Running With The Wolves

-Inspired By TEEN WOLF-
Lydia Martin knew there was something different about her family she just didn't know what it was, that was until she moved too Beacon Hills and met Scott and his lovable sidekick Stiles. Her life was about to change.


20. Chapter 20; Noggi What? {Part 2}


"Malia, I think we need too talk about your behavior towards Lydia." I pour two cups of coffee and place one in front of Malia as we patiently wait for Lydia's return. 

"Look Scott... I know it's bad but it's not my fault Stiles looks at her in the way he used too look at me when we first met, I feel like our relationship is dying because of her." She slowly traces the rim of the mug with her finger,

"Malia your overthinking. Stiles wouldn't just leave you..." I take a seat opposite her. She shrugs and rests her chin in her palm, I decide too change the topic. "So how did you find Isaac?" 

"I followed some tracks in the woods, I was hoping it would lead me somewhere but I came across him and he needed something, I needed something so we decided too help each other out, but don't worry, I loaded him with questions." 

"Well if you can vouch his loyalty, We will gladly help him but what exactly does he need?"

"He needed a banshee." She takes a sip of her coffee and licks her lips, "He seems too think Lydia can tell him something." 

"Well maybe she can, Lydia's possibilities seem almost endless." I go back over too the cupboard too get out some biscuits.

"I think I'll go check on them." Malia says pushing her mug of coffee too the center of the table, "I mean she can probably defend herself but I guess you can never trust a stranger who is in desperate need of something." I nod my head understanding she gives me a quick smile before heading out of the door. 



I walk too the back of the house and notice Isaac and Lydia in a deep conversation, I wave at them and Lydia snaps her head back too me in anger, 

"You shouldn't have brought him here!" She said crossing her arms,

"Please Lydia I just.." Isaac started but I cut him off, 

"Tell me what's going on." Issac sighs before continuing, 

"Lydia here thinks I brought some sort of evil trickster spirit too your group in order too create a distraction so I can take Max back to his pack." He shook his head in denial.

"Well Lydia, Are you saying that as a girl with crazy accusations or are you predicting it like a banshee?"

"I'm saying it as a girl with perfect sense!" She walked back over collecting the jar from the ground, "This needs too be destroyed!" 

"You can't destroy it! It's been deemed impossible, You just have too keep it safe..." Isaac says holding is hands up too surrender. I bite my lip and made a decision. 

"We will talk more about this inside, get your butts moving!" I lead them back into Scott's house. "Scott." 

"Yes!" He was still in the kitchen,

"We need too talk, all of us. Lydia here, has some insane theory about Isaac which he is simply denying." 

"Well then, what is it?" He brought two more cups of coffee for both Lydia and Isaac, Lydia takes a seat before saying; 

"A nogitsune is an old spirit, Unfortunately I can't tell you much as my memory was cut short but all I know is that it's a fox like spirit also known as a trickster! So I don't understand why Isaac brought it here unless he was using it as a distraction too save Max!" 

"I told you I know nothing about Max or anyone's pack, I'm not a werewolf!" 

"Your human?" I question, 

"I know it may sound bad but.. I'm a warlock." 

"So how the hell were you going too help me find my boyfriend and my friend!" 

"I'm a warlock,It's pretty darn obvious, I may not have senses like you guys but I have magics, many different magics!" 

"You can track without a scent, that is pretty impressive." Scott said nodding his head, 

"Are we seriously letting a stranger into our plan?" Lydia rested her head in her hands, "I mean, I shouldn't have helped him in the first place, it was a call I shouldn't have made."

"It's ok Lydia, he hasn't tried helping Ma-" We all turn too see an empty chair from where Max once sat. "Where is he!" We all begin frantically searching the house, the front and back door were locked and all the windows were sealed tight, he must be in here somewhere. 

"I knew it!" Lydia said grabbing Isaac by the arm, "You distracted us!"

"I'm sorry! I really didn't mean too..." I pull Lydia away and shoved her as a warning. Isaac straightens his scarf that hung around his neck and turned too the table, "Guys... did any of you pick up the jar?" 

"Shit! He must have taken it whilst we were upstairs." I ran my hands through my hair and took deep breaths of air. 

"It's ok guys." Scott said resting his hands on mine and Lydia's shoulders. 

"No it's not! Don't you understand Scott, Max was our only hope in getting Sarah and Stiles back and now that hope is gone and not just that he took the jar, the jar that held the nogitsune, If he opens it somebodies going too get possessed! What if it's Sarah? Or Stiles? Or what about if he uses it on himself too give himself strength hmm? I can't believe this is happening!" Lydia dug through her bag until she found Sarah's blade. "Work on a plan, I'm going too find Max... alone."

And with those words she left. 



I'm so stupid! So bloody stupid! How could we have left Max unattended? 

I'm useless, We are never going too find Sarah and Stiles at this rate... it's been hours. I am deep in my thoughts until my phone began ringing. 

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hey Lydia?" It was Derek, "Heard your having a little trouble." 

"Sarah and Stiles! They were taken... we need your help." 

"I'll do as much as I can, I promise! Now did you go back too the place they were taken." 

"It's not exactly social.. more invitation only." 

"Well where is it?"

"Someones house but look, they took Sarah and Stiles so we took one of theirs called Max but he somehow escaped and took something very dangerous with him and so I'm currently searching the streets for him but it's too late, he's disappeared off into the woods somewhere."

"Then why aren't you in the woods?" 


"You just said yourself.. he disappeared in the woods..."

"I did?" 

"Yes, you did." Derek began laughing, "Sometimes I question your banshee knowledge." 

"I'm new too this ok." I try smiling but just can't, "So. You want too come search with me?" 

"Sure.. I'll meet you at the preserve in ten minutes." 

"Perfect, See you then." 


"See, smell or hear anything?" I say walking straight through a muddy puddle causing the dirty water too splash up onto my leggings. "Oh great.." I mumble too myself, Derek sighs. 

"To be totally honest Lydia, I was about too ask you the same question. I'm not getting anything but maybe it's because I don't have Max's scent." 

"What do you mean?" 

"I mean, I have never met him therefore his scent isn't known too me. You though, you've met him, you know him so you'll know his scent." I payed attention too every word Derek spoke, he seemed too know everything, even things about me which I didn't know myself. 

"I can't do this Derek." I tie my hair up into a quick ponytail, "Everything is insane and I'm starting too think that if I never came too Beacon Hills my life would be perfectly normal, absolutely perfectly normal. Nothing bad would have happened too Sarah or Stiles, they would be safe. I wish I never came here, I'm nothing but bad luck." 

"I don't think your bad luck." Derek said, taking a slight step closer too me. "I don't think your bad luck at all." With each step closer we took too each other, the more I regretted the next one. 

"Why... I brought all the trouble." I say pressing my lips together, 

"Oh please Lydia, I like a little trouble." Derek cupped my face and stared deeply into my eyes, then he began leaning in and so did I. Our lips brushed one another before melting together and moved in perfect sympathy. I had never thought this would happen, I never really thought of a relationship especially with a werewolf, or anybody at all. But what was this? Perfect? Or an idiotic mistake? When we finally pull away from one another, he lets go of my face, as he eyes remained closed. 

"Derek." I say softly, "I-erm..I-"

"Lydia." He replied with a smile, He moved a fallen piece of hair behind my ear. "I've never had anything like that... thank you." 

"Well... it was my pleasure."    

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