A Piece of You

"All I wanted was a little piece of you."


Caroline Vegas was the little girl you'd never expect to murder someone. Rachel Thomson was the kind of girl that would kill you with a stare, a kiss, and a tooth made of gold. Neither were the kind of girls you'd expect to fall in love with.


1. Hello

Can you hear me? Probably not, considering that I'm not even talking, but it sounded like a good joke to start all of this. I'm Rachel, but you know that anyway, I just amn't (is that a word?) the best with words. You are, top of your English class, and Mr Hatcher thinks you're the best author since Jane bloody Austen. Good job there, by the way, on the whole Pride I and Prejudice 'fan fiction' you wrote. I read it by the way, think there could've been a little bit more sex, but I highly doubt that you'd understand what that's all about, little miss seventeen and a virgin. Oh, look, that's cool, I've got nearly a whole paragraph now. Awesome. 


You know me now, I'm sure, probably more than you did before. That's cool. Now I'm going to get to know you.

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