The Vacation (Hiro X Reader)

[Sequel to "When You Live In San Fransokyo (Hiro X Reader)"] This time, (Y/N) and the rest of the gang decide to go on a vacation to an island. The vacation should, like any other vacation, be relaxing and stress free...right?


5. Chapter 4: Riley

The next day Hiro suggested you guys go back to the smoothie place, then, when you two were done, go back to the hotel. You only hesitated for a second but you did agree. The walk was calm and fun, as you two joked around. It was all fun and games, everything was going well, until you got to Swimming Smoothies. The same girl as yesterday was there.

You both had decided while you were walking that Hiro was going to order while you found a table. At least not very many people were here. You gave a sigh and looked for a table for two. Once you found a table, you sat down at it, pulling out your phone quick. Seeing there was no texts from anyone, you looked around the shop. It was cozy and small, but perfect. You smiled softly but that smile turned into a straight face when you saw teenage-girl talking to Hiro. You could tell the topic was not on the smoothie order just by looking at them. You gave a sad/angry sigh and turned back to your phone, hoping to get your mind off of that.

You decided to start a conversation with Honey Lemon.

YOU: Hi!

HONEY LEMON: Hi (Y/N)! What's up?

YOU: Nothing. What's happening with you?

HONEY LEMON: Probably not as exciting as what you're experiencing. ; ) I just saw Gogo drink a jar of left-over pickle juice!

YOU:  : O No...way... I wish I was able to see that!

HONEY LEMON: No kidding! She just about threw up! We were bored and Fred came up with the idea to play a game where you dared someone to do something and they have to do it, or be called a chicken the rest of the day.

YOU: That sounds really dumb, but I bet it would be interesting to watch!

HONEY LEMON: Yeah it is.

HONEY LEMON: Yuck! I was just dared to kiss the wall! :p

YOU: Ha! XD Could be worse though.


You looked up from your phone as Hiro sat down across from you. You faked a smile at him, him giving you a real one in return.

"What took so long?"

"Oh, I just talked for a little bit with the lady at the counter. Her name is Riley." So that's the girls name...

"Ah. What do you think of Riley?" He looked a bit confused.

"We just met...but I think she seems nice." You internally rolled your eyes and looked back at your phone.

YOU: Gotta go. ttyl!


You locked your phone and put it in your pocket.

"Who were you texting?" You raised your eyebrows at him.

"Honey Lemon." You stated slowly. He nodded his head.

"Okay." You shook your head at him. Just then, the smoothies came over, along with Riley.

"Here you guys go! Enjoy!" She said happily, placing the drinks in front of you two, then walking back behind the counter. You drank your drink in silence. Once both of you were done, you went back to the hotel and played the game that Fred came up with.

Let's just say that you got dared to drink a small amount of toilet water, which you did, and ended up in bed watching movies the rest of the night with a slightly upset stomach.


Well, sadly for you, you went to the smoothie place the next day with Hiro. And the next. And the next. etc.

A couple of times, there would be a day that you wouldn't go, to which you would give a sigh of relief about. Other times, the gang came with you and Hiro, to which you were also happy about. What you had observed about the situation was that, Riley seems to have taken a liking to Hiro. Not in friendship, but in more than that. This got you mad, and jealous. Jealous because you knew she was perfect, while you And mad because, well, obvious reasons.

But the whole situation went from a steady downhill, to a plummet down a mountain in a matter of a few minutes. You, Hiro, and the rest of the gang (Excluding Baymax) decided that, because of the perfect weather, you should all go swimming. You loved that idea, as you hadn't yet gone swimming. The water looked refreshing so you slipped on your suit, and headed out. Once you all got there, you spread out your towel, took off your flip-flops, then walked into the water. Giving a content sigh, you beckoned for the others to come in too.


~Timeskip to about an hour and a half after you got there

You had decided that now would be a good time for a break. You walked up to your guys' area and went to the cooler that Honey had filled with drinks. You opened the lid and took a (Beverage) out. Taking a drink of that, you took the permanent marker that you had spotted in the cooler and wrote your initials on the cap. Putting the drink and the sharpie back in the cooler, you turned around to stop dead in your tracks. There stood...Riley, in a bikini. She looked drop-dead gorgeous, and you weren't about to deny it. Lots of the males that were on the beach were staring at her. But she had her eyes on Hiro, who luckily hadn't noticed her yet.

The gang was currently spraying each other with water, laughing there butts off. But sadly, just then your luck ran out and Hiro noticed Riley standing on the beach. She waved at him, to which he just stared at her. Eventually, he snapped out of it and waved back. Your eyes started to tear up. This was NOT how the vacation was planned to go.

You sniffed quietly and took the sharpie on the ground, a piece of paper you found, and wrote a quick note to the gang. You packed up your stuff, and walked away. The note read "Hey guys! I just wanted to leave a little early. Sorry if I scared you or something. Cheers! (Y/N)" But, right before you left, you made the mistake of turning to look behind you to see what everyone was doing. The gang was still hitting each other with water and laughing. But the one person that wasn't, was talking to Riley. Riley had made her way to stand in the water next to Hiro, and way too close in your opinion. Riley noticed you looking at them, and seemed to have realized there was something between you and Hiro. She grinned evil-y, which surprising Hiro didn't notice, and leaned into him and put her head on his shoulder. Your eyes blurred as you turned and walked back to the hotel.

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