You Broke Me! But I Want To Be Yours Again

so harry broke sofia really badly by doing such things while on tour. but let's tell you what happened first. harry and sofia were the kind of couple you know that couldn't be seperated. the kind of couple that needed each other to live but after some girl ruined it. you know this girl and you'll find out when you read the movella. there was love,sadness,anger,betreyal and being together for love


18. Opinions From The Girls

Sofia's POV

After I talked with Harry in the park, I told him that I needed to go cause I was so tired and he agreed so we went home, he offered me a ride home but I had my own car so I declined and we went home seperately.

The next day, I called Perrie and this is what we talked about

" Hey Perrie, can you call the other girls and ask them if their free and can go here to my flat? "- Sofia

" Ofcourse but why? "- Perrie

" I just need some advice from my girlfriends "- Sofia

" Ok we'll be there in an hour "- Perrie

" Thanks bye "- Sofia

" Bye "- Perrie

After I hung up with Perrie, I went to the bathroom and took a bath and after tht I went outside and took out some black skinny jeans, a plain purple sweater and some purple doll shoes. I went back into the bathroom an changed into the clothes and I donmt know why but I felt like curling my hair today so I did and after that I put on some light black mascara and some light pink lip gloss and some nude blush. After about an hour I finished and the girls were at the door. Once I got to the door, i greeted them all and let them in. Once they were in my flat I offered them some tea and let then sit down so we coyl start talking

" So why did you want us to come? " Selena asked " yeah most of the time, Imm the one who invites you guys to our flat " Elounor said " well cause I need some advice " I replied to Selena's question " about what? " Perrie asked " about if I should follow my heart to love Harry again or if I should follow what my head wants " I relied then looked to ground " qell what does your head want " Sophia asked " well my hed keeps telling me that I shouldn't take him back cause I might get hurt again but my heart really wmats him back " I replied with crying eyes " well you know Sofia, it's your choice, will you follow your heart or listen to your fears? " Elounor said " I know and that's why it's so hard " I rellied and started crying " it's ok Sofia, it'll pass but we'll always be here for you " Perrie said before they all group hugged me " thanks guys " I replied and hugged them back


Hey guys! sorry for the short update but anyway I just didn't get anymore likes and comments so anyway thanks for everyone who keeps on reading these and this movella will be a little more long cause I wanted it to look more realistic so thanks guys😍😄❤️💟🆔😘

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