The Netmaker

"The Netmaker" the story follows four families who are all linked in some way to the Wilkinsons Lemonade Factory that was bombed during WW2. This is a tribute to the 107 people who lost their lives on 3rd May 1941


58. 58

“I won’t.’





The afternoon counselling session got under way as Margaret Stormont introduced Emily to the group.’

“Now Emily would you like to start us off today; don’t worry no one is going to judge you here we are all here for the same thing and for your information, even though I’m a fully qualified psychologist. I am also a recovering alcoholic.’

“Emily was shocked by Margaret’s confession as she stood up on wobbly legs until Margaret told her to just sit and chat informally.

“Hi everyone my name is Emily and I... I am an alcoholic.’

“The group all applauded.’

“Very good Emily, you have taken the first step to recovery as you have admitted to yourself and everyone here what you are. It is very hard to accept that fact I know as sometimes you don’t want to think that you are controlled by what lies inside a bottle.’

“Please continue.’

“Well I began drinking at a very young age and continued to do so and more so after I had a miscarriage at the age of fifteen.’

The more Emily talked the better she felt within herself; it was like purging her body and ridding herself of guilt; guilt that had taken over her body and her mind. She listened all afternoon whilst others told their stories and now she didn’t feel like an isolated case. There were others in similar circumstances and some worse. One woman; Gail Farthing had been in rehab nearly all her life. This was her seventh time.

She hoped it would be her last. She spent seven years in prison for the manslaughter of her husband who raped and beat her. She stabbed him through the heart with a carving knife in a fit of temper when he came in drunk one afternoon and threw the Sunday lunch against the wall then told her to clean it up. He kicked her in the ribs she was two months pregnant at the time then he proceeded to punch her in the face.’

Both eyes were black and blue and closed shut. She picked up the knife to defend herself as he attacked her again then lashed out and stabbed him in the chest.

He grabbed her momentarily then slid down her legs and was dead before he hit the floor.

“A jury found her not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter with diminished responsibility.

“She was sent to a women’s prison in Wakefield. It was there that she was gang raped by four female prisoners who stripped her naked then rammed part of a wooden toilet bush into her anus and virgina until she nearly bled to death. It was after her release from prison that her drinking got out of control and she ended up at the clinic. Like a lot of others she thought she was cured but relapsed four months later; when she drank herself to near oblivion. She has been coming here ever since.

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