My Own Rap Battles

A collection of rap battles I made.


1. General Grievous vs. Darth Sidious/Palpatine

GRIEVOUS: Ooh, look who George Lucas brought from the 80s

An old creep whose face looks like an old lady's

A creep whose face looks like an old lady’s

You feel that lightsaber strapped on your belt?

I’ve got four lightsabers, now your confidence can melt!

My voice is so menacing

And your voice is so blemishing

Where are your crazed fans anyway?

Even Dooku has respect for me

And now that you’re with me,

I can see why they used a monkey actor in your first movie!

SIDIOUS: Sit down, hunk, and let me give you some training!

Ask Vader, I’ve got more midichlorians in one little cell

You realize you are doomed?

You’ll never be forgetting

I’m a mastermind, you’re just a metal pawn

If it weren’t for San Hill, your swag wouldn’t be on

I killed three Jedi Masters, they did shout, "AIYEE!"

I am the Emperor, motherf**ka!

Maybe you've heard of me?

Mace Windu disarms me, I get a new apprentice,

Obi-Wan disarms you, you lose your appendage!

GRIEVOUS: Bug off, old man

Now the facts come into play

Where's the hundreds of sabers

From your glory days?

I fight my own battles

So I don't have much time

What else to be said?

Your face is a crime!


I'd zap you, but we Sith don't hurt the worthless

And I'm deformed, yet I can decieve Starkiller,

So mirthless

The whole galaxy is in my clever hands

There is so much you do not understand

I could dispatch fighters on this metal souse

You want to be Dooku's pet?

Here, go to your doghouse.


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