The Netmaker

"The Netmaker" the story follows four families who are all linked in some way to the Wilkinsons Lemonade Factory that was bombed during WW2. This is a tribute to the 107 people who lost their lives on 3rd May 1941


27. 27

It was quarter to five when the boys decided to call it a day. They rolled up their hand lines and placed them into the bag then wandered down to the library stairs and began to climb. There were well over a hundred steps and Sam’s legs were like jelly when he reached the top. Wow! That was hard said Eric as he handed the bag with the fish inside back to Sam so he could take his turn of carrying it.

They walked the same way in which they had came  and when Sam reached Eric’s house Eric called for his mother to bring a dish to put some of the mackerel and his flattie into.’

Have you had a good fishing trip then asked Margaret Forster she bent down and Sam found himself looking down at her breasts which could clearly be seen. He felt his face redden and his Willie harden again. “Stop this he told himself; this is your best friend’s mother.’ Once Margaret had taken the fish from the bag he sneaked one more look before she stood up and he covered his embarrassment with the bag and left, waving as he went. What was wrong with him he thought as he waved goodbye to his friend. He tried to put the thoughts of breasts out of his mind but they kept coming back. Soft bouncing bosoms, swaying back and forth; again he felt the ache in his loins and the stiffness come upon him again. He had to cover himself all the way to the gate of his own house and instead of going into the house he went round the back to the toilet and closed the door. He sat there looking down at his swollen Willie and urged it to go down. It was nearly fifteen minutes before he was able to pull up his trousers and enter the house from the back entrance.

“Did you catch any then asked his mother?’

“I caught one good sized flattie mam and so did Eric.’

“We got you a dozen mackerel as well.’

“Good lad, just drop them into the sink will you.’

Sam emptied the contents of the bag then filled up the sink with water which turned slightly red with the blood from the fish. “I’m just getting changed mam said Sam as he walked down to his bedroom  he opened the door then closed it again an began to remove his clothes he drew the curtains in his bedroom then looked at himself naked in the mirror. Again he saw the vision of Mrs Forster’s breasts and an imaginary girl at the pool filled his mind. He looked at the large swollen member and his hands closed around it. It grew ever bigger as he worked his hand back and forth the sight of those breasts and the sight of Mrs Forster’s left nipple sticking out sent his body into spasms of sheer delight.

He cupped his left hand which had become sticky and used his right hand to pull up his white underwear then headed outside to the toilet again.

When he returned his mother asked if he was alright.’

“I’m fine mam honest.’

“You look a little flushed; your not coming down with something are you Sam?’

“No Mother he reiterated I’m fine; just a little tired.’

“Well you go and have yourself a lie down I will call you for supper later.’

“Thanks’ mam.’ Sam went back into his room and lay upon the bed then closed his eyes and was asleep in no time.

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