You Broke Me! But I Want To Be Yours Again

so harry broke sofia really badly by doing such things while on tour. but let's tell you what happened first. harry and sofia were the kind of couple you know that couldn't be seperated. the kind of couple that needed each other to live but after some girl ruined it. you know this girl and you'll find out when you read the movella. there was love,sadness,anger,betreyal and being together for love


6. This Is Bad Harry!

Taylor's POV

" No! Harry and Sofia can never be together, never! " i said with the devilish face on. Just then I thought of an idea after Niall came in " uh hey Taylor " Niall said while taking a hand full of chips from the bag he was carrying " hey Niall, need anything? " I asked with a very innocent look " oh well I just wanted to say thanks for not being awkward around Harry while performing " he said with a smile after eating his hand full of chips " ofcourse " I replied with a smile " so what ya doin? " he said after taking another hand full of chips " oh well you know thingking of some things for my fans " i replied with another smile " oh well I'll leave you with that bye " he said then left my room. Finally now what was I thingking? oh yeah I have to get Harry to cheat on Sofia with me then I'll find a way to get Sofia to see Harry and me cheating on her then she'll surely break up with Harry and he'll be mine.

Louis POV

" hey Harry wanna come to the night out I planned ? " I asked Harry whiel entering his room in the tour bus " oh hey Louis, sure I'll come " great he said yes. I've told all the other boys and they said yes. I planned this so that Harry can have a little fun. Ever since we left for America he was depressed cause he really missed Sofia except for when he's performing on stage. I also asked Taylor to be nice and she said yes. Great

Taylor's POV

Ok so this is the time where Harry cheas on Sofia. So my plan is at Louis night out there will most probably be alcohol and drinks, all I have to do is get Harry to be drunk then I'll take him to my room and do te cheating tere, it will be perfect. It was now time for the night out. I was wearing super short shorts that can be panties and a bra crop top. Perfect. Ok most of them are drunk now and so is Harry time to make my move " Harry come on I'll take you to my room for you to relax and rest " i sai while picking him up " mmmmm " was all he could say. Now were in my room. I started be taking of my shorts which revealed my panties and then I took off his pants and shirt and then his boxers now I'm in my bra and panties and he's in his briefs. We started by him putting his fingers in my thighs and legs then I was on top of him and I was kissing his trousers then he was kissing almost the inside of my panties and now we were completely naked and next thing we knew we were fast asleep. Me on top of Harry and Harry's lips on my sides


Hary guys sorry for the long update but heres where Taylr becomes bad and does something she should never have done. anyways thanks for all the views and likes love you guys so much an let's see if we could get this to 50,000 thousand likes and 60 fans thanks love yall💟💟💟🆔🆔🆔😘😘😘

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