The Vacation (Hiro X Reader)

[Sequel to "When You Live In San Fransokyo (Hiro X Reader)"] This time, (Y/N) and the rest of the gang decide to go on a vacation to an island. The vacation should, like any other vacation, be relaxing and stress free...right?


1. Introduction

Why Fred decided that you all should have a break and go to an island was completely beyond you. You wondered why he even thought it was possible, considering they were a team of superheroes and superheroes never get a break from their job.

Fred assured you there was nothing to worry about. He had a plan. He then explained, in great detail and length, that there was going to be some old friends of his that were going to do the crime-fighting for them. And if there was something really big that they needed to get to, they would be able to get back to San Fransokyo in about a minute tops. You rolled your eyes but if it Fred's plan worked, then you weren't complaining.

Fred also said that if you were to come, you would be going for the full month they had planned. No backing out, and no leaving early. You also rolled your eyes at this one. Who doesn't want to go on vacation for a month? All you were going to do was chill, go swimming, and have the time of your life. Well, that's how you thought it was going to go.

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