The Netmaker

"The Netmaker" the story follows four families who are all linked in some way to the Wilkinsons Lemonade Factory that was bombed during WW2. This is a tribute to the 107 people who lost their lives on 3rd May 1941


89. 89

“We won’t Mrs Forster,’

“See you later son.’

“Bye mam.’

They ran around the corner of Burt Avenue and waited on the Quadrant for the bus coming.

“How much have you got Phil?’

“I’ve only got two bob.’

“I’ve got nine and a tanner so we should be alright to get some sweets inside and a bottle of pop that we can share.’



“I brought a towel and I have my cossie on said Sam as they boarded the bus but wor kid reckons the beach is cordoned off.’

“Aye he’s right my dad told me said Phil as they took their seats upstairs at the front so they got a panoramic view from all sides as they bus took off. Here you are Phil you pay the fare as the conductress came around.’

“No need to ask where you’s lads are going is there?’

“Nope, said Sam as she leaned over giving him an eyeful of her breasts. She handed Phil the tickets.’

Twice in a day he thought to himself as he felt his penis begin to stiffen again.

“He smiled as she said enjoy your fishing boys.’

The ride on the bus took just under twenty minutes and stopped right outside the boating lake. You wouldn’t have thought that there was a war going on as people walked along the prom with their children and others with husbands.

The boating lake too had couples rowing up and down upon the lake as Eric knelt down and filled up the pickle jar. They walked slowly around the lake peering into the green murky coloured water for stickle backs.

There were five swans that were gracefully swimming around the centre of the lake oblivious to all around them. They occasionally up ended then came back up again.

“Look said Phil there are some stickle backs over there. He thrust his net into the lake but missed the shoal by a preverbal mile. What did you do that for stupid no wonders you frightened them off?’

“Give me your net a moment and watch. You have to sneak up on them like this.’

Sam placed the net gently into the lake then carefully he fed it out and then waited.

When the shoal came back Sam then moved the net ever closer then with a swoosh he scooped up the fish he quickly brought the net to the side of the lake where he tipped the contents into the jar.

“Six, you got six Sam.’

Just then some older boys came by and began to laugh.

“What they laughing at asked Phil.’

“Just ignore them said Sam.’

“Hey you lot what you doing wi yer mothers holy stockings.’

“We are catching arse wipes replied Sam.’

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