The Netmaker

"The Netmaker" the story follows four families who are all linked in some way to the Wilkinsons Lemonade Factory that was bombed during WW2. This is a tribute to the 107 people who lost their lives on 3rd May 1941


60. 60

“I could have spent a fortune there today Kitty.’

“We will have to come again won’t we?’

“Yes, we will said Kitty with a laugh. “ Come on let’s get some fish and chip.’



Eric Forster eased the fire door open at a crack and checked to see if the usherette was anywhere to be seen before letting his friends Sam and Phil in.’

“Quick let’s get in the bog.’ The three boys closed the emergency exit then crossed the corridor to the toilet without being seen. They waited for about fifteen minutes before they heard someone come in. Eric peered over the top of the toilet door to see the usher taking a pee he put his finger to his lips to tell the other to be quiet.

Then when he left Eric said bugger me that was bloody close.’

“It was the bloody usher man; had he seen us we would have been chucked oot.’

Five more minutes elapsed before Eric’s brother Geordie whistled a familiar tune and they all came out.

“Here, there’s your tickets; give me five minutes then come out.’

After Eric’s brother had disappeared they waited a couple of minutes then impatience got the better of them and they came out and bumped straight into the usher.’

“Have you lads got tickets?’

Whey aye we have; what do you take us for?’

“Alreet, alreet he said after Eric flashed him the tickets and he checked the numbers.

“The three of them found seats behind Eric’s brother and sat down to watch the Pathe News Reel. The war in Europe and in Africa pressed on there was pictures of the German dead from planes being shot down to dead soldiers in the field of battle.

Brave British men were shown receiving medals for heroic actions. Tom looked on and once again he wanted to enlist. When the main feature started which told the story of a hoodlum called Rocky Sullivan and his friend Jerry Connolly both are raised in Hells kitchen the tough neighbourhood in New York City. Rocky takes the rap for his friend and ends up in reformatory. Upon his release Rocky slips into a life of crime whereas Jerry becomes a priest working with the under privileged gangs called “The Dead End Kids.” Rocky is considered a hero amongst the kids and the impressionable gangs all want to be like him. Rocky is arrested after a robbery goes wrong and a bank teller is shot dead. Rocky is convicted of murder and sentenced to death by electric chair.

Jerry his life long friend asks him to die a coward in order that these kids in his care can have a chance in life. At first he refuses then as he is being led from his cell to be executed he breaks down asking for mercy. The newspapers the next day run a headline “Rocky Sullivan Died a Coward.’ The film sent out a powerful message to kids all over the world to say that crime doesn’t pay.


Tom was asleep when Sam returned from the pictures; he went straight to bed as he’d shared some of Phil’s chips on the way home.’


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