The Netmaker

"The Netmaker" the story follows four families who are all linked in some way to the Wilkinsons Lemonade Factory that was bombed during WW2. This is a tribute to the 107 people who lost their lives on 3rd May 1941


85. 85

“Yes my father put it in for me. She picked up the receiver and then spoke.’

“Hello dad; yes we got home alright I’m having a quick cup of tea then I’m going to bed.’

“I will be over tomorrow for dinner; but I won’t be able to stay though because I’m going to the Plaza ballroom.’

“Pardon, yes he’s someone nice.’

Alright then I will see you tomorrow dad, tell mam that I send my love.’

Bye dad, bye.

Nancy hung up then told Tom that her father and mother still worried about her.’



By nine o’clock Tom was yawning so Nancy drove him home.

“I will see you tomorrow night then Tom.’

“Good night Nancy he said; as he leaned over then kissed her. Back to the poor house he joked.’

“He waved as she turned around then sped off.

Tom’s note was still on the table but Sam was no where to be seen.

Tom guessed that he’d be around at Eric’s house so he went to get the ringer and then used it to remove the excess water from his shirts, Sam’s tee shirt, and their socks and underwear.’ Then he hung them on the clothes horse ready to peg out the next morning. He topped the coal on the fire then left it. He thought that it would burn away slowly until the morning but would heat the water so both he and Sam could bathe before he went out.

“He wished that he had a bath and a phone like what Nancy had.’

He sat in his fathers chair and wondered where his father was and when he’d be coming home.’


Sam, Eric, and Phil ran down the street to the chip shop where Sam bought them all a bag of chips with the money he’d been given from Jackie for helping him out.

Phil bought a bottle of Tizer and they sat on the wall at the bottom of Burt Avenue next to the corner shop eating them before saying goodbyes.’

“See you tomorrow Sam said Eric.’ Where we going like?’

“We could go down to the boating lake and catch some stickle backs.’

“Good idea, have you got a net?

“I can make one wi an old coat hanger and the top of my mothers tights cut and stitched. I can get a bamboo cane from me fathers allotment said Phil. There you are then after dinner we will go and spend the afternoon there.’

“What if it rains though?’

“Then we can go to the arcades in Cullercoats.’

“What with no money; we’ll get hoyed oot.’

“I will get a bob’s worth of change and if we are stopped we just show our coins they aren’t going to argue are they.’

“Sam I wish I could think like you.’

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