Finding Hogwarts

Everyone knows about Hogwarts, one of the best Wizarding schools in the Wizarding world. They know about the famous students, they know about the trick step, the moving staircases, the crazy teachers, and of course the Forbidden Forest...but what still is shrouded in mystery...are its founders.

Follow the makings of the famous school as Godric, Helga, Rowena, and Salthazar make the school in their image, and the famous parseltongue himself creates his monster. This is Finding Hogwarts, long before Harry Potter, and Lord Voldemort even were thought of.


2. The Castle

Rowena was busy decorating her common room. She couldn't wait for her future students to see it. It was decorated with rich royal blue satin, velvet, and silk. Raven statues decorated the walls, and a bust of her likeness adorned either side of the fireplace. Each dormitory had seven beds, and a fireplace of its own. Each window had a view of the mountains, and when she was satisfied with the common area she went in search of Godric. She had to discuss something with him. She had cast a spell, to see if she was with child--and it turned out that she was. The spell said she was to have a girl, a daughter! 

"Godric!" Rowena bellowed at the Griffin statue. She knew his office and chambers was beyond here but she wasn't listening when he told everyone the password to get through. Luckily, Godric was behind her--just coming from the kitchens, his arms laden with pastries and meat pies. 

"You called?" He said through a mouthful of macaroon.

"Yes. I need to discuss something with you." 

"Macaroon Dandy." Godric said, the Griffin moved slowly, revealing a spiraling staircase. "Come on." Rowena followed him until he came to a door, it opened automatically, as if sensing Godric's approach. Rowena followed him in and the Headmaster's Chambers was glorious. It was three flights of stairs high, and the ceiling was intricately painted showing the first Goblin Wizard War. 

"Sit." Godric said with a wave of his wand, a straight back, padded chair appeared. She did so, and waited for him to sit. "What is it, that you wish to discuss Rowena?"

"I-I am with child."


"Yes, and I was wondering, actually hoping I could raise the child here at the castle."

"I don't think that would be a good idea-"

"Its a school! A place meant for children!"

"The babe should be raised with father and mother Rowena."

"I don't know who the father is."

"Very well then Rowena, you can raise the child here, until you find its father. Then you will leave the castle during vacations with the babe."

"So the child can live at the castle while school is in session?"


"Thank you Godric." Rowena got up and went to leave.

"Inform the others there will be a meeting concerning the name of the school, and addressing the letters of attendance."

"Of course." Rowena first went towards the kitchens. Helga no doubt would be readying her Dormitories.  The fair haired witch came from nothing, but she was the most talented Herbologist she knew. She saw Helga leaving a door disguised as a painting of fruit, she was laughing.


"Rowena!" Helga said surprised. "What are you doing down here?"

"Godric wanted me to inform you and Salazar there will be a meeting in the Great Hall later."


"What were you laughing about?"

"Oh, the house elves, they are hilarious." Rowena shuddered. House Elves were ghastly looking creatures, but they were useful. 

"I have go find Slytherin."

"Okay dear." Helga disappeared behind another painting, this one was a badger. Rowena made her way down to the basement. Salazar was just leaving his dorm, the brick wall had an intricate snake making the outline of a door.

"What do you want rich girl?"

"You are as equally wealthy as I Salazar. Godric wanted me to inform you that there will be a meeting in the Great Hall later tonight."

"Good, good I have some ideas." Rowena, didn't allow her surprise to be evident, instead she simply nodded and left. She had to think, about the last time she made love--who was the man? It had been a confusing night, many months ago. She remembered that it had been a celebration. It had been Godric's thirtieth birthday. She had consumed a lot of Fire Whiskey...and oh! The father of her babe was Godric Gryffindor...she couldn't tell him. No--it would be too embarrassing to have him know, to remember her in such a way. She decided, she would tell him, that she located the father but he had died in an accident in the building of the Milton Academy. 




Later that night, the four wizards sat around a circular table in the very center of the Great Hall. Rowena eyed Godric carefully, he was skilled in Occlumency. He was a known Occlumens and he could get just about any information out of anyone. She herself was trained in the subject, but she wasn't nearly as well versed in it as Godric. She had to act like nothing was the matter, otherwise he would stop at nothing to figure it out. Godric cleared his throat and the food they had been previously enjoying disappeared. He looked around the table and cleared his throat once more.

"We need to discuss the name of this fine school." Godric said slowly. "Any ideas?"

"I do have one. I was toying around with our names, and I believe I came up with something." Salazar said proudly.

"Do share Sal." Helga said happily.

"Well, by combining certain letters of our names, I came up with Hogwarts." Everyone was silent, and finally Godric spoke.

"I like it. It needs something though..."

"How about, Hogwarts; School of Witchcraft and Wizardry." Helga said.

"Perfect! Now, lets send out the invitations!" Each of them bewitched a quill, and letters were being written while the wizards went outside, and decorated the front lawn. On the main entrance, Godric constructed two great boars to decorate the top of the stairs. And then each them carved the school's new name into its face. When they were finished, a cast iron fence surrounded the main grounds, with a gate that bore their crest. Satisfied, the four of them returned to the Great Hall, and saw that all the letters were addressed and ready to go. Owls appeared and Godric and the others tied the letters to each of them.

"Now we wait. See you in the morrow my friends." Godric retreated, and Rowena followed.


"Yes Rowena."

"I located the father--"

"Good,good. Who is he?"

"He died."

"How tragic, I am very sorry for your loss Rowena."

"Thank you Godric. Goodnight."



The castle itself was a wondrous place. Staircases moved on their own on the hour, there were trick stairs, and Suits of Armor that walked and talked throughout the halls. The paintings held conversation with you, and best of all it was spacious. During the day, the four wizards hardly bumped into the other. Everything to prepare had been completed. The newly hired professors would arriving soon, and the students would be arriving shortly thereafter. Rowena spent the rest of her free moments decorating a nursery. She had built it off her chambers in her office. It was truly beautiful. She would read history books her mother had written to her unborn babe, and she would sing the lullabies of her youth as she worked in the greenhouses with Helga. Everything was great, until the Baron of a few towns south of where the school was located showed up on their front stoop. He was a fellow wizard, short, bald, and fat like the hogs he raised. Godric was kind to him, like he was everyone--but Godric despised the man and everything the Baron stood for. Frankly, so did Rowena. Helga despised him, mostly because he was crude and rude to the animals she raised, and to women in general. One afternoon in particular when the Baron was visiting, Rowena and Helga were walking down to the Front Hall to go to the greenhouses when they overheard the Baron and Salazar talking.

"Women teachers? Really what is Godric thinking?"

"Rowena and Helga are more than capable of teaching the magical youths of this generation and many more to come Baron."

"If you say so Salazar. I'd rather send my son to Durmstrang."

"Do you really want your son taught by her?"  Salazar asked. Rowena knew exactly who he was referring to. Nerida Vulchanova was ruthless...she didn't care whose child she injured or taught something too soon. Rowena worried that by her methods, the wizarding and muggle worlds would be overrun with Dark Wizards. Rowena swallowed her anger, and guided Helga away. The fair haired, and naive witch was fuming. Her usually delicate pale skin was flushed and redder than the magical fruits she grew.

"Come now Helga, he isn't worth your anger, nor your tears." Rowena whispered. Helga reluctantly followed the dark haired witch. In the greenhouses, they were safe. The Baron hated greenery, hated dirt, and he hated the warmth of it. The Baron was fairly young--possibly twenty, the oldest barely twenty five. But he already had the heart of a snake, and the soul of a Vampire. He was evil, Rowena could sense such things. No good could come from a man like the Baron. But she had already asked Godric for so much, she couldn't possibly ask him to turn away the Baron--after-all the man was donating large sums to the school so it could stay a float and so that tuition could be lowered...Helga was excited at that prospect.


The castle was their home--and if the time came that they would have to protect it, from anyone they would do so.

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