Playing With Fire

'Playing with fire' they say?
I see it as living my life.
'It's dangerous' they say?
I see it as another challenge.
'Don't do it' they say?
That's exactly why I'm doing it.


14. XIV


*Cara's POV*

I decide to skip school to make a plan of how to get out. Or maybe I can just have sex with his hot uncle. I'm disgusting I know but I'm addicted. Justin's probably skipping school too and right now he's probably partying, smoking weed or whatever and getting some. The door opens and I see his uncle walk inside. When he sees me he smirks and asks if Justin is home. I shake my head go close to him. We repeated what we did yesterday only this time we got to go all the way four times. Against a wall, on the kitchen counter, on the couch and the last time I bended over the kitchen table.

"Meet me in my room tomorrow night" I whisper and kiss him. I'm sitting on the kitchen counter and he's standing between my legs. "Of course babe" he smiles and kisses my neck. Actually we just end up making out for a while until the door opens. "I'm happy for you" Justin chuckles completely wasted, "and this my two lovely ladies ain't that right ladies?" They giggle. "Well I'm gonna make these two feel very good. Better than I made you feel!" he smirks, "ciao!" Then they walk upstairs. Derek looks at me. "I'm so sorry" I try, "look Derek it was just meaningless sex. Not like the kind we have. That means something am I right?" "I guess" he smiles and kisses me. I actually like him a little bit. He's sweet unlike any other guy on the entire planet. As we kiss I hear the passionated moans from upstairs. "Was he good?" Derek asks when we pull away. "Would you let it go?" I try to stay calm, "of course he was but not better than you handsome."

"Get out" I hear Justin exclaim. Then I see the girls run downstairs and out the door. "He'll come down in like two hours and then he'll be back to normal so I'll leave before then" Derek tells me. It's weird to think that he's 12 years older than me but it's also what's turning me on kinda. I'm weird but just as I said I'm a girl version of Justin. He's a man-whore and I'm a slut. However, this thing with Derek might go somewhere. Who knows? Or maybe it'll get boring once I get him. I kiss Derek again and say that we can just go outside and then I can come back later alone. I won't come back ever if we leave this house. "It's better if you stay. Justin told me not to let you out" he smiles and strokes my cheek. Don't stroke my cheek when you're making me mad bitch. "Who cares about him?" I smile innocently. "I'm his uncle" he says. "Whatever dude" I say and pull away from him. "Look Cara I'm sorry I just can't" he apologizes. "It's okay" I say. "Do we still have a deal tomorrow?" "Of course" I say, "bye then." We make out for a while then he's gone. I sigh and take something to eat and something to drink. I find my jacket and my cigarettes and my lighter. And my coke of course. I line it up and sniff it all. After that I light up my cigarette and drag a whole lot on it.

Some hours later Justin comes down with messy hair and clothes. "Did you sniff coke?" he exclaims. "Yeah so?" I raise an eyebrow. "Don't do that here!" he says angrily, "if someone comes in here you'll get in jail!" "Why do you care?" "Because if you aren't here they'll think it's mine so remove it!" he exclaims again. "Easy" I chuckle and walk towards him. "By the way it's stupid to get that drunk that early" I tell him. "Are you my mother?" he bursts out. "No!" I almost yell, "I'm saying that if you drink it all in the morning you won't have anything left for later." He smirks at me right after I said that. "It wasn't my alcohol." "By the way can I have a joint?" I ask him. I really need one right now. Shit I'm fucked up. "You're so fucked up!" he chuckles at me, "yeah I was gonna get one myself though. Then we can talk business."

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