The Netmaker

"The Netmaker" the story follows four families who are all linked in some way to the Wilkinsons Lemonade Factory that was bombed during WW2. This is a tribute to the 107 people who lost their lives on 3rd May 1941


34. 34

Jim drove to the co-op and picked up supplies in his van then he was back on the dockside by eight thirty the boat had been refuelled by the time he had been away and they left port at nine o’clock for the same fishing grounds.






Sam was up with his mother as Tom had left earlier for work.

“You are going to make an appointment mam aren’t you to see Doctor Macey?’

“Yes, I promise son; I will go tonight after work.’

She finished putting on her coat and then applied some lipstick before going out for the 7.30 a.m. bus on the Quadrant.

Sam cleared away the dishes after washing up from the breakfast. He had made them all porridge oats. He combed his hair then went out to meet his friend who met him at the top of the lane. They walked down together along with many others as they all made their way to school.

“What’s first lesson today said Eric?’

“Football with Mr Proctor he answered.’

“There was a nip in the air and the grass had a frosty appearance. Their breath came out in waves of steam as they walked on down West Percy Road and into the school yard. “See you later said Sam as he went to the boiler house to see if Jackie was there.

“Hello Sam did you enjoy your weekend?’

“Yes Jackie, I went fishing with my friend and the pictures.’

“Did you manage to catch anything?’

Aye we both caught a flattie.’

“Good lad.’

“We took them home and I am cooking them for tea tonight with potatoes and green beans.’

“Sounds nice.’

“Well my mam works late you see Jackie and I do most of the cooking; I can make pies, mince and dumplings, and fresh bread.’

“You are very clever Jackie.’

“We have football this morning first lesson; Mr Proctor wants me to join the school team.’

“Are you going to then?’

“I think so; it would mean that on Wednesday I wouldn’t be able to cook because I would be playing for the school.’

“I’m sure your mother wouldn’t mind.’

“Yes but our Tom would he expects his dinner on the table when he comes in.’

“Tell him to take his turn and to make something for you and your mother.’

“Your joking Jackie, Tom couldn’t even boil an egg let alone cook a meal.’

“Jackie laughed; we all have to start somewhere.’

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