Playing With Fire

'Playing with fire' they say?
I see it as living my life.
'It's dangerous' they say?
I see it as another challenge.
'Don't do it' they say?
That's exactly why I'm doing it.


10. X


I check my work phone and there is like a 100 messages from costumers. So, I write to like 50 of my employees, asking if they can bring coke for 100 people. They're all in so I write the addresses and when I come back to work on Monday I'll be so rich! That's in two days. What to do now? Buy a slut or go to a club and find one myself? I guess I'll find one myself. I get ready and smoke a joint and drink three shots of vodka and then I'm ready.

As I'm driving I feel the joint and vodka starting to work. I find the best club in the town and walk directly in. The security guard grabs my arm and asks me to get in line and I just show him my ID and the second he sees it he lets go and says: "have fun." I smirk and walk through the crowd of drunk and high people. The hunt is my favorite part. "Let me go stupid man" I hear a familiar voice shout. "Then tell me why you were smoking a joint" the man says. I chuckle when I see it's Cara. "Fuck you" she yells. The police man pushes her up against the nearest wall and gives her cuffs on. "It's 11.06pm and you're under arrest for possession of drugs and alcohol and for vocally abusing a police officer" the police man says and takes her out of the club. I have a plan. I'll get her out of jail if she helps me with my work. "Hey babe" I mumble into some girls neck while caressing her butt. She quietly moans and turns around. "You're handsome" she smirks and wraps her arms around my neck. "And you're gorgeous baby girl."

The next morning I wake up with two girls by my sides. I have no idea of who they are so I just wake them up. "Get out" I exclaim. "Idiot" one of them mumbles and the other one nods along. "My name is Jason if anybody asks understand?" I call after them. Sighing I reach out for a cigarette and a lighter. When the smoke fills my lungs it calms me down. "Aye Justin who were those girls?" I hear a voice behind me. I sit up and make sure the blanket is covering me before I turn around to see my uncle leaning against the doorframe. "Cut smoking it's bad for you" he says. I feel the rage inside. He can't just come here and act like he owns the place. It's my house. "I don't know who those girls were and I have no idea of how I ended up with two" I tell him. "I'll make you some breakfast" he smiles and walks away. I check my phone and see many messages from girls who I have no idea who is and some missed calls from my uncle but he's here now. Then I check my work phone and see a couple hundreds again that wants drugs. I make sure my employees give the costumers what they want before I lay back down in my bed. Dragging on my cigarette I think about the plan I have. You know with Cara. How to get her out. Maybe I'll just pay for her to get out and then tell her that I'll only pay if she'll help me. I get dressed and go downstairs to my uncle. "What are you gonna do about this house?" he asks, "you can't pay all alone." "It's my house" I say annoyed, "I payed the whole thing so I only have electricity, warmth and so on to pay." "How?" "Does it matter?" I snap at him. It's not even midday and I'm already annoyed by him. "Look man I'm sorry if I hurt you in any kind of way but-" "hurt me? Nobody can hurt me!" I exclaim. "You're clearly hurt by something since you bring home two girls, smoking in the morning, getting angry because of nothing. Just tell me Jus." "Shut the fuck up" I yell, "be careful of what you're saying! I have beaten people before! It's easy!" "I'm sorry" he says, "here's your breakfast." I grab it and start eating. Son of a bitch. He thinks he's the king of this place. He ain't. He doesn't pay for it. He reminds me of my dad.

Later that day I go down to the police station and ask for Cara. They say that she's already been released. Dammit. I walk off. Where the hell can she be? Home? Nah. If she's just like me then she'll probably be at some bar drinking by now.

"I would like a beer" I tell the bartender. "Just a minute sir." I look around and see no Cara. Well then fuck her. I'll find someone else. Maybe my uncle. No he'll just destroy it all.

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