Playing With Fire

'Playing with fire' they say?
I see it as living my life.
'It's dangerous' they say?
I see it as another challenge.
'Don't do it' they say?
That's exactly why I'm doing it.


17. XVII


*Justin's POV*

A couple days after the dinner I start wondering wether they'll bring her back or just keep her. I write a message to guy at the dinner.

Justin: Aye man are you gonna keep her or bring her back?

While I'm waiting I smoke a cigarette making me calm down. I'm not even worrying about her. I'm awful. I just want her back. It's empty without her. Plus I really need another round of that sex we had. My phone buzzes and I check it.

Unknown: If you want your pretty girl back you have to come and get her.

Justin: Man I don't even want to argue with you! Just take her back to my house and stop playing games!

Unknown: You're so funny. If you want her you give me the one million you owe me. If you don't give me the money in 24 hours she's dead.

I feel this knot in my stomach when I read it. They can't kill her. I call my "crew" and tell them to come as fast as possible. And within an hour they're all here.

"So I need your help" I say and light up a cigarette, "you all know who Cara is right?" "Yeah she's hard to forget" they all smirk. "Okay then. Well they're gonna kill her if I don't give him one million in 24 hours. I'm not gonna give him the money though because I don't owe him anything. I ain't gonna let him kill her so" I explain and drag on my cigarette. "So what are you saying?" Gregg asks, "that we kill him?" I nod, "yeah that's what I had in mind." "But we can't-" "Do you have any other suggestions?" I burst out angrily and look at them. They all shake their head. "What I thought" I say, "so what we're gonna do is that I'll ask him where to give him the money while you track his phone okay? And then one of you are gonna show up in stead. We can't kill him just yet because then we'll get killed. Then we get past all the guards even if we have to shoot someone. We find Cara and get out okay?" "Okay" they all nod, "but who's the one that's gonna meet him?" "Well who wants to? You ain't gonna get killed unless you do something wrong then you're basically dead." "I can do it" Wayne says. "Great then find the device you need and I'll meet you here in 20 minutes" I say and walk away. I go upstairs and into my room to see Ange sit here. "Angie what are-" "Shh..." she whispers and grabs my shirt pulling me close to her, "just fuck me. I need you!" "Angie I-" "I know you want to" she smirks and takes off her shirt and bra. I feel my dick gets hard just by looking at her bare chest. I haven't had sex in two days and my body is craving for it so I kiss her roughly and throw her on the bed and kiss down her stomach. "But no making love" I mumble, "just sex." "You got it" she moans and I take off my shirt.

I'm inside of her thrusting in and out making her moan as crazy and making me moan as well. She sucks my neck probably leaving a hickey on my neck. Who cares though? I groan into her neck. "Faster Justin!" I set up the pace and reach down to rub her clit while going faster and faster. She almost screams. She's almost there and so am I. Then I just rub faster and thrust faster. She screams making me deaf and then she comes at the same time at me. I pull out but I keep rubbing her until she comes again. I kiss her and then I get dressed and go downstairs. It was good but nothing personal. "Man that was more than 20 minutes" Wayne smirks. "Well I had someone to take care off if you know what I mean" I smirk at them. "I'll see you" I hear Angie's voice and then the door closes. "Never" I mumble as I sit down beside Gregg who has the tracking device. I call the guy.

Justin: Hey man I just wanna know where to meet you

Unknown: Aww little Bieber is letting the bad guys win.

Justin: Do you have any idea of how pathetic that sounded?

Unknown: Meet me at on top of the Lloyd Hill at 8pm today!

Justin: You got it.

Unknown: Don't be late!

I hang up. "Got it?" I ask him. He nods, "yeah it's in a cabin like 40 minutes away." "Okay then Wayne you meet him at 8 precisely not a minute early or late. At Lloyd Hill okay? We'll leave like half an hour before you okay?" I tell them. I have always been good at leading. I'm good at being a boss. "Why do even care about Cara? You hate her don't you?" Gregg asks. "Let it go" I exclaim, "don't ask just work!" "Okay" he chuckles. "What's so funny?" I ask angrily. "Nothing" he says trying his best not to laugh. "I can make you meet that man and I can make you a minute late" I warn, "do you want that?" He shakes his head. "I thought so" I say satisfied, "let's get back to work. Wayne you come with me!"

I unlock the basement door and go inside. I turn on the lights showing every single weapon I've got. "Wow that's a lot" Wayne mumbles as he looks around. "Yeah" I nod, "grab a bag and all the guns in it. I'll grab the machine guns and some grenades." I also grab some bullet-proof vests. When we're done we walk back upstairs and place it all on the kitchen table. "Danny lock the doors and pull the curtains" I command. It's been a long time since we've done this. "So this is all I've got and I think there's enough. Grab a gun and a machine gun." "What about you?" Wayne asks. "Well Wayne you can only have a gun and you have to hide it very good. Like when I say good I mean like nobody will ever see it good!" I tell him, "guys it's important you listen to every single thing I say because you'll get killed if you don't!" I'm not afraid. Not scared. Not terrified. I've tried it before and I didn't get shot so I'll be fine. But Wayne is new to this so it's actually stupid to let him deal with the man. I don't even know his name. Not that I care about Wayne it's just embarrassing to loose one of your men in a fight. "We're 15 guys. Five of you go with Wayne with machine guns and guns. Who's willing to do that?" I look at them. Louis, Taylor, Danny, Pete and Cam put their hands in the air. I nod, "great then you'll be joining him."

7.20pm, Liam, Connor, Jack, Gregg, Mason, Shawn, Oliver, Victor, Ben and I are ready to go and we all get in the cars. "Let's go" I smirk and drive away from my house.

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