The Maid That Might Just Make It

Jasmine Touchstone, the maid for her aunt and her family after Mary's mother and father had passed away in a house fire but was it an accident, what will happen when Jasmine meets up with Jacob the butler of the house and they work together too figure out just what happened too Jasmine's parents.


1. Chapter One; Rules

Jasmine's P.O.V

I stood on the sidewalk staring helplessly at my new house, it was huge with castle like features and large windows with velvet red curtains. I was disturbed by my therapist setting my trunk beside my feet. 

"Now." He said, "I know your nervous and this is going too be incredibly hard but this isn't permanent remember that, You will be out of here by your eighteenth birthday." 

"But Chris that's two years away." I look back too the castle and my eye caught a face staring from the window, a face of cruelty and displeasure, the face of my Aunt Harriet. "Just look at this place it was obviously built over a hundred years ago." Christ lets out a small laugh and rests his hands on my shoulders.  

"There's a library, a big one filled with thousands of books." He picked up my trunk once again. "I know your a big fan of history maybe this house has some." I shrugged and followed him down the path, admiring the garden. It had a small fountain and a plethora of shaped hedges, one was shaped like a snake, another was shaped like a bird. They were oddly satisfying too look at. 

"Welcome." I was pulled into a quick embrace by my Aunt. "Oh Jasmine it's just so wonderful to have you here. After everything you've been through.. it's all going too be ok, your with family again." I couldn't help but turn up my nose at how strong her perfume was as it abused my nose, the scent of vanilla and hint of lemon. "Jacob!" My aunt called through the front door, as a boy about my age stepped out. He gave me a warm smile before collecting my bags and carrying them up a large set of stairs. 

"Is that your son?" I asked, My aunt shook her head as she took my arm leading me into my new home. 

"No, Jacob is a helping hand. His family are in some serious debt and he decided too get a job too earn some money." I hugged Chris goodbye before he departed and told him I would call him if I needed. "Now, These are my two daughters, Elizabeth and Katie." I turn too see two girls standing tall beside each other. Katie had deep brown hair that was perfectly curled and fell just above her shoulders, she was wearing a floral dress that touched her knees with white flats. Elizabeth had dark blonde hair that was pulled back tightly into a ponytail, she was wearing black trousers, a white blouse and a black blazer with small heels. They both looked smart and professional. I shook there hands politely and looked down at my outfit. Black ripped jeans, a grey hoodie and some black boots. I was completely different but I didn't care. "Katie darling, show Jasmine here to her room." Katie nodded her head and linked her arm through mine, leading me up the stairs.  

"I hope you like reading." She said opening a door, the room was fairly large with a bookcase taking up most of the wall space.

"I do like reading actually, My mother used to read to me when I was a child and I would write my own stories an-" 

"I didn't mean for you to answer the question, I was being ironic. I didn't ask for a sob story." She interrupted me rudely. 

"Oh, my mistake." I looked over too a single bed tucked deeply in the corner of the room. I needed too sleep. 

"Now."  Katie said, "A few rules of living in our house." She handed me a bit of paper. "Go through them as much as you like just make sure too follow them or you'll be out of this house." With those words she left my room leaving me alone. Great, She was a bitch. I looked at the piece of paper and begin reading, 



1) Always make your bed as soon as you wake up.

2) If your the first awake, Make breakfast for everyone in the house. 

3) No revealing clothing.

4) No going into the restricted sections of the house. 

5)  If your going to shower, don't use all the hot water. 

6) No boys allowed in your room. 

7) Keep your bedroom tidy. 

8) Keep yourself tidy. 

9) Do not enter the house with muddy boots. 

10) No swearing or offensive language. 

11) Don't plaster yourself in make up. 

12) Be respectful to every member of the household. 

13) No random bitching, Structure your point. 

14) No loud or offensive music. 

15) No alcohol. 

16) No smoking.

17) No parties. 

18) No running around the house.

19) No bad behavior. 

20) No food allowed in rooms, Only at the dinner table. 

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