If Only (short story)

What if your favorite character from an anime, TV show, book, or movie thought about you the same way that you thought about them? This is story about that its a reader X character story. So you can imagine it to be who ever you want and put your self into the story as well. This is my first time writing one of these stories so I hope you like it....


2. Wish

The night came around. i got in bed taking the photo back out form the draw I had place it in."Your just so amazing and cute (Y/N). Why do you have to be real and why do I have to be fake...." I looked down punching my pillow. "It's just not fair at all." Tears started to fall down my face as the anger rose up inside me. I wiped them away and looked out the window to see a shooting star. I smiled having never seeing one before and I closed my eyes and made a wish.

"I wish I could be real for a day so i could tell (Y/N) how much I need him/her." I thought in my head before going to bed. The next day when I woke up I got up and did what I always did in the morning. Only when I looked out the window I saw that the world out side was different from what i had come to know as my home. "I'm in the real world....at last..."  I smiled really big and felt really happy and excited. I walked out into the real world and saw all the people walking around me I ignored them all and kept looking for (Y/N).

I spotted you right away and ran over feeling excited at first and then just scared and nervousness in the end. I played out what i would say to her in my head. 'Omg your real! I can't believe I'm finally here!' Instead all i could do was stare at her with a lose of words. How ever you turned around saw me with a smile on your face you hugged me as if I was a long lost friend. "I love you so much!" You said as you hugged me tight. I felt my heart race. Finally I got to her the words that I had longed to hear for so long. Then with out saying you took my hand and lead me through your town showing me aorund. "It's beautiful! Your world is so beautiful and amazing!" I said to her.

I found my self wishing this day would day never end. Sadly how ever the night went by fast and the day soon came to and end my time came to an end. I started to fade away but before I left for good I looked at (Y/N) one last time.  "I love you so much! Please don't cry when I'm gone...I hope that we can meat again like this some day in another world at another time." I was sent back to my world after that as I heard her/his screams echoing after me and you lunged out to garbed my hand.

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