The Netmaker

"The Netmaker" the story follows four families who are all linked in some way to the Wilkinsons Lemonade Factory that was bombed during WW2. This is a tribute to the 107 people who lost their lives on 3rd May 1941


24. 24

“Here where are you fishin’?

“Down by the steps on Lloyds Jetty aren’t we.’

“Good spot for flattie’s said Ronnie.’

“See you later Ronnie.’



When they reached Lloyds Jetty It had been cordoned off with barbed wire but the steps were still available to fish from. Both of the boys took off their coats as the sun began to poke its nose out and the reflection on the water made them squint their eyes.

Eric set the mackerel that had been expertly cut up into small chunks onto one of the steps and baited the four small hooks on his line then carefully lowered his line into the water Sam soon followed. They could see small shoals of about twenty sprats swimming around the submerged wooden beams as they looked down. It was quite warm for the middle of February; not warm enough to strip to the waist or go for a swim but pleasant enough to sit a while away a few hours.

They watched as the pilot boats patrolled the port. The old ferry left the landing picking up passengers and taking them across the river to South Shields Sam had been over with his mother and father before the war to the market. He preferred the market in Tynemouth Train Station and made a mental note to go the next time he saw Eric.

Sam jigged the line between his finger and thumb that told him that there were no enquiries on his line.

“What are you doing later tonight asked Sam?’

“We go to my Gran’s house; she is on her on now since granddad was killed in the First World War.’

She usually bakes for us where we eat scones, and a chocolate cake.’

“Made with real chocolate?’

“No with cocoa powder and a butter cream icing; it’s still nice though.’

“Before they built the Shelter in our back garden my father grew his own vegetables he grew strawberries, black currants, and rhubarb which my nana made tarts with and they were lovely.’

“Since my grand parents died two years ago my mam hardly bakes at all now.’

“I do miss them though; my father’s parents moved to London when I was only four; they rarely ring us these days. “ We used to get a Christmas card and a pound each but that stopped when dad went to war.’

Two fishing boats left the harbour and made their way down to the piers at Tynemouth.

“I wonder where they will be going asked Eric inquisitively.’

“Tom, my brother says that a lot of the boats head up to Scotland to fish there as they cannot venture out to Iceland because the German’s fire on them from the skies in their Messerschmitt fighter planes.’

“Do you think the Germans will ever invade here?’

“Who knows, they invaded Poland and France didn’t they?’

“Yes, but we have the best navy and air force in the world.’

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