The Vacation (Hiro X Reader)

[Sequel to "When You Live In San Fransokyo (Hiro X Reader)"] This time, (Y/N) and the rest of the gang decide to go on a vacation to an island. The vacation should, like any other vacation, be relaxing and stress free...right?


6. Chapter 5: Parents

You gave another sigh. The scene of what happened at the beach kept replaying in your mind. You were currently playing with/stroking (P/N). She looked up at you with what could only be described as a smile. You gave a sad smile back. At least you had (P/N). Oh, and the gang.

You got up and headed to the door. Sitting here doing nothing wasn't going to get you anywhere. Besides, you needed the fresh air, and (P/N) was trained good enough to not do anything bad while you would be out.

You wanted to go somewhere that wasn't too crowded and decided on Swimming Smoothies. Ironic, yes, that you were going to go to the one place you despised. But you knew Riley wasn't going to be the person behind the counter and that thought alone made you smile.

Once you got to the shop, you opened the door to be met by the old man that served you the first time. You held open the door for him as he was walking out. He gave you a smile, thanking you, then continued on his way. Once he was out the door, you closed it and walked up to the counter. You had gone here so many times you knew exactly what you wanted.

The lady behind the counter looked to be about your dads age, maybe younger. She turned when she noticed you standing there and you let out a gasp of surprise. Was this, no it couldn't be...could it? The lady also let out a gasp.

"(Y-Y/N)?" She asked. You stared wide-eyed at her.

"Mom?" Your mom let out a happy cry and rushed around the counter to you.

"(Y/N)!" She cried. You both embraced each other. "(Y/N) is that really you?"

"Yes. Are you (M/N) Krei?" She gave a tearful nod. You had tears in your eyes, as did your mom. This was the first time you had seen her in 7 years.


Now, let me explain a little to you. In the first book I briefly mentioned your mother. All I said was that she wasn't with you anymore, and that could have meant that she died or she left you and Alistair. But, what really happened was she wanted to move somewhere else. She didn't want to live in San Fransokyo anymore. Alistair couldn't move, as he had a big business to run. So, after about a month of debate, they decided that (M/N) would get to move wherever she liked, and could stay there. Kind of like an extremely long vacation or something. They didn't separate and she, as you can tell, didn't die. You had only been 7 but you didn't like her decision. That's why the topic of your mother didn't come up, like, ever. She loved you both and vowed to come back to you two one day. And this, like I said, was the first time you had seen her in 7 years.


"Oh, baby, I can't believe it's you! You must be, what, 14 now?" She gave a joyful smile. You gave a happy nod. "Wow. So grown up."

"Not really." You laughed. She laughed along with you.

"How about you order a smoothie and we can sit down and talk some more. You were going to order a smoothie right?" You nodded. "Okay. What would you like?" Your mom walked back around the counter and got behind the cash register.

"Blueberry-banana-kiwi please." Your mom typed that into the machine.

"Alright that would be $1.91." You grabbed some cash out of your wallet and handed it to her. She put it in the cash register and gave you the change. "I'll be with you once I'm done." You walked over to a table for two to wait for you mom.

Once she got back to you, she set the smoothie in front of you then sat down at the table across from you.

"If anyone comes in I have to help them but otherwise I'm free. So tell me, what's going on?" You explained to her that you were with your friends on a vacation for a month and all that jazz. When you mentioned who they were, you explained a bit about each of them, as your mom didn't know them. You also mentioned that you had a boyfriend.

"You have a boyfriend?!" Your mom squealed. "Oh, my little baby's growing up!" She had the happiest expression on her face. You gave a dreamy sigh.

"Yeah, he's great." Just then the door dinged, signaling some customer's arrival. Your mother gave you an apologetic look.

"Excuse me." She got up and walked over and got behind the counter. As she was taking care of them, you drank your smoothie and let your mind roam. (M/N) was just like you remembered her.

After about 2 minutes she came back to your table.

"Sorry." You waved your hand as if to say 'It doesn't matter'. "So, where are you and your friends staying?" You told her about Sunny Sand Hotel. "That's where I'm staying too!" She exclaimed. "I'm in room 87." She gave a happy sigh. "It's like someone planned this or something!"

Just then you heard your phone ding signaling you got a text. Pulling it out, you looked at who it was from. It was from Gogo.

GOGO: Hey, we're back at the hotel. Where are you?

You looked at your mom who mouthed 'Go ahead'. You typed back.

YOU: At Swimming Smoothies.

GOGO: You serious? By the look on your face whenever we mention that place, you really don't like it.

YOU: I don't but you won't believe what just happened.

YOU: I met my mom!!!!!!

GOGO: Wait, your mother? Didn't you say something about you not seeing her, in like, forever?

YOU: Yeah, I know, right? I have to tell you all about it!

GOGO: Yeah, yeah, save it till you get back to the hotel. We're all meeting in mine and H.L.'s room. See you there?

YOU: K, see ya.

You looked back up at your mom.

"I've gotta go." She smiled at you.

"That's fine. See you tomorrow?" You nodded with a smile. "We can catch up more then. Oh, and can you give me your number?" You pulled out your phone and typed your phone number into her phone. "Thanks sweetie." She stood up and kissed your forehead. You both smiled at each other one last time before you both parted ways, you exiting the shop and her going back behind the counter.

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