The Netmaker

"The Netmaker" the story follows four families who are all linked in some way to the Wilkinsons Lemonade Factory that was bombed during WW2. This is a tribute to the 107 people who lost their lives on 3rd May 1941


13. 13

Apart from prescription medication there hadn’t been many customers today she thought.


On Stephenson Street near Kettlewell School where both her sons had attended Kitty Bell was hanging out the washing the wind blew and it was still cold she felt a real cold snap in the air. Turning to her neighbour Anne Robinson she told her to expect some snow before the week was out. “Do you really think so Kitty said Anne?’

“I do it was the same last year when it was like it is today said the old lady who had seen enough winter weather in her lifetime. “ I remember in 1892 we had a bad winter. Four feet deep it was; I had to walk down to the kipper hoose; whey I’m only four feet six inches tall and I was almost buried alive.’

Anne couldn’t help but laugh at the though of this woman trying to fight her way out of the snow.’

“Hey I worn’t funny yer na hinny, I even got docked an hour’s pay for bein’ late. Cheeky bugger Mr Breeke said should have come to work on my brother’s sledge.’

“Who was he kiddin’ askin’ me to come doon Tanner’s Bank on wor Robert’s sledge?’

“I would have years ago; when I was young and daft but not now.’

She held up her husbands white shirt and pegged it on the line; are you not workin’ today like?’

“No Kitty they let me go down at fruit shop so I’m lookin’ for work cos’ that lazy sod cant’ get work either.’

“Love on the dole eh said Kitty with a grin; you want to come in and have a nice cuppa tea wi me, I think the kettle has been boiled.’

“Since her husband Ted was killed in the First World War Kitty was lonely, she rarely went out these days. She lived on the small widow’s pension that she got from the RAF and her own state pension which wasn’t a lot.

“Alreet then, give me five minutes and I will come in Kitty; I have some broken biscuits from Woollies’ that we can dunk.’

“Whey that sounds good to me hinny, see you in a bit.’


Kitty spooned two heaped spoonfuls of Rington’s tea into the pot and left it to warm up before adding some boiling water from a large kettle that she kept on the range. She then covered the pot with a cosy and waited for Anne to knock. When she arrived Anne stepped into the scullery. “Hi the door was open.’

“I never shut my door unless I’m goin’ oot somewhere hinny; anyway I’ve got nowt to pinch. They can have me clippie mat though, as I’m making a new one she laughed.’

“Here lass park your bum and I will pour the tea oot.’


Kitty went into her cupboard and brought out her best china they were white bone china with Guilt handles and rims.’

Anne opened the biscuit barrel and asked kitty to help herself.

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