Playing With Fire

'Playing with fire' they say?
I see it as living my life.
'It's dangerous' they say?
I see it as another challenge.
'Don't do it' they say?
That's exactly why I'm doing it.


8. VII


"You're late" he says as the first thing when he opens the door. "I'm sorry but I'm here now" I say annoyed. He checks me out and smiles for himself, "it looks good. Now c'mon." I smirk for myself and follow him. "Where are your parents by the way?" I ask. When he doesn't answer I get annoyed and ask him again only angrier. "None of your business tramp! Remember the deal kid?" he yells while grabbing my arm. He is strong. He's hurting me badly but I don't want him to win this one. "You need me for this!" I exclaim, "so don't break me!" He takes a deep breath in looking into my eyes and after some time he lets go and walks away angrily. I follow him smiling. I win, he loses. He knows that I won.

"I'll get dressed you can change in the room beside mine" he throws the clothes and jewelry at me and locks the door. I go to the room and closes the door behind me. There are a lot of photographs on the walls. Of him and some girl. Some boys and what I could tell are is parents. "Stop looking and get dressed bitch" I hear from behind. I quickly turn around and see him in a tux and black vans. He's handsome but a stupid bitch. "Calm down Bieber!" "Watch your mouth!" He slams the door and probably sits down against it. I take off my clothes and put on the dress and the jewelry. The dress is black and ankle-length. It's kinda tight so it shows my shape, butt and breasts. I put the black pumps on and look into the mirror. I look elegant. Decent for a change. The door opens and I look at him. "I'm ready" I say. He just stares at me. "Bieber." He clears his throat and looks away awkwardly. "Let's go Cara!" I smile for myself and follow him.

"He's not a guy you can mess with so please make a good first impression! You didn't with me so" mumbling he quickly looks at me and then at the road again. "Right back at ya!" "Watch it McAllister" he exclaims seriously. Ups. You can't do anything. "Why are you so mad all the time?" I ask annoyed. "Don't go down that road. And I should ask you the same!" Silence again. I hate it! "Can I turn on the radio at least?" I ask him nicely. "Yeah." I turn on the radio and 'Talking To The Moon' by Bruno Mars comes out the speakers. "I hate that song" he mumbles and turn off the radio. "It's a good song!" I exclaim and turn it on again. He waits a bit before he turns it off again. I'm about to turn it on again when he grabs my hand and looks into my eyes. "Please?" he whispers. "Why?" "Don't ask McAllister!" He removes his hand and looks back on the road. Does he have bad memories with this song? Are there feelings behind the tough facade? "Whatever Bieber!"

"Behave" he warns, "by the way you're my girlfriend for the night so c'mon." He grabs my hand and drags me inside this fancy restaurant. There are chandeliers and such things. It looks amazing. "Hey Mr. Bieber" a 30 year old man, I guess, says and smiles at him. "Hi sir and this is Cara McAllister" Bieber smiles at him. "A pleasure to meet you Miss McAllister" he shakes my hand and I smile at him. "It's a pleasure to meet you too sir."

The man and Bieber are talking business and his wife and I are talking about girl stuff. "So is he good in bed?" she asks me. I frown and clear my throat and think about the party where we slept together, then I whisper, "amazing and yours?" "Better than you could ever imagine" she giggles, "well I gotta hit the ladies room. Do you wanna join since those two gentlemen are talking business?" "Sure" I smile politely. "Excuse us gentlemen" she smiles and then we walk to the ladies room. "He's handsome your boyfriend" she says and looks into the mirror. "He is though" I say. "You are gorgeous too though" she exclaims. "Really?" I say, "thank you so much and you too though! I love your dress!" "It's specially designed" she smiles. "It's beautiful" I smile back. God I don't hope I have to be here much longer. They are really sweet people I just don't wanna be near Bieber any longer. "He seems nice your boyfriend! And you're not like the others! You're not a doll which he plays around with! You seem like you can say no to him." "Thank you!" I say surprised, "genuinely thank you! And you too!" "Aww thank you" she strokes my arm, "let's get back to the gentlemen shall we?" We walk back to them and I se Bieber looking at me so does her husband right before she catches his eyes. There's love in them. He loves her and she loves him, maybe. When I look at Bieber he's just looking at me of course. We don't even like each other as friends but I would love to have someone who would just look at me and think, God I love her. I've never had that.

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