The Vacation (Hiro X Reader)

[Sequel to "When You Live In San Fransokyo (Hiro X Reader)"] This time, (Y/N) and the rest of the gang decide to go on a vacation to an island. The vacation should, like any other vacation, be relaxing and stress free...right?


4. Chapter 3: Smoothie

You finally arrived on Flip-Flop Island. The trip took forever in your opinion.

You 7 stepped off the boat and onto the island sand. It was warm, white and tan, and soft. The perfect sand combination. You gave a content sigh as you followed Fred up and through the streets. You guys decided that it would be better if you saw everything by walking, so you could get a somewhat-familiar layout of the island. Some people were going to be bring your suitcases over later. While you were walking, you stopped at a smoothie place. Once you got your smoothies, you kept going.

Once you got to the hotel, after about a 15 minute stroll, you all walked inside to a nice cool breeze of air-conditioning. The gang gave a sigh of relief, as outside there was some humidity.

"Hi, welcome to Sunny Sand Hotel. How can I help you?" The person behind the desk called over to you. You guys walked over to the desk.

"Hi, reserves for Fred?" The lady typed something onto the computer.

"For a month?"


"Alright, your rooms are 112, 113, 114, and 115. Here are the key-cards. Have a nice day!" Fred took the key-cards, thanked the lady, and walked towards the elevator. The rest of you followed behind. Once you all were in the elevator, Fred handed out the key-cards.

"Alright, Gogo and Honey? You two are going to share room 113. (Y/N), you take 112. Hiro, you get 115. Wasabi, you share a room with me in 114." You all nodded your heads and took the key-cards handed to you.

Once the elevator dinged and opened the doors, you all headed to your rooms. Once you got to yours, you inserted the card, then when the light turned green, took the card out and opened the door. It smelled just like any other hotel would. You saw two beds, which you were fine with, a bathroom, and a desk to set your soon-to-be-here computer on. You grinned and ran over and jumped up on the bed. Once you were up and standing on it, you started jumping up and down. You grinned and hopped one more time and put your legs out so when you landed, you would land on your butt. You gave a happy laugh and stayed there for the rest of the night.


~Timeskip to the next day

So yesterday, while you guys were walking to the hotel, you stopped at a smoothie place. Remember that? The smoothie place was called Swimming Smoothies. At the counter there was a kind old man that helped you. You 7 decided to go there again today, as the smoothie you had yesterday apparently wasn't enough for Fred. Fred was the main reason you guys went back but you all loved the smoothie so you didn't really try and stop him.

This time, though, when you got there there was someone else behind the counter. Not the kind old man, but a young teenage girl. She was the basic definition of beautiful. You walked up to the counter with a smile.

"Hi, I'd like to order some smoothies." You stopped and thought about what you just said. Obviously you were going to order that, I mean, what else could you order. You laughed and so did the girl across from you. "Sorry." She just smiled at you.

"So, 2 strawberries, 3 banana and blueberry, and 1 strawberry kiwi please." She typed that into the monitor in front of her.

"Alright, that would be $11.46." You pulled out your cash and some change and handed it to her. "Alrighty." She put it into the machine. "Would you like your receipt?" You shook your head. She tore off the paper and threw it in the trash. She turned and went to get the smoothies made. You walked over to the table the gang had picked out while you were ordering. You sat down across from Fred and next to Honey Lemon and Hiro.

You guys talked for a little bit until the girl came back with your smoothies. When she was handing them out, you thought she glanced at Hiro a couple of times but you couldn't be sure. Once she left, you guys drank your smoothies and left.

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