The Vacation (Hiro X Reader)

[Sequel to "When You Live In San Fransokyo (Hiro X Reader)"] This time, (Y/N) and the rest of the gang decide to go on a vacation to an island. The vacation should, like any other vacation, be relaxing and stress free...right?


7. Chapter 6: Complications

The walk back was causal, nothing interesting happened to say the least. Once you got to your room, you slid the card into the card slot. Once the light turned green, you took the card out and pulled open the door.

(P/N) greeted you with a (bark/hop/what seemed to be a nod) you giving her a smile. You set your wallet on top of your desk and checked yourself in the mirror. Seeing as you looked just fine, you stepped out of the door and strolled over to Honey Lemon and Gogo's door. Giving the door a knock, you took a step back and waited. You didn't have to wait long, as Honey pulled the door open seconds later. She smiled.

"Come in, come in!" You stepped inside and took a look around. Her room looked just like yours, just with her stuff in it not yours.

"Thanks." You smiled at Honey. Honey shut the door behind you and walked with you over to the beds. On the beds sat the gang, a few other people you didn't know, and...Riley. You froze for about a second then fake-smiled at everyone.

"Everyone, this is another one of my friends, (Y/N)." Everyone nodded or said hello to you. You waved at them. You walked over and sat on the bed closest to the door.

"Hi I'm Mike." The guy sitting next to you said, sticking out his hand for you to shake.

"Hi." You said, connecting your hand with his. Once the whole greeting thing was over, you both turned back to Honey Lemon, who seemed to be the one in charge.

"Alright. So these other people you probably have no clue who they are, are people that I met and seemed really nice." Total face-palm Honey, total face-palm. "So, now that that introduction is out of the way, let's do something interesting! Any suggestions?"

There was a silence for about 2 seconds then some random dude called out: "How about Spin the Bottle!"

"Nooooo! That's too boring!" Honey whined.

"Truth or Dare?" Someone else called out.

"Nope!" She sighed. "How about you go do whatever." Well, that went well.

"So, where were you before you got here?" Mike asked you.

"Oh, I was at a shop getting a smoothie." You answered.

"What was it?"


"I don't think I've ever tried that. I probably should."

"Yeah." 5 second silence.

"So do you-"

"Hey (Y/N)!" Someone called. You turned to the voice and realized it came from Hiro. You smiled and waved at him. "Come 'ere!" You looked over at Mike apologetically.

"It's okay." Mike smiled at you. You smiled back, then got up to go over to Hiro.

"What?" You asked him.

"Nothing, I just wanted you to come here." He patted the spot next to him, in which you sat down in.

"Okay..." You saw, out of the corner of your eye, someone looking at you. You turned your head to look, and noticed it was Riley. And, another bonus, she was glaring. You couldn't keep the smirk off your face. Wanting to rub it in her face, you unexpectedly kissed Hiro on the mouth. Hiro was shocked, but kissed back.

When you pulled back you could see Riley's face red with anger. If it was possible, her face got even redder when she saw the triumphant look on your face.

"Were you jealous I was talking to another male besides yourself?" You asked Hiro, loud enough for Riley to hear.

He looked shocked at you. "What? Me, jealous? Ha!" His face was red, and he sounded nervous. You rolled your eyes at him.

"Um, Honey? I think I need to go for tonight." Riley stood up. She's leaving? "I just got a text from my mom saying we were going to go to a spa. We got to one, like, twice a week. So yeah." She waved goodbye to Honey, who did the same back to her. Sadly, she had to pass you to get out the door.

While she passed you, she whispered: "You little shrimp!" Shrimp? That's the best she's got? Wow, I was actually semi-scared there for a second! You smiled at her. She gave you one more hard scowl/glare before she was out the door. Success!

Just then your heard your phone ring. You pulled it out the screen showed a number not a person's name. You didn't recognize the number so you didn't answer it. Probably a wrong number.


Well, that's what you originally thought. When your phone rang 5 more times after that, same number and everything, you decided enough was enough, so you answered.

"Hello?" You asked. The only reply you got was heavy breathing. "Um, I think you're calling the wrong number..." No answer. "Hello?" Then you heard a high-pitched scream that made you jump 10 feet in the air. Then the person ended the call.

You were left standing completely frozen for about a minute with a petrified look on your face. That sounded like.........your mom's scream....

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