Me And My Broken Diary

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  • Published: 15 Feb 2016
  • Updated: 2 May 2016
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Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.







Dear Valentina,

I am sorry that I couldn't update since such a long time.... almost 2 MONTHS. Life has been really hard lately. My close friend went to another country and my new school year has begun. I find it so hard to adjust in the new class with everyone else. I have my EXAMS going on till 10th of May and I don't think I will be able to update until my exams are not over. 

I really miss my friend, and remembering that I can't meet her until December breaks my heart even more. I just wish I could meet her soon because both of us know exactly how to cheer up each other in seconds. Thinking of her reminds me of the quote : " Distance means nothing when someone means everything." By the way, she is the same girl I wrote about in JOURNAL ENTRY II.

Sometimes I feel so scared to know that I might be falling into DEPRESSION.... Because if I do, that wouldn't be nice not for me and not for anyone else either. Today, I think is a day I can cry myself to sleep...

To all my readers, I want you all to know that life may throw many CHALLENGES at you but your not alone in this. Each of us has faced difficult situations in life but through all of these situations we have to stay strong and hope for the best. I know it's not easy but you just have to try.

I love you all and would love to know about you, so please message me on my profile or in the comments.Thank you so much for the 377 READS,it means a lot to me. It feels so good and weird at the same time to know that someone out there in this world is actually reading this.

Take care. Night :)

REMEMBER : Sorry ! Today, I have nothing to tell you guys to remember. (all I can think about is my friend, I just        hope she is fine.....)



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