The Netmaker

"The Netmaker" the story follows four families who are all linked in some way to the Wilkinsons Lemonade Factory that was bombed during WW2. This is a tribute to the 107 people who lost their lives on 3rd May 1941


117. 117

There was a new confidence about Tom Richardson today as he walked into the fish store and asked to see his boss.

“What can I do for you Tom, asked Derek Lumsden as he sat in a high backed leather chair?’

“I’ve come to hand in my Notice Mr Lumsden,’

“Can I ask you why son, you are a hard worker; and you have a promising career here with Ocean Foods.’

“Well Derek I never wanted to be a fish filleter; I wanted to be a farmer and an opportunity has come up and I’m going for it. I want to thank you for giving me an apprenticeship and I will never forget the skills you have taught me.’

“Thanks lad; we will be sorry to see you go of course. When do you start your new Job?’

“This Sunday so if it’s alright with you can I work until the end of the week?’

“Of course you can Tom; best of luck in your new job lad and don’t forget to drop in and see us once in a while.’ If the farming doesn’t work out you can always come back; I would be glad to have you.’

“Derek shook Toms hand and he came out of the office and told the lads that he was leaving at the end of the week and about his new job.

“Farming they said; I’d rather work with fish than amongst all of that cow and pig shit.’

Brian Tyson who hadn’t said anything turned and said; you have to go to college to learn aal aboot animal what do you macall it don’t you?’

“Aye you do Brian; I’m going to go to night school.’

“What back to school again pfft, not me said Micky Robson blowing air through his lips in disgust; I had my arse tanned enough when I was at school he told them as his hand drove into the cold water to pick up another haddock that was filleted without even looking. “ Night school is different to day school lads; they treat you like adults.

There’s no caning or the use of the strap.

“I was ganna say, I would fill them in if they tried to cane me noo.’

Brian chirped in again as he moved another box of fish into position ready to be iced.

I went to the country wi me da’ when I wor just a youngun’ like.’ We went to this farm in Patterdale I think it was.’ Whey this bloke had his arm reet up this cows arse.’

“Give over said Micky.’

“Am tellin’ ye the truth it was reet up to his shoulder in shit I tell ye.’

“What the hell was he doing interferin’ wi a cow for did he not have a cow at home like?’

The lads erupted with laughter until Tom told them that that’s what they do to check to see if the cow that is giving birth to a calf is the right way around. It could not only kill the calf but they could lose the cow as well.’

“Well you wouldn’t catch me up a cow’s arse I can tell you that for nowt said Micky.’

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