You Broke Me! But I Want To Be Yours Again

so harry broke sofia really badly by doing such things while on tour. but let's tell you what happened first. harry and sofia were the kind of couple you know that couldn't be seperated. the kind of couple that needed each other to live but after some girl ruined it. you know this girl and you'll find out when you read the movella. there was love,sadness,anger,betreyal and being together for love


1. Waking Up Next To You

Sofia's POV

" stop you're making me blush so badly " i said to harry while he was kissing my neck so passionately " i won't stop unless you admit that i'm the best boyfriend ever " he said " but if i admit it then i lose ' i said while i let out the biggest moan in my life " ok i'll stop, i need to ask if i can do it again " he said while doing those puppy dog faces that you can't resist, damn he was cute " ok i'll let you do it " i said while a small grin showed up in my face " great " he said while showing the biggest smirk

Harry's POV

I woke up next to Sofia in nothing but her panty and bra, i didn't think dirty i just thought of how cute she is when she's sleeping, god how i loved her so much " good morning my beautiful princess " i said to her as i saw her twingkling eyes open and a smile on her amazing lips " morning my handsome prince " she said while yawning after, damn if only she knew how much she turned me on " well let's go i'll make us the best breakfast you'll ever have in your entire life "

i said while smirking a little so she won't notice it " nah i'll rather have dessert than breakfast " she said while smirking so much so i'd see it. wow she knew what i was thingking

" you read my mind MY sophie " i made a seriouse tone at the my part. " come on stop calling me sophie " she made a puppy dog face to convince me to stop as if it convinced me well a little but sophie was a cute name almost as cute as her wait who am i kidding nobody and nothing can be as cute as her " why? it's a cute nickname almost as cute as you " i said telling the truth " ok then i'll call you styles " she said while raising one of her eyebrows and smirking " ok cause the way you say it makes it so cute " i smiked at her " o typical styles " she said while shaking her head but smilling " what do you mean by that? " i asked her really not knowing why " i nean the flirt styles " she said while smilling " so you know what i'm thingking already ? " i asked with a smik but i actually know the answer " yup let's do it " she said with a smirk too " let's go " i said while pulling the covers ubove us


Hey guys published a new movella! yayyy! finally made time to write another one. so guys tell me what you guys think about this chapter and just you know to get more favorites,like,comments and fans so i will publish the next chapter if this gets to 50 likes, 5 fans, and 20 comments thanks guys!😄😘🆔

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