chances." 

"Amelia.. please.. you know I'm broke."

"That is exactly why we fell apart not because you had no money... but because you had no money too support the child we were expecting!" ...... he had a baby with her. My blood began too boil, my mother probably had no clue about this. I felt my eyes burn into red, my claws slowly appear from my fingernails and my sharp fangs nip my bottom lip. I couldn't let my dad see me like this, he would disown me... again. I run back up too my room and angrily begin tearing the sheets on my bed, cutting them up easily with my claws but it didn't calm me down, there was one way but it would alert my father and could possibly hurt him, If I wanted too come back to sanity, I would have to scream. I had never learnt self control nor did I have an ability too control my brand new werewolf powers and I had some serious anger issues that I had therapists too help me deal with, it was all useless, The people I had too rely on were the ones that surrounded me but sometimes the people closest too you can be the ones holding you back the most.

"Lydia! Are you awake?" My dad shouted from the bottom of the stairs, 

"I'm gonna stay in bed a little longer..." I shout back, that was a lie, I was going too jump out of the window and go on a walk too clear my mind. 

"Ok, I made pancakes if you want too come and grab some." 

"No thanks." I clasped my hands tight so my claws were digging deeply into my palms, this was one way of calming myself down. When the blood started dripping from my hands down onto the blue carpet, I decided that was enough. This would be the time I'd call Stiles and he'd help me but I couldn't so I had too scream.... "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" 

"Lydia!" I heard my father shout as his loud footsteps came pounding up the stairs, I had too tell him the truth.

"Dad I'm fine." I say standing up as he comes bursting into my room, 

"Your mother didn't tell me!" 

"Tell you what?" 

"Your just like your grandmother..." 

"You know." 

"I've known since I first met your mother, I knew her family were different." 

"Then it wasn't just mum who kept it from me, it was you too!" I stepped back, not wanting too look at him for a single second longer. 

"Lydia, we kept it from you, not only too protect you but because we thought-"

"It died with grandma... Yeah mum gave me the 101." I started taking the clothes from my wardrobe and packed them into my suitcase. "I think I'm gonna head home early... I know you have another kid too tend too." 

"Excuse me?" 

"Oh and tell Amelia that you will continue too not pay her because you don't seem too care about any child, you just abandon them." He was taken back by my words, his eyes widen. 

"How do you know!" He finally shouted, I hissed through my teeth sarcastically. 

"Kinda my thing you know, super hearing...So have you got a son or maybe another daughter?" 

"You can't tell your mother, she'd be-"

"Devastated, ashamed, upset, annoyed, angry.. yeah she'd be pretty pissed off."

"Please let me explain myself, It was a complete accident, Amelia was a mistake!" He sat down on a chair in the corner of my room and put his head in his hands, "Just give me another chance, I messed up, we all do! It was an accident-" 

"Ok dad, falling off of your bike is an accident, you can't trip and fall into a women's vagi-"

"Stop right there young lady! I know that was a slip up but I never intended on getting her pregnant."

"Ok, did you not pay attention in sex education, that's how a baby is made dad, when a male and a female have sexual intercourse! Please for the love of god don't make me have too explain it too my father!" 

"Lydia! Listen to me!" He shouted, He then softened his voice, "Your half sister, yes I had another daughter, Her name is Lilly-Anne, She's having dinner with us tonight." 

"I don't wanna meet her..." I shake my head, "Why should I?" 

"Because she's practically your sister, You'll like her I promise, She's sweet and she's kind." 

"Oh and who did she get that off, it couldn't of been you or Amelia for that matter." 

"Please Lydia, don't be like this." I was surprised at how calm he was keeping with me, "It will only be for a couple of hours." I take a deep breath and order him away with a flick of my hand but he stood there, dead still. 

"Dad." I sigh, "I'll meet Lilly but-"

"Lilly-Anne." He corrected me, 

"I'll meet Lilly-Anne whatever he stupid name is.. as long as she doesn't ask me any irrelevant questions, doesn't nag me about my life or doesn't insult me because I will destroy her." 

"Lydia... she's six years old." 

"So you had her when I was, you left me and mum when  I was 12." He remained silent, "ARE YOU ACTUALLY SERIOUS! LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME, YOU FUCKING CHEAT!" I grabbed an empty picture frame and aimed it at him but he ducked and it smashed into the wall behind him. 

"Lydia, please you already know I made a lot of mistakes." 


"Of course I am.. Lydia... Lilly-Anne will be here at 6, you may leave the house maybe catch up with some of your old friends but promise me you'll be back at 5:30." 

"Whatever, Just leave. I need to get ready." He finally leaves, I pick up my phone. 

strawberry_blonde_shortcake: Scott? Anything? Please tell me there's good news x

scotty_wolf: Some good news, Some bad news.. which do you want first? x

strawberry_blonde_shortcake: The good news! I need some good news! x

scotty_wolf: We found the pack, we know where Sarah and Stiles are x

strawberry_blonde_shortcake: That's brilliant! x

scotty_wolf: It was Derek, he felt really passionate in finding them x

strawberry_blonde_shortcake: I'm guessing the bad news is, your not strong enough too take them on by yourselves x

scotty_wolf: We are easily outnumbered just like Max said, but we are working on a plan x

strawberry_blonde_shortcake: You'll figure it out if anyone can.. it's you x

scotty_wolf: Thanks a lot Lydia, It's really comforting but I really believe we need your help x

strawberry_blonde_shortcake: Only a few more days Scott, now I need to go x

scotty_wolf: Have fun with whatever your doing :) x


"Lydia?" I turn around too meet a familiar face, 

"Daisy?" I squeal as we jump into a hug, "It's so good too see you!" 

"I never thought I'd see you again, What are you doing back in Mexico?" 

"My dad wanted too see me.. so.." I pull away from her pressing my lips together. 

"Are things ok, I mean.. with your mum and all." 

"Yeah, everything's fine." I tuck my hair behind my ear. "So, what are you up too these days?" 

"Well apart from school, I got a part time job at a small boutique so my life pretty much consists of whiny shoppers and stylish clothes." 

"Sounds pretty chill." 

"Hey, I have nothing too do so how about we go to Starbucks and catch up? I could call a few people... tell them your back.." 

"Oh no, I wanna keep my head low but I will take you up on that Starbucks offer."

"Sure, my car is right there." She points too a silver Honda CR-Z... yes I know my cars. 

"Nice ride." I say following her too it, 

"Thanks!" She unlocks the door and than looks me up and down, "So are those clothes... vintage?" I looked at her with raised eyebrows, "Just kidding." She said laughing, 

"Daisy, you literally gave me a heart attack." 

"I'm just jealous you look so good." She clears her smudged lipstick and turns on the engine. "Starbucks here we come." 


"Lilly-Anne will be here in five minutes and your still not ready." My dad said sighing. 

"She's not important, why can't I eat dinner in my PJ's." 

"Because your going too show some respect too your sister." 

"She's not my fucking sister!" 

"Listen young lady, I don't want any talk like that when she gets here." 

"I don't care anymore dad, I seriously don't... just shout me when she gets here." 





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