Playing With Fire

'Playing with fire' they say?
I see it as living my life.
'It's dangerous' they say?
I see it as another challenge.
'Don't do it' they say?
That's exactly why I'm doing it.




We arrive at 8pm and silently get out of the cars. "Liam, Oliver, Gregg, Conner and Mason you go in the back.

"One, two, three" I count, "go!"

We run inside and see two men stand with machine guns pointing at us. "Where is she?" I shout. When they don't answer I shoot both of them in their legs and run past them. The four guys follow me then we shoot everybody on our way. We search for her every where. "Where the hell is she?" I exclaim. "Shh" Jack exclaims. "Shut up Jack I won't-" "I think I heard her scream." he says as he starts walking. I follow him. We walk carefully and then he stops at a door. I kick the door open and see Cara and some guy in a bed. "What are you doing here?" she says. I can see happiness in her eyes and a little smile on her lips. She's only wearing a lace bra and some lace panties. She looks awful. She has bruises and scars all over her body. "Get off her" I warn him pointing my gun at him. "But we were just having so much fun" he smirks, "ain't that right baby?" He strokes her cheek and she slaps it away. He's about to slap her I shoot his shoulder. "What the fuck?" he yells and gets off her. I walk over to her and give her her clothes. "Take this on" I say calmly. Then suddenly I feel a sharp pain in my chest. "Fuck" I exclaim, "you missed genius!" "One of you you take her with you. Make sure she's safe!" I shout as I point my gun at his head. I haven't killed someone in forever and I'm not planning on doing it. "Look what you have done to her you son of a bitch" I yell, "did you rape her?" "No" he says. I feel the pain in my chest. I stay strong. Suddenly he shoots my gun away and walks close to me while pointing his gun at my head. "This time I won't miss!" "Oh I see" I smirk. I kick him in his balls and punch him in the face and take my arm around his neck. "Who's winning now?" I mumble. He punch me in the face and gets his gun. I get up from the floor and look at him breathing heavily. "Bitch" I exclaim and grab my machine gun and shoot at him. I shot him right in the chest. I smile satisfied as I start walking away. He shoots me in between where you close the bullet-proof vest making me fall to the ground. I look at him and he's dead and I'm almost too. I manage to get on my legs again and walk outside. I throw the vest away and look at my white t-shirt that is now all red. "Man are you okay?" Gregg exclaims. "I'm fine" I say. "He just shot me right where it didn't cover." I see Cara get out of the car. "Oh my god what the hell did you do?" she exclaims. "I got shot" I mumble. I never get shot. How dares he? "I shot him in the heart and then he got to shoot me before he died." "Well thank you very much for saving me Justin" she smiles gratefully. She actually just smiled at me. For the first time I think. "You're welcome" I smile back. A real one. "Well while I'm dying you can just keep looking" I say. "Oh sorry" they say and hurry to help me into the car. Cara and I are sitting in the back. I'm just looking out the window and so is she. What did he do to her? "Aye Cara are you okay?" one of the guys asks. "I'm good" she mumbles. She ain't though. She's been beaten for like three days. Maybe been raped too. "Can you drive any faster than that?" I exclaim, "I'm dying bro! And Cara?" "What?" she looks at me. "Can you help me push this against my wound?" "Yeah sure" she says and moves closer to me and pushes the cloth against my wound. "Are you okay?" I ask her, "honestly?" "Yeah I'm just not used to being punched like that" she lets out a small laugh. "Did he rape you?" "Yeah but I've tried that before so who cares" she mumbles and looks down. I can't help but feel kinda sorry for her. I've never felt like that before. I want to say that I care about her but I won't do it. It'll ruin everything. I just feel bad for her. I can't help it and I won't accept that I feel that way. I'm not the type of person who does that! I'm the kind of person who doesn't care at all. She knows that and I know that she is as well. Although she does care. Maybe not about me but she does care about her little brother. I don't care about anyone. "Cara?" I mumble looking at her. She looks into my eyes. "I would've saved you before but I just thought it was for fun or that you were-" "having sex with the man yeah I know. I didn't even believe in that you would come. You hate me like fucking hell." "No" I say quickly. "We're at the hospital" Gregg says and stops the car. "You've got insurance right?" "Of course!" I exclaim and get out of the car. As we're walking towards the hospital I look back at Cara in the car and see her look at me. I turn my head and walk into the hospital. By the way is Gregg the only one left with Cara. He'll take her back.

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