You Broke Me! But I Want To Be Yours Again

so harry broke sofia really badly by doing such things while on tour. but let's tell you what happened first. harry and sofia were the kind of couple you know that couldn't be seperated. the kind of couple that needed each other to live but after some girl ruined it. you know this girl and you'll find out when you read the movella. there was love,sadness,anger,betreyal and being together for love


16. Awkward Interview ( Harry )

Harry's POV

I woke up to the sound of my phone going nuts. I sat up and answered it withought looking at the caller I.D.

" Hey, what's up "- Harry

" Mate,were gonna be late for the interview and hey what was that post on twitter that was viral in like 2 minutes "- Louis

" Oh, just me and Sofia sharing a friendly kiss ad nothing more, by the way what time is the interview? "- Harry

" 1:00 pm "- Louis

" Well what time is it? "- Harry

" 12:30 pm "- Louis

" Oh! I'm out of bed, I'll be there in 15 minutes "- Harry

" Ok, see you mate "- Louis

I hunged up and changed into some black skinny jeans and a black t-shirt with a leather jacket over it and some uggs.

About 10 minutes I was there and everybody was there slouching their backs on their chairs, I could tell I was the only one that they were waiting for me. " Finally he came " Zayn said as our hair stylist, Lou Teasdale, sprayed so more hairspray on his hair, if your a fan I bet you already know that he's addicted to making his hair 'beautiful' or 'perfection' all the time, more than me even. " Yeah sorry guys " I said as I sat down on my chair, " so who's interviewer? " I asked trying to change the subject " James Corden " Niall said while eating the last pizza in the backstage fridge " wait I thought his talk show was at night so why are we doing the interview at 1:00 pm? " I asked really confused " mate are you drunk? we always do interviews in the morning cause it's going on air tonight " Liam said while raising one eyebrow at me " right, sorry, brain not working, not a morning person " I said then went to my phone.

A good 5 minutes past before our manager came to us. " Lads, the interview is starting any minute now, James is already in there so go get them lads " He said then we all went to the set. " Morning lads " James greeted us " morning James " Louis said first " morning " we all said but not at the same time " ok so it will basically start in 30 seconds so be ready " Janes reminded us

After 30 seconds he started the interview " Hello everyone and welcome to the late late how with James Corden " he said then everybody clapped their hands " so today we are very lucky to have these 5 handsome men with us tonight, please give a big round of appluase to Niall,Louis,Liam,Harry and Zayn " after that the camera went all the way to us " morning lads " he said again " morning " we all said but again not at the same time

" Ok so let's start this " He said as he took out some papers " ok so this first question is about you Harry " He said, I already knew what it was " why are you wearing a leathered jacket today? " he said then I laughed because I thought wrong " well I just thought it would look good with my skinny jeans and black t-shirt " I said and then gave them a smile " ok so next question is still about you Harry " he said, this is it " so someone posted a picture on twitter and fortunately it was a picture of you and Sofia kissing on the top of London Eye, what does this mean like is Harfia really back on track or is that something she likes about you " he said, wow he even used 2 of Sofia's songs, Back On Track and What I Like About You " well no but we are good friends now and that was just a friendly kiss adnd well like all the Harfia fans I really want her back in my arms but you know she needs time and I promised her that I'll wait so yeah you can say she hit me hard and I'll neer let go of her " after that the while crowd screamed " wow mate that was really sweet " Louis said " wait can I say something too? " Louis asked " ofcourse " James said " this is for you Eleanor, I love you and I will always do " he said then turned to James again " I love you Selena " Niall shouted and faced me with a smile and I mouthed ' I'm proud of you ' " well since were in that topic I'd also want to say to Sophia that, Sophia I love you and you know that " Liam said in a very mature way " well I too have something to say, Perrie, I love you and wait for me at home I have a surprise for you " Zayn said lastly " ooh Zayn what's this little surprise? " well as I said earlier it was a surprise so I can't tell " he said then covered his mouth, but in a very manly way like we all do " ok let's continue shall we? " James asked all of us " ofcourse " we all said and for the first time we said it at the same time, so the crowd laughed. We continued the interview and once it was done we all said our goodbyes and went home. When I got home, i quickly took my clothes off except my boxers and went to bed

Sofia's POV

I just saw the lads at ' The Late Late Show with James Corden ' and if I was being honest, I actually liked listenibg to what Harry said about me and that he wanted me to be his again, but the thing that I can't figure out is, do I want to be his again?


Hey guys, if you guys are wondering what surprise Zayn is gonna give Perrie it's just a little dinner that he will prepare and sorry if I can't write it I just have exams this week so I can't post often but I'll try my best and this might be the last I'm gonna post until I find a way to write another chapter. Anyways thanks again guys for all the views and I promise I'll do my best to make these other chapters amazing for you guys.🆔💟😘🆔💟😘🆔

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