The Vacation (Hiro X Reader)

[Sequel to "When You Live In San Fransokyo (Hiro X Reader)"] This time, (Y/N) and the rest of the gang decide to go on a vacation to an island. The vacation should, like any other vacation, be relaxing and stress free...right?


11. Chapter 10: Talk And Walk

You watched Baymax and crew until they were out of site. You gave a sigh and turned to your mom. She was looking at you with a smile plastered on her face. You grinned and started to walk in the direction that Baymax left. (M/N) was silent for a little bit, then began to speak.

"So, honey, how are you?" Uh, okay?

"Fine besides the fact that we just about died." You turned to look at her with a smile/smirk on your face. She rolled her eyes. "You?"

"Fine, great actually." She smiled.

"So how did they get you? Like, were you kidnapped or something?" You were walking backwards looking at her.

She sighed. "Yeah, they got me when I was walking home that night that we met each other." She sighed and looked down. "They scared the crap out of me." She smiled at her feet then turned her head to you.

"Ish." You slowed down so you were now walking beside her.

"Yeah, pretty much." It was silent for a little bit.

"So what do you think of them?" You asked.


"My friends."

"Oh, well, I'd say they know what they're doing when it comes to fighting. And how come they were wearing costumes?"

"They're the Big Hero 6." You said slowly, looking at her strangely. "I didn't mention that?"

"Nope." (M/N) shook her head.

"Huh." You frowned. "Sorry."

"It doesn't matter." Your mother smiled. "So, now I know who my daughter is dating." She started smirking. You blushed and her smirk grew.


" it the one in the monster-like-thing suit? That is a guy, right?" You laughed.

"Yes, that's a guy. Fred, actually. And no, that is not him." You laughed.

"It wasn't the big one in the red armor, right?"

You laughed harder. "No way! That's Baymax!" Your mother laughed a little with you.

"Good. If it was...Anyways! So then it has to be the one in the purple armor."

"Yup!" You chirped. You froze. "Wait a saw me sitting next to him, and talking with him. You also saw that little, um, thing we did there. You HAD to have known that it was obviously him!" You looked at her with a 'What the heck?!' look on your face. She laughed at you.

"I know. I just had to be sure. He could have been either: a) related to you or b) an older brother figure that cares about you." She looked rather amused.

"Yeah sure." You teased.


~Timeskip to over halfway to the hotel

"-and then, the waiter was all like, 'If you don't cut this out right now, I'm going to make you pay double the amount.' And so we all started laughing. He looked like his head was going to explode with how red it was. It was hilarious! Anyways, he just stalked off, not even leaving us the receipt. So we waited for a while, seeing if he would come back to give us the receipt so we could pay. He never did!" You were practically in tears remembering that memory. Your mom was also bent over laughing, hands on her knees. You wiped the water from your eyes, trying to calm down.

"I'm not sure if I should be scolding you or if I should be congratulating you! That poor waiter though!"

"Hey! He had it coming! And you should be congratulating me." You smirked. Your mom laughed and shoved your shoulder, causing you to stumble away from her. You didn't fall, and when you were next to her you did the same thing back.

"Don't kill each other!" You heard a voice from above you say. You looked up to see Baymax, with Hiro looking over his shoulder to look down on you two.

You rolled your eyes. "We won't, sweetie." He looked completely startled, wide-eyed and everything. You burst out laughing. Hiro disappeared behind Baymax again. ((He told you later that he was blushing like crazy, and Baymax was asking him about it.))


~Timeskip to once you're at the hotel

"Bye Baymax!" You walked over to the robot and gave him a hug. He hugged you back, then stepped back. You turned to look at the male standing next to Baymax. They had stayed with you two until you both got back. Hiro was able to get Baymax out of his armor before you told him that you were going to sleep in your mom's room tonight.

So now, here you were, standing in Hiro's room, staring at him. He did take off his helmet, and it was sitting on his bed. Your mom was waiting outside of the door for you.

"Goodnight Hiro." You walked over to him and gave him a hug. He returned it, snuggling into your neck. You pulled back only to be pulled into a kiss. The kiss was soft and gentle, and once you pulled back you gave a content sigh.

"Sleep well (Y/N)." He kissed you on the forehead, and you strolled out of the room, shutting it on your way out.


"Ready (Y/N)?" Your mom asked. You smiled and nodded.

It was silent as you walked back to (M/N)'s room.

Once you got there, your mom pulled out her key-card, put it in, pulled it out, then opened the door. The room looked just like the last time you had seen it. You sighed and walked over to one of the beds. You plopped down onto it and sighed.

"Nu-uh young lady. That one there is mine." Your mom said, sass in her tone. You grinned.

"But what if I want this one." You pouted. Sadly, unlike Hiro, your mom could resist the pouty face.

"Nope. Up you get." You got up off the bed. Your mom walked up so she was behind you then pushed you onto the other bed.

"Hey!" You shouted. You quickly grabbed a pillow and shot off the bed. You hit your mom with the pillow, causing her to fall onto her bed.

"I see how it is!" Your mom grinned evilly, snatching her own pillow.

"PILLOW FIGHT!!!" You yelled, attacking your mom with your pillow.


Well, that started a long pillow war. You both eventually became too exhausted to continue. Who could blame you? You both walked a good long time, and you had to fight some men with knives. Not stuff that usually happens in a matter of a few hours.

You both fell asleep on your own separate beds, snuggled into the sheets.

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