The Netmaker

"The Netmaker" the story follows four families who are all linked in some way to the Wilkinsons Lemonade Factory that was bombed during WW2. This is a tribute to the 107 people who lost their lives on 3rd May 1941


3. 3

Emily missed John very much and was afraid each night as the air raid warnings were sounded and she would make her way to the nearest Anderson Shelter. She had started to drink Gin to help her sleep at night but it soon became apparent that her drinking was getting worse and she was actually taking it to work and drinking it in the toilet. If she was caught by Alan Donald the manager she would be sacked on the spot. Even though it was January 1941 and there was a war on.


Sam walked through the school gates and into the playground where he looked up at a large mast in the yard. He wondered what they used that for as he walked around the corner to find a man shovelling coal.

“Morning Sir said Sam trying to strike up a conversation.’

“Mornin’ youngin.’ Are you one of the new kids?’

“Aye startin’ today Sir; what are you doin.’

“Whey, I’m getting’ the coal in the boiler hoose so I can get the heating goin’ or you will aal freeze to death in them classrooms.’

“Oh I see; it must take a lot of coal to heat up this school.’

“Aye it does; over four ton of coal a week.’

Sam whistled; that’s a lot of shovelling isn’t it.’

“Aye lad I guess it is.’

“Have you worked here long then?’

“Nion thirty year now, I’ve seen hundreds of kids like ya’ sel’ come and gan over the years.’

“A lot of them will be grown up now I expect then said Sam.’

“Aye, and a lot of them have left and joined up as well and are fightin’ for King and Country the daft bugger’s.’

“If they had any sense they would have waited until they were called up but a lot of em’ have lied about their ages.’

“Were you in the war then?’

“Aye lad, I was in the Great War; they called it “The War To End All Wars.’

“Look at us now; at War again wi the German’s.’

“My Granddad was killed in the First World War Sir; he was gassed in the Somme.’

“Aye we lost a lot of good men in the first war lad.’

“I see you have a limp Sir; was that because of the War an aal?

“Yeah; I copped some shrapnel in my leg from a German mine.’

“Bad luck Sir.’

“No it was good luck lad; it got me oot the War or I would have ended up like your Granddad.’

“I see.’

“What’s your name anyway Youngin.’

“Sam Sir, Sam Richardson; Me da’ is away fightin’ In France I think.’ He’s in the Royal Fusiliers.’


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