Playing With Fire

'Playing with fire' they say?
I see it as living my life.
'It's dangerous' they say?
I see it as another challenge.
'Don't do it' they say?
That's exactly why I'm doing it.


19. XIX


*Cara's POV*

What just happened? He doesn't hate me?! Like why won't he? I've done nothing but being a bitch to him. He's been a bitch to me as well. What the fuck?

This guy in the front seat. I've seen him before. I just don't know where. "So will you drive me home?" I ask. "Yeah.. Sure" he smiles at me. I smile back as he starts driving.

"Thank you" I look into his eyes, "do you wanna come in? I don't wanna be alone right now." "Um. Yeah sure." "Thanks."

"Do I know you?" I ask, "I feel like I've seen you before." "Yeah we slept together" he tells me. I look down, "oh." "It doesn't matter really" he adds, "it's in the past though." "What about we do it again?" I smirk at him and stroke his cheek. He clears his throat, "I don't know." "I know you want to" I whisper. He slowly moves closer to me and softly places his lips on mine. He's gentle. Boring but sweet. Let's see. He kisses my neck while massaging my butt. I moan quietly as he continues. "Let's take it up stairs" I smile and grab his hand.

After two orgasms we go downstairs. I'm wearing his shirt and some shorts. He's wearing his pants and no shirt but that's okay but his abs are amazing! As we talk the door opens and I see Justin with a sling to support his arm I think. He looks at me and then at the guy. "Nice to see you Gregg.. You can leave now" Justin mumbles angrily as he walks past us. "Wait" I call after Justin. "Don't leave" I tell the guy who apparently is named Gregg and run after Justin. I knock on his door. When there's no answer I open the door and walk in. There's no one in here. I think for a minute and knock on the door next to his room. The room with all the pictures. I open the door and see him stand with a picture in his hands. I knock on the door again and he turns around. He looks at me. "Gregg?" he asks, "he's a good guy don't use him!" "I needed it you know how it is" I explain. "Yeah but those girls are not good girls.. They know that I won't call them" he exclaims. "He knows I won't call him either" I exclaim, "I don't wanna argue with you right now." "Why did you come here anyway?" "Because I wanted to know if you were okay!" I shout. "Well I'm fine" he exclaims, "why wouldn't I be?" "I don't know but you went in here" I exclaim back. "Yeah I know" he mumbles. "Did he leave yet?" "I don't know but I told him not to go" I say. "Why?" he says raising his voice. "Because first of all I wanna talk and second of all I'm wearing his shirt dumbass" I explain. Stupid asshole! "Tell him to leave!" "No!" "Why?" he shouts at me. "None of your business!" I yell and walk away. He's an ass!

"Gregg?" I ask. No answer. He has left. I understand though! I would've too. "Good boy" I hear Justin say behind me, "he left didn't he?" I turn around, "happy?" He's dressed. Ready to go out or something. "Where are you going?" I ask. "Out" he mumbles and walks out the door.

While he's gone I can as well smoke some joints.

A few hours later the door opens and I see Justin and some slut walk inside. He sees me and gives me this look full of revenge. It kinda hurts. I hurt him a little tiny bit by sleeping with Gregg. Or I just annoyed him in some way. And then he sleeps with a slut. What a bitch.

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