The Netmaker

"The Netmaker" the story follows four families who are all linked in some way to the Wilkinsons Lemonade Factory that was bombed during WW2. This is a tribute to the 107 people who lost their lives on 3rd May 1941


14. 14

“Now is there a custard cream in there Anne?’



Going to school on Friday Sam Richardson met up with Jackie Thomson the caretaker who was sweeping rubbish in bottom yard.’

“Well then, how has it been?’

“Its good here Jackie, I like it very much.’

“Good lad.’

Sam held the large shovel whilst Jackie swept up the litter then placed it into a bin on wheels.

“Thanks’ said Jackie as he grabbed the handle of the bin after placing the brush and shovel inside and began to push it to the next yard.

“It’s a bit of a thankless task doing this as it will be the same tomorrow. Even though there are litter bins all around the yard they still drop litter all over.’

Jackie stopped to scrape up some bubble gum that had set hard upon the tarmac playground. “I bet you get a lot of that too said Sam.’

“Yes, inside your desks is the worst. “ Every holiday I spend at least half a day scraping chewing gum from desks and chairs.’

“I can believe that, is your wife a cleaner here at the school too?’

“Yes, she is in charge of two other cleaners on the girl’s side where I take charge here with two other women.’

“There is a lot of work to get through after school and during the holidays.’

“I thought that you would get all the holidays off the same as us.’

“No, no, I wish I did he laughed; who do you think washes the floors and polishes them for you all; the fairy’s?’

“I guess it’s you then?’

“Yes, me I work sometimes until midnight so that this school stays clean.’

“You take a lot of pride in your work Jackie don’t you?’

“Yes, it is important to set a good example for others to follow.’

“You cannot leave a job half done.’

“I guess not said Sam as Jackie brushed some leaves that had blown into the corner.

Then he knelt down and cleared the drain.

“Next week I have to get the ladders and clear all the gutters of leaves right around the school.’

“This job never stops I tell you; there’s always something to do once march is over then I will be cutting the grass lawns and doing both football pitches and remarking them.’

Sam brushed the hair from his eyes with his hand before he asked; can I come and help you?’ I could come on Saturday morning and you could teach me how to cut the grass with the petrol mower.’

“Alright when the weather picks up I will tell you.’

“The school bell sounded and Sam waved goodbye to his friend then ran into line with the other boys.

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