You Broke Me! But I Want To Be Yours Again

so harry broke sofia really badly by doing such things while on tour. but let's tell you what happened first. harry and sofia were the kind of couple you know that couldn't be seperated. the kind of couple that needed each other to live but after some girl ruined it. you know this girl and you'll find out when you read the movella. there was love,sadness,anger,betreyal and being together for love


12. Strong Feelings Again

Sofia's POV

After the girls night that Eleanor planned; I went back to my flat and got ready for the music video that I'm gonna feature in, only problem is I don't know who the artist is, they just told me that I know THESE people, so there must be more than one. I thought a little more about who THESE people are and I came to 2 bands, Little Mix and 5th Harmony.

A few hours past and I was now on my way to the studio where they sent me, they told me the title pf the song but still not the artists, the song is called Best Song Ever.

Once I got to the studio, I saw a lot of stuff and staff working. There were staff that were putting on make-up to some GUYS; maybe it was 5 Seconds Of Summer, then I saw a guy who was wearing nerdy glasses and a brown buttoned top that had a white shirt inside and brownish black pants, he had pinkish lips that made me remember Harry's lips, wait stop rememberinh him he's nothing to you ok nothing

" Miss Sofia? " a staff came up to me " yes " I replied with a smile " your dressing room is this way miss " she said ten escorted me to my dressing room " thank you " I replied with another smile " and there is an hour for you to get you hair and make-up done miss l she said with a smile then left my dressing room

Later after that a girl came to me with a smile " hi miss Sofia " she said with a little squeal, I guess she was a fan " hi " I said with a smile " o my god can I please have a picture with you? " she sad with her smile reaching up to her ears or maybe forehead while reaching to get her phone " ofcourse,come here " I said thne she snaped a picture of the two of us " thank you, you are so nice " she said then went back to work " so miss Sofia what kind of make-up do you want? l she asked, I guess she was my hair and make-up stylist " maybe something natural like pink lips and nude blush and light black mascara and ofcourse concelere for my bags and if I have black heads too " I replied to her question " that sounds wonderful miss Sofia, what about you hair miss? " she aske as she started to put on conceler " maybe curl it to waves and braid one side of my hair just to be natural " I replied while she was now puttingon my nude blush " you're a natural miss Sofia " she aaid as she started to complete my make-up and hair. " Ok all done miss Sofia " she said as she started to clip the braid to the side of my hair " thank you it's very beuatiful " I said as I ran my hair through my now curly hair " thank you but you should thank yourself for your the one who thought of the idea for the hair and make-up " she rpelied with a smile " thnk you " I replied as I went out of the room to ffind the dress that I was gonna wear

After I went out of my dressing room I saw someone I thought I never wanted to see again, it was Harry he was sittingon a chair next to my dressing room, did he knew that I e

was here?, I hope not

I slowly tried to walk beside him to get my dress but then it happened, he grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him, I didn't kniw what I was feeling when he pulled me close to him and when he looked deep into my eyes, just then he slowly pressed his lips into mine and that's when the butterflies exploded in my stomach, dd I have feelings for him again?

Harry's POV

When I was sitting next to a dressing room cause that was wgere the one and only chair was I saw a beautiful girl walk out of te dressibg room but what really caught my eyes was when I figured that she was Sofia, who wore jeans and a pink shirt and beautiful hair and make-up, I guess she was off to get her fdress and that she was the one we were gonna collab with for this music video. But when I aw her face I just coildn't take it in anymore, i pulled her close to me and looke deep in her eyes and slowly after that I pressed my lips against her and luckily she didnmt push or fight me, she actually kissed me back, did that mean that she still jad feelings for me cause as I only tell myself " I still have strong feelings for Sofia "


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