Playing With Fire

'Playing with fire' they say?
I see it as living my life.
'It's dangerous' they say?
I see it as another challenge.
'Don't do it' they say?
That's exactly why I'm doing it.


2. II


"Dinner's ready" I hear my mom shout. "A minute" I shout back. I take my pajamas on and go downstairs. It's 9pm. One hour. During the whole dinner no one talked at all and it was very awkward. "Can I be excused?" I ask my parents. They nod, "yeah." "I'm really tired so I'm going to bed now" I smile and go upstairs. My brother catches me on my way up the stairs. "Cara. Are you really not gonna sneak out?" he raises an eyebrow. "I swear" I lie. I don't like my brother that much so who cares? "Okay goodnight then" he smiles and continues up the stairs.

I grab my phone and see I've gotten loads of snaps from my friends. It's probably just dick pics anyway. One from Tony: dick pic. One from Liam: dick pic. One from Isaac: dick pic. One from Mike: a video of him masturbating, which turned me on, so I look at the clock. 9.20pm. After thinking a bit I go to the bathroom, find my vibrator and take off my clothes. I answer the dick pics with a picture of my breasts. I grab the vibrator and insert it. I grab my phone and record a video of me masturbating and send it to Mike. I rub my clit as the vibrator is pleasing my vagina.

I gave myself an orgasm and then grab my phone. Shit it's 9.40pm. 20 minutes left.

I go to my closet and grab a tight white dress. Thigh-length. I grab my white pumps and take them on along with the dress. I straighten my hair and apply foundation, powder and bronzer. I do my eyebrows and make smokey eyes with dark purple and beige and a white eyeliner in my lower lash line. I apply a black winged eyeliner and then apply mascara. By the way I'm skinny with curves and a butt. I'm tan with light brown eyes and dark brown hair and eyebrows. My eyes are almond shaped and my eyebrows are round and soft, placed almost perfectly over my eyes. My lips are big but not too big. I love my nose. It's not too big and not too small. My teeth are white in a fine row. Most people love my smile.

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