The Netmaker

"The Netmaker" the story follows four families who are all linked in some way to the Wilkinsons Lemonade Factory that was bombed during WW2. This is a tribute to the 107 people who lost their lives on 3rd May 1941


71. 71

The session was underway when Emily got there and Margaret Stormont filled her in on what Glynis Jackson had been telling them. Mary pushed the chair near the front then sat and listened.’

“Please Glynis; tell us what you did the first time you left the clinic?’

“Well I got home to my family and I felt fine you know they were all glad to see me back and that.’

“Then the comments started as I went about my business; I was in a shop in Newcastle buying a new blouse with my coupons and two women from Bilbough Gardens in Benwell made comment about my drinking.’

“What did they say Glynis?’

Glynis looked at the group of some fifteen people before she spoke.

“They… they said I should be ashamed of myself leaving my kids and burying myself in a bottle.’ They called me a dirty drunken cow.’


The tears began to roll down the cheeks of Glynis Jackson as she told them how her husband had left them. Glynis tried to run a home and two jobs in order to keep a roof over her head. She went on to say that she was ten weeks in arrears with her rent.

“Well I didn’t know what to do she cried; I was desperate you see.’

Glynis lowered her voice as Margaret urged her to continue.

“It was one night coming home from the pub that this man approached me; I’d had a fair bit to drink and was coming around from Adair Avenue where there were some back lanes. “ How much is it for a blow job then the man asked?’ “What do you take me for I said; piss off will you.’

“Come on pet I give you a fiver if you suck my cock.’

“I refused at first; then thought for a fiver I could feed my seven kids.’

We went up the lane and I did what he asked.’

I felt awful, dirty; and lower than low but I could not stop myself.’ Each week I was either giving this man a wank or a blow job, so I could feed my kids and pay a bit off my rent arrears.’

“Then this man wanted to have sex with me; again I refused until he offered me ten pounds. “ Ten pounds was a lot of money and the lure of it was too much for me to pass up. I took his money and just thought about my kids as he was fucking me in the back lane.’

“To make matters worse I was caught by the police and charged with prostitution.’ “He made a story up that I’d lured him there with the sole purpose of extracting money for my services.’ He said that he wouldn’t pay for sex ever.’

“They let him go free and I was given six months in Durham jail; they took my kids off me. They are all in foster care now.’

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